• Last episodes…
    Prologue- No one.
    It begins with the Kodkod- Leo was voted off with the first blind-side of the season.

    Turmoil Between Teams
    Rudy: Who voted Miranda, because there was no way she was going tonight.
    Erik: : Those assholes made our team weaker than theirs.
    Miranda: : I just wanted to say… Palmay Chase cars, Palmay Chase cars, Palmay Chase cars.
    Palmay: : Shut up, would you!
    Erik: : No one tells Pico to shut up!
    Palmay: : No one tells a pickle to shut up? That was random.
    Mano: Leo was eliminated and if we don’t work together, we will, too!
    Rudy: : This is soooo fun!
    Mike: : ugh.

    Jeff: : Your reward challenge is going to be simple. You must create a human pyramid using all your members. And…GO!
    * They started thinking up ways, until Kwaang thought they had it. 5 got on the ground. 4 got on their shoulders, and 2 got on theirs, and 1 got on the top people shoulders doing a handstand, at the exact moment Sylvia toppled over.*
    Jeff: : And Kwaang wins reward! A Denny’s dinner!
    Hugre: : We are so the better team!
    Max: : We are in good shape, while they’re in turmoil!
    Peter: : We deserve it more anyway!!!
    Runika: : At least we are not fat *bleep* pigs who are so insecure they have to brag about what they have!
    Miranda: : You tell them!
    At Denny’s a crowd was gathered around just to watch Kwaang eat.
    Greg: She so needs to be kicked off!
    Billy: She won’t leave for a long time if everyone hated what they said on that team.
    Augustus: I actually respect her for that, you guys were being jerks and If what I just said gets me kicked off then so be it!
    Jeff: Alright, the immunity challenge is a race the last person to cross and his or her team go to Tribal Council. And… GO!
    * They all dashed and the first to cross was Rudy.*
    After awhile the last to cross was Runika.
    Jeff: Sylvia, see you at Tribal Council.
    Jeff:4 votes Runika, 5 votes Palmay, 1 vote Miranda. The second person to leave Survivor: Chile is Palmay Chase. See the rest of you at camp.


    Yes, Miranda should have left and I just hope she will in the near future. So f*bleep* off, Miranda. F*bleep* off.

    Next time…
    Brains vs. Bronze