• I woke early as was my routine I took my morning shower I ate my cheap, hard, breakfast bar and was ready for what Cream had planned. We were going to a nearby bar to pick up any information on the Cat and to pass any extra time we had on our hands. We slowed to a stop and I hopped out sliding the cold metal of my 44. In the hidden holster in my jacket I walked in Cream at my side.

    We took our spot at the bar and began to question the barkeep none stop, question after question poured from us and he swore unless we bought something he wouldn’t answer another one. We ordered a few drinks and the number of questions drove us from tipsy to drunk. I have never been drunk before my mind was hazy, my thoughts haywire, and my conscious uncaring for error. Soon we had some info we found he was a regular at the bar came in ate and left.

    Perfect was the only thing I could think of at the moment then I turned my head and another thought hit me harder then the will of revenge. Cream her form burning into my alcohol effected mind I began to fantasize about her and I found soon I couldn’t stop. I didn’t even realize what I asked till I took her hand and we moved away from the bar to dance. I had never realized it was this easy to dance.

    It had been so long since I’ve seen even a small smile crack the statue she had become it warmed my soul to see her smiling, or maybe it was the alcohol. We danced for what seemed like forever and as the last song ended I found her staring into my eyes. She slowly reached up slipping off my glasses and tossing them away.

    I didn’t think as my arms held her closer her muzzle gaining the color that for so long I wished to watch pour from the cat we’ve been tracking. She placed her hands against the thick vest I wore, the idea hit me after our second run in with him I had been injured almost killed. We were frozen in that position for what could have been almost a hour, suddenly I did something I only dreamt of doing.

    I kissed her, my muzzle catching the red tint of hers, we felt the words we should of told each other long ago. Her hands laying gently on my chest, my arms circling her back we let the world fade around us. I didn’t care how long we spent in that bar experiencing our first kiss from each other our eyes closed as we shut away our other senses.

    Slowly I ended it tilting my head back slightly, opening my eyes gradually I looked at her and took in the slight opening of her eyes, the still posed lips she was still trapped in the moment as I almost was. She seemed to have taken back her life that was lost her eyes once again glowing with a life once locked away and lost.

    She looked down as if ashamed and I could only share in the feeling we had just revealed two of our most hidden secrets. I slowly lifted my hand to her chin cupping it I lifted her eyes to mine and the blush returned to both our faces. For once I felt like I used to, I felt as if life could just go on as it was.

    We left the bar shortly after I had retrieved my glasses but decided not to fully wear them they sat uselessly positioned on my forehead. She slowly moved a hand from her lap letting it sit softly on my free hand, twisting my hand around I took it in mine as I smiled slightly we had confessed how we felt about each other in a innocent enough way I guess.

    We reached the hotel and slipped out the car we stepped through the door slowly locking the door I set the key’s down on the desk along with my jacket. I saw her slip into the bathroom I was clueless for the moment what she was going to do. She came out wearing something I haven’t seen on her for years ten to be exact a orange dress.

    I watched as she moved towards me in the larger yet so familiar form she placed her hands on my chest once again and I was happy to offer balance in the form of my arms around her. The past how it should have been was the first thing that hit me that’s what she was trying to say the day passed quickly as we talked about the years we kept hidden.

    There we were a dream fantasy from ten years ago bred from the mind of a longing teenage fox. I was sitting there with her next to me hugging my arm on a green hill, sonic and everyone with us watching the sunset. She would looked at me and we would exchange nervous glances, then she kissed my cheek.

    I awoke the next day yet refreshed without the usual cold sweat it was later then usual but I didn’t care I skipped my morning shower and walked around bare-chested. She opened her eyes looking up at me, before we decided to stop talking slipped into her usual sleep wear but she was still stunning to me. I went over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek making her smile as we shared a hug I knew today was going to be a good day.