• Introduction

    There are many mythical worlds. The mythical world spoken of in this book is the faery world. Now there are many fey courts scattered throughout our world, but there is one specific one that went through a lot of turmoil. This court resides in the city of Clifton, New Jersey. The court being spoken of is the Vosinth court also known as the court of darkness. There is a rival of the Vosinth court, called the Valencia court which is also called the court of light. The Valencia court resides in Manhattan, New York. This story is about a eighteen year old girl named Jaimie Dana Grayson. Jaimie is five foot five a hundred fifteen pounds; has emerald green eyes and auburn hair. This is told by her and is about how she got dragged into the world of faery.


    "Hey, Jay." Sam said.


    "Did you see that chick? She couldn't keep her friggin eyes off of you."

    "Oh, shut it." I said throwing a french fry at Sam. Okay, I am not any Daddy's little angel or anything. Never was, never will be. When I was in eighth grade I figured out I preferred dating a girl rather than a guy, meaning I'm a full out lesbian, big deal.

    "Jay, you really need someone better than that little whore you have now."

    "Hey, don't talk about Lela like that!"

    "She flirts with anything with tits, Jay."

    "Screw you, Sam," I stood up and left the table looking for the exit of the fast food joint we were in. On my part that wasn't the smartest thing, I mean it was eleven at night, and as they say when the lights go out the freaks come out.

    "Hey, you."

    "What?" I said turning around, to see a like twenty year-old guy with long black hair and emerald green eyes leaning against the wall about three feet behind me. This guy was about six one to six three and through his shirt you could tell he was lean and muscular.

    "What are you doing out here alone, beautiful," the guy said, "My name is Eric. What's yours?"

    Of course, being who I am, I started to laugh at Eric, "I'm sorry, but I am so not interested. So just take your crap and hit on someone else."

    "Aw, come on babe your really hurtin' me. Just tell me your name."

    "Fine, my name is Jaimie, you dickhead," Yet again not quite smart. Eric moved closer to me.

    "Ouch, that really hurt. I think you owe me an apology."

    "Uh, no. Now ******** off." As I said that Eric grabbed my shoulder.

    "Now, now. I believe an apology is in order." Eric said pushing me against a car and forcing me in.

    "What the hell, man? What the ******** is your problem!? " Eric got in the driver's side and started the car.

    "Now, I really hate to do this, but this is to teach you a lesson. How old are you Jaimie?"

    At this point I really had no room for attitude because I was drowning in a vast pool of panic, "E-e-eighteen." I stuttered fear stricken.

    "See if you talked to me like that, I wouldn't have to do this." The car came to a stop somewhere in the woods. "You know your eyes are beautiful especially in this light."

    "Please. I am sorry, I was taking my anger out on you. I..." I couldn't speak anymore. My throat seemed to swell shut. Eric pulled me out of the car and forced me into the back seat.

    "Is this your first time Jaimie?" Eric asked with one of those smirks that deserves to be cut off of his face. "Come on Jaimie, don't make me do all of the work." Eric said shimming my pants down my legs. Tears started to well up in my eyes as he started to remove my panties. Eric removed his pants in half the time it took him to take off mine.

    "HEY! What are you doing?" said a calm but strong voice.

    "Oh, s**t."

    "HELP!" I choked as loud as I could manage. Eric dragged me out of the car and jumped back in and drove off. The next thing I knew my pants were sliding back up my legs and I was being helped up. When I opened my eyes I was looking into the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They were the color of the sky just after a storm. You know that purplish color. And her hair was in a purplish black mohawk. To be honest she was the sexiest person I had ever seen.

    "Are you okay, Jaimie?"


    The chick walked me out of the woods and toward the bus stop. Before she left I turned to her, "Wait, what is your name?"

    "Sailine. Don't count on seeing me again, Jaimie." With that Sailine disappeared into the shadows. After she left I started to think. "How did she know my name?"


    "So this chick comes out of nowhere and saves me. And this chick says her name is Sailine. I know it is kind of sketchy but this chick was friggin hot." I ended up meeting up with Sam at her house and told her everything that happened from Eric to Sailine.

    "I think you found your Princess Charming," Sam joked.

    "Keep in mind, I already have Lela, my life is complete. Alright, Sam I gotta go Lela should be expecting me. Oh and thanks for bringing me the switchblade. I don't want a repeat of last night," I wish I could change this part but...what's done is done. So, I arrived at Lela's house an hour early. I knocked and got no answer, so I used the spare key I had. I opened the door and I headed to Lela's room. When I opened the door I expected to see her sleeping. Oh, she was sleeping alright...with a guy. She on top of him like a lion on a gazelle. "What the ******** is this s**t, Lela!" I grabbed a book off of her desk and threw it at them and ran. If I wasn't so angry I would've cursed the little whore and her boy toy out, but I was so upset I just ran. I ripped my phone out of my pocket and called Sam. When Sam picked up I cried into the receiver, "The little whore is cheating on me!"

    "Oh, s**t. You found out."

    "You...you knew. What the hell! How am I the only one out of the loop!?"

    "Look calm down, I was pretty sure she was cheating on you but there wasn't enough to be really sure."

    "No! Screw you! Your my best friend and you want to tell me your suspicions now, now that I already found out!"

    "Hey! I friggin hinted at it. Remember I said she flirts with anything with tits?"

    "You were ******** wrong though. She was sleeping with some dude!"

    "Oh my go..." At this point I was so pissed I slammed my phone closed.

    "My best friend didn't even tell me." I walked until I could walk no longer, I noticed I was in a wooded area. I heard groaning I followed the noise and came up to an opening in the woods. "Hm, I thought I heard something. Oh well," I turned around and this monster with this huge-a** club came out of nowhere. Of course, I screamed, that is the only comprehensible thing you can do in that situation. I turned around to run and was clubbed. When I woke up it all seemed like a dream, I was being waited on by little bugs, and I was clothed in princess wear. Like freaking huge gowns, tons of jewelry, and a tiara. There was this little boy with goat horns and hooves that kept talking to me. He was saying that Corith was out of line by hitting me, and everyone addressed me as Princess Jaimie. When I finally woke up I was home in bed and Mom was banging on the door screaming, "Get your a** up! You have to go to school! I don't care if you have a hangover. I swear if you are late again I am going to friggin ground you until ******** Easter!"

    "I'm up, I'm up." I fell out of bed clipping my knee on the nightstand. "Son of a..." I said clutching my knee. I looked at my wrist and noticed a bracelet, "No, this is what one of those things given to me in my dream." I shook my head trying to get the thought out of my head. Then I got up grabbed a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, underwear, a bra, and a hoodie. "I am just imagining things," When I got into the bathroom I looked in the mirror and noticed all of my piercings had different earrings. My nose ring was now had a bigger diamond, my barbell looked like it was made of glass and had an intricate design on it, my lip ring and my eyebrow ring also looked like they were made of glass and had intricate designs. "What the hell? Where did my s**t go?" I checked my pockets and found a note.

    I miss you honey.
    I will see you on Halloween,
    then we can be together.

    "What did I smoke last night? And who gave me this?" I honestly thought I drank heavily or did some of those good drugs last night. After thinking for a while I hopped in the shower and then got dressed. I ran down stairs and grabbed a pop tart. "Bye, Mom." I ran out to the bus stop and waited for mom to leave for work. I then took out a pad of doctor's notes and forged my doctor's signature and put the date, October thirteenth. "I would go to school but I can't face seeing Lela, the little whore." I headed back to the house and went back to sleep. I deleted the school's message reporting I didn't show up for school. I looked through the jacket I wore last night and found all of my piercings, "Huh, I thought I traded 'em last night when I was out of it." I went down stairs and left the house and headed to my friend Kasey's house. Kasey already graduated so I see his house as a second home. I climbed up the tree near his window and slowly opened it. Kasey was still asleep. Kasey is a very light sleeper if you drop a book on the carpet downstairs he will wake up. But from the times I have broken into houses and stole crap well let's just I have become a pro. When I got in his room I slowly closed the window. Then I sat on his floor and took out a book. I may do a lot of dumb crap but the only thing that stops me from doing more stupid stuff is a good book.

    When Kasey finally woke up I had just finished the book I was reading. "Morning, Sleeping Beauty."

    "How long have you been here?" He said groggily.

    "Long enough to finish this." I sad holding up the book. The book had about two-hundred pages, an easy read for me when I am not distracted.

    "Oh, so about two hours. You gotta stop with breaking in."

    "Technically, I didn't break in. I mean your window was unlocked so, I just opened it and came in silently."

    "What if I had a chick in here?"

    "Well, I wouldn't have come in then. I would've gone downstairs and rung the doorbell. Do you think I'm dumb?"

    "Fine, what's wrong?" Kasey asked wiping the sleep from his eyes.

    "How did you know?"

    "Well, that is really the only time you come here when you cut."

    "I walked in on my girlfriend cheating on me."

    " And?"

    "With a guy."

    "Oh, that sucks. Do you think she was using you?"

    "Thanks for putting that in my head, Kase. But what sucks even more is that Sam knew or at least she thought she knew."

    "That Lela was cheating on you with a guy?"

    "No, that Lela was cheating on me in general."

    "Look, forget about her. She never did anything for you did she?"

    "No, but this week has been really bad. I was almost raped on Saturday and then I found out about Lela." My eyes started to well up with tears.

    "What do you mean by almost?" Kasey said coming off of his bed and giving me a hug. I reexplained what happened and this time tears started to stream from my eyes. I don't even know why I guess with everything the shock finally hit me.

    "Calm down Jaimie, it's not like anything happened. It's not like Eric did anything to you other than take off your pants. Be happy that Sailine showed up."

    "Kasey, I didn't mention any names except Sailine." I looked at Kasey my eyes wide open. Kasey moved closer to me knocking me back. "Kasey, what are you doing? Get off..." Before I could finish Kasey started to kiss me and take off my shirt. I kneed him in the groin and then pushed him off. I got up and left. I can honestly say after that I ran away. I had no one but Mom but she was going to kick me out as soon as I graduated. I had nothing left. I went home packed my s**t and ran away.