• Chapter~
    I jerked in my unconscious slumber, my mind a numb, fuzzy blur. I felt like I was watching from the outside in, on myself. I was my own ghost, but unlike other ghosts, I could feel the indescribable pain that was being inflicted on the victim below. Waves of nausea enveloped her, pushing her down into darkness past any return. I yelped, pushing against the invisible barrier that was my mind, like trying to push through a large body of water when drowning.
    I was drowning in my own thoughts. I watched from a distance as the girl (me) struggled against the shackles that were her restraints. She whaled and screamed while a man in a hazardous suit held her down. The girl looked more 5 than 20, her body cringing away from the man with the needle. The narcotic sloshed lazily, a sickly acidic green color.When the medal point touched her skin it burned so severely it looked like she thought her arm was on fire.
    “What did you put in me!?” she screamed at the man.
    The man smiled through the protective plastic over his face. “Don’t worry your little head about it. It will be over soon enough.” He turned and headed for the door.
    “What will be over?”
    The man kept walking, whispered an order to one of the guards and step through the door to leave.
    “Answer me!” She screamed forcing her whole weight against the metal cuffs, rubbing her wrists raw.
    The girl winced and fell back against the wall, her vision doubling and unfocused, her body drained of energy. The guard motioned for a second, and approached, his face inches from mine. But that was the last I saw before I too blacked out.