• I'm listening but all I can hear is your heart crying. Crying for redemption, crying to be healed. Screaming to be loved. Not to be alone. To be with your prince despite what others say, despite your fears, despite your troubles. Your heart knows best, but love can be blind.

    Sweet crimson kisses of wind brushed against her smooth cheek. Her small hands clasped together in a silent prayer. A plea for her pityful life, a plee for her love not to go unwasted.

    . My heart will heal faster than your wounds. You break my heart I’ll break your everything.

    Soft ghostly whispers of a hidden threat. Don’t cross her.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    The truth spoken by someone wise who could never tell what the future held. Spoken from experience, crossed a woman and she took her revenge in the worse possible way. Her fury was unleashed when he least expected it. The inner hatred seeped to the surface in a rush of self resolution. Quick cut, no regrets.

    My heart is not your trophy; I am not your claim. I am not a prize to be one, I am simply, not yours.

    Why he hated her.

    Opinionated, outspoken, independent girl. Not afraid to speak out. You push, she shoves. You scream, she shouts. You die, she lives on.

    It’s all a blur. My life, the one I left behind. The one I’m living. The one I’m growing to love because of him. It’s so real. Its there for the taking.

    Six stages of Grieving.

    Step 1: Denial

    Step 2: Anger

    Step 3: Bargaining

    Step 4: Depression

    Step 5: Acceptance

    Step 6: Realizing the first five steps were complete bullshit.

    A soft sniffle followed after her reluctant tears. She was crying, out in the open. Her weakness for all to see. The only thing that can invoke that type of emotion from her. She could be sad, but she never cries. She can scream, but she's never afraid. She can yell but she's never angry. She can smile but she's never happy. She can live, but she's never really alive.

    How do you know you're alive when you feel no pain? How can you know you're happy if you're never sad, how can you miss him if he's never gone. So...go away let me miss you dammit.

    The one person you can't escape from, it sucks when you're your own worse enemy. You want to hate your enemies, but you can't hate yourself. Freely at least.

    " Your will is always within, it’s just covered up with so many emotions. But its there, just find it."

    'Its always the darkest before the sunrises.'

    Things may seem bad now, but always remember, someone has it worse. Someone has no one. Someone is broken, someone is alone and dieing inside. Someone is crying from heart break right now. Someone is being killed, and someone is killing. Just know, that when you're sad, happy, angry, hyper, alone. You're not the only one feeling that way.

    Poison lies. Poison words. Broken hearts.

    All lies are bad, but the worst ones are those told by someone you supposedly trust. One that could tear apart something that you cherish and hold dear to you heart. The lie that could break apart a friendship between someone, anyone for that matter, is one where the teller of that lie deserves to be brutally punished. Maybe by death. Harsh punishment for a harsh crime against trust. Shunning the liar makes things worse is some form, the anger that lie caused eats away at your insides like guilt does. Only, you're not the one that should feel guilty. The liar should. But most liars have no conscious, that’s the hard part. Most liars can punish themselves with the feeling of guilt. It can tear away at their insides when they realize the pain they caused someone who once trusted them. The heart shatters under the heavy weight of poison words.

    Trust takes a lifetime to earn, and one second to lose.

    Its slips away like oil slipping through the feathers of a stray duck. Damaging its very way of life. It can't be free anymore, just like someone can't be free to trust. It takes almost forever to build up trust from someone, and with one mistake, one unforgiving lie, its gone. It slips right through your lying fingertips. It’s only then the liar realizes, maybe, they deserve to be hated. They deserve to be shunned. So much pain caused by poison words.

    It could take months maybe years to fall in love with someone and cause them to fall in love with you. But it only takes one mistake to break their heart, or even worse to have your heart broken.

    Load it, c**k it, and pull the f-----g trigger.

    Speaking without thinking is like shooting without aiming.

    Open your minds and close your mouths.

    Understand me before you judge what I do.

    Know what I stand for before you attack my morals.

    Know what you stand for, not just what you're against.

    Know me before you love me.

    Love me before you hate me.

    Live, before you die.

    Speak before you can't.

    Rest in Peace.