Michael heard a thud as he hung up the phone. Turning towards the bathroom he called out to Marcus. Receiving no answer he strode swiftly to the bathroom door and knocked, “Marcus…hey…is everything alright in there?” Still not getting an answer he tested the doorknob and noticed it wasn’t locked. Pushing it open he saw Marcus’s tattered body sprawled out on the floor.

    Running in he gasped at the sight. Marcus’s body was so mauled it was hard to see much of his real skin color under the blood and bruises. He noticed blood pooling around Tracey’s skull and quickly went around to see a deep gash on Marcus’s head close to his temple. Afraid to move him Michael ran into the kitchen dialing 911. Telling the ambulance the address and situation he hung up grabbing a cloth off the counter and dashing back into the bathroom.

    He lifted Marcus’s head slightly and placed the cloth upon the gash trying to slow the blood flow by applying pressure. It took 15 minutes for the ambulance to get there and by then a good amount of the cloth was soaked in Marcus’s blood. They carefully placed him on the gurney and ran down the stairs trying not to jostle the gurney as they made it to the ambulance.

    They placed Marcus’s unconscious form into the back and Michael jumped in the back with him holding his hand tightly while the medics worked to keep Marcus stable till the reached the hospital.

    They arrived at the hospital and the medics called for assistance as they jumped out pulling Marcus’s gurney out of the back. Running inside with Michael on their heels they ran into the emergency room calling doctors left and right. They ran into a room and Michael backed off to a corner watching with eyes glistening with unshed tears. He had seen Marcus’s body and his heart broke at seeing the small boy in the state he was in. A nurse escorted him out and told him to wait in the waiting room and that she’d come and inform him of Marcus’s progress.

    Taking a shaky breath Michael went to a vending machine and got a hot cup of coffee. He paced the waiting room sipping his coffee praying that Marcus would be ok. Not noticing a pair of eyes on him Michael kept glancing at the emergency doors.

    “That won’t make your little friend recover any faster.” Michael turned around to see a guy staring at him. “Excuse me?” he asked him trying to hold back his anger. “That little guy you ran in behind…pacing and glancing at the door won’t heal him faster.” The man looked almost pleased that he was pissing Michael off. Michael looked the man up and down. He was wearing a dark red button up shirt with many buttons undone showing his chest. He wore baggy jeans that were held up by a belt around his upper thighs showing off black boxers with red strips. He was a thug. His hair was jet black with blond tips and he had a blood red bandana hanging from his back pocket.

    Michael’s face wrinkled with distaste. “Why don’t you butt out of my business.” Michael added a glare to his snide remark before turning back to the emergency doors. The guy didn’t like that reply so he grabbed Michael’s shoulder and twisted him around to face him his shocking blue eyes glaring into Michael’s face. “Don’t start anything Sonny.” Someone spoke from behind them.

    The guy identified as Sonny turned around to see who spoke. Another man was standing there with an expressionless face. “Tony…I didn’t expect you to be back so soon…so…how long is Dai going to be in this ******** s**t hole?” Sonny asked acting like nothing had just happened a few moments ago.

    Tony glanced at Michael before meeting eyes with Sonny, “He’ll be here for a good month.” Sonny’s fists clenched to where his knuckles turned white. “I thought the wounds weren’t serious!” Sonny released his anger as he yelled. “******** Dai...had to act like he was alright with those damn bullets lodged in his goddamn body…stupid a**.” Sonny was trembling slightly. “There’s nothing we can do but report to the big man…so lets go.” Tony turned and started walking towards the exit.

    Sonny turned back to Michael and glared, “Hope your little b***h survives old man.” And with those final scathing words Sonny stormed out of the waiting area. Michael silently fumed as he collapsed into a chair and waited for Marcus’s condition report.

    About 2 hours later the nurse that had led him out exited the emergency room as Marcus’s barely conscious form was wheeled out and towards the elevator. “Where are they taking him!?” Michael’s heart was racing as he watched the elevator’s doors close. “He’ll be just fine…I suggest you get him some clothes…he’ll be here for a while to recover and he’ll be seeing a psychiatrist to evaluate him.” The nurse spoke silently.

    Michael gulped down hi complaints and nodded stiffly. “Can I see him first?” the nurse shook her head. “No…not tonight…but please…go home and rest…you can come and see him first thing in the morning.” With those words the nurse left him high and dry and he stalked slowly towards the exit.

    Up in a room laid the exhausted Marcus taking in slow breaths. “Man…you look way worse then I do.” Marcus’s head turned slightly to see his roommate sitting up looking at his battered formed. The man was an amazing sight. His hair was a light brown with blood red streaks and purple tips. His eyes were a startling deep green and he had a slightly tanned complexion. Most of his torso was covered except for his left shoulder.

    “Who…are you…?” Marcus spoke gently. The handsome man smiled at him, “The name’s Damian.”