• It was freezing cold and black dark outside. "I wonder what day it is..." I said to myself.
    I guess it's a hard life when you run away from home. Closing my eyes, I wondered how I'd survive. I probably wouldn't. I flung my eyes open as I heard something in the bushes. I quickly stood up from my spot and glared at the bushes. Slowly motioning to a fighting stance that I learned from my sister.
    I was scared...would I die?
    As fast as lightning, something large sprang at me from the bushes. Landing on my back, I shook with fear. Knowing my life would finally end, I closed my eyes and thought about the good stuff thats happened since my birth. My eyes, again, flung open. I forgot...my promise. I quickly sat up, with my head dizzy, I looked around. In front of me, was a guy who looked no older than eighteen or so.
    "Um...excuse me....um...ouch!" Inside my head I heard screeching as terrible as many people scratching a chalkboard.
    "Your so stupid girl, I heard him say.
    "I am not!" I yelled, forgetting my head hurts like hell.
    He stared at me then continued with his opinons. "You ran away didn't you? Knowing you, you forgot to bring food and money. How many days has it been now?" I didn't like his teasing.
    "Shut up and go away. What are yo-" I gasped. In my head I replayed his second sentence. "Knowing you, you forgot to bring food and money."
    I looked up at him. "H-how...do you know me?"
    He laughed. "Your my neighbor. When I saw you leave your house with some bags, I was forced to follow you."
    I glared at him. "Forced? You didn't have to agree!"
    He laughed again. "No no, thats not what I mean't. I mean't I forced myself, and I HAD to agree. I couldn't just leave you be. There's many wild animals. Plus strange people."
    "Yea, strange people like you!" I replied angrily.
    He stared at me again then put his hands to my face. "I'm sorry, I couldn't leave you. Your my responiblilty now..."
    He was annoying but his hands were warm. I sighed," I guess you can stay with me...plus I'm not all that stupid! I brought clothes and blankets!"
    He laughed, "Your only interested in gettng warm? You don't need to eat?"
    I finally smiled, "No, I usually don't like to eat. When I lived in that house, I was always forced to eat..." I trailed off, the only great memory I have there, is when it was my sister and me.
    "Well, It's eleven...let's sleep. You must be tired."
    I nodded. "I am. But....um..." I blushed, how was I supposed to ask?
    "Can you...sleep with me?"
    "Um...Not to be rude...but I don't..well, I don't want to be a rapist and-"
    I cut him off. "NOT LIKE THAT!! I mean't...I want you to sleep beside me...because I want to steal...your warmth..."
    "Oh, heh, sorry. Well, sure." He smiled.
    Under the moonlight, we slept. It was nice and warm. Then It felt like someone was holding me and mumbling my name. That someone kissed me and held me tightly. I felt loved...who would love me? Who would accept a girl like me? I may seem nice, but I could be mean.
    I opened my eyes and the bright su was high in the sky. I looked over in front of me and saw his face. His arms were around me and his face was so close I could feel his breath upon me. Me, not really liking this, screamed.
    His eyes flung open and he quickly sat up holding me. "WHOSE THERE?!! WHAT IS IT???!!!"
    I slapped him. "What were you doing HOLDING ME!!!!"
    "Weren't you warm last night?" He changed the subject...so predictable. But, now that I think about it, I was really warm.
    I smiled. "Yes, and I guess that was you, thank you!" I kissed him on th cheek and stood up.
    He touched his cheek and smiled. "Oh, forgot to intoduce myself. Even If you know, It seems inpolite to no do so. Anyway, my name is John. Call me anything you wish with my name."
    I sighed, guess I have to as well. "My name is Karin, oyu may call me what you wish as well. Also, I'll just call you John. JUST CALL ME KARIN, okay?"
    "Sure, Karin."
    I packed up my stuff and waited for him to do so. "Ready to go to another place?"
    He nodded. "Yup. Lead the way Karin."
    ~To be continued~