• prologue:

    This is a tale of a world like many others. It has a force evil and it has a force. There is a war between these two forces. There is noting but hardship for the ones caught in it. The thing is it had to tell which side is the good and which is the evil. Nevertheless, in this world known as Azone there is a much more interesting tale. The great gods of this world, Ipeal the guardian of the renewing land and Owriel the keeper of the demonic plains, have given me permission to tell you of this memorable tale. A tale of which in it people feel both hope and have despair at the same time. A tale of the greatest hero and a tale of the greatest villain. Do not be mistaken for I only spoke of one person. I am you guide in this unknown land in a faraway world. This is when the tale truly begins. My only fear is if you can stand it such a tale. The world had started as a land with two peaceful nations, the kingdom of haze and the kingdom of shade. For centuries, they were nothing but good relation between these two nations. The kingdom of haze was the lager one but the kingdom of shade had most of the precious jewels, metals and beings with magical talent. Of course like any land there is an occasional problem or two but, with the shad kingdom’s might and the haze kingdom’s magic they were always stopped. Then King Chain acceded to the throne. Through dark magic and forbidden spells, he made himself something inhumane and used this power in the most corrupt ways. After he had done this, he began to raise an army. The army was composed of dark creatures from the Animus eater to the Atrum Nomads. Then he waged war on the kingdom of haze. After half a century of war, the two kingdoms signed a treaty. Shortly afterwards king Dread became king. It was easy to tell that he would not be satisfied with the treaty. So one again the kingdoms began to distrust each other. This is where our tale begins eighteen cycles after king Dread raised to power. And most importantly, war is over the next hill and under the burned Ash tree aside the crimson lake that continues to grow uncontrollably

    chapter 1

    “Ends and beginnings- there are no such things. There only are middles”- from the Tao (Chinese)
    -1852nd cycle 8th rill 15th hex afternoon, outskirts of Norune village.
    “Lady Julie, commander Feena is requesting your presence.” Said a soldier as he stepped into her tent. “Very well I’m on my way.” Julie replied in an annoyed tone. Feena sure is getting restless Thinks Julie. This is the third time today! Julie is a tall girl with red eyes and blond hair. She has a thin figure though not many can tell due to her mage robes. As she walked to the commander’s tent, a soldier approached her. “Lady Julie.” He said. “Yes what is it?” asked Julie. “Thank you for healing my wound from the other day.” “Oh it was nothing.” Julie replied. ”After all it is part of my long list of job requirements.” She said as she walked off. As she arrived at the commander’s tent she shouts out “What can I do for you now Feena? It better be something good this time” “I thought I told you to call me commander!” thundered Feena. Feena was a middle aged short broad shouldered woman with silver hair and brown eyes. She seemed to have an aura around her that stated that she was smarter than she seems “Yes Feena um I mean commander!” replied Julie shakily. “I need you to scry those umbra troops again.” “Very well.” Julie replied as she pulls out a gray stone from her robes. “Sáel” she said. The stone gl0owed for a moment then it dims as Julie lets out a gasp. ”What is it what is wrong?” Feena shouts. “Th-the Um-um-umbra troops will be at eagle’s perch by nightfall.” Julie stammered. “But that means that they are moving twice as fast as when you checked this morning!” Feena exclaims. “There must be something of value to them there.” “Pack up your things we are heading out to eagles perch as fast as we can.” Feena shouted as she stepped out the tent to rally the troops
    -Alley in eagles perch same time
    “Hey kid give me my pouch back or else!” a man shouted at a scared 15-year-old boy huddled in the corner of the dead end alley. “Hey somebody give me a hand will ya?” the boy yelled as he searched for a means to escape. The man noticing this said, “Tough luck kid but you are trapped like a rat.” < Yes he is but, rats have a nasty habit of clawing and biting when they are backed into a corner. > Said a voice in their minds. “Wh-who is that voice? Show yourself!” the man shouted as he looks around feverishly. < You can see me in the shadows near you sir. > The voice said with a dark laugh. “Your one of them umbra monsters aren’t you? Well you can have the boy I’m out of here!” the man yelled as he ran with all his might out of the ally and into the market place. The man is so scared out of his wits he does not notice the about 15 year old black haired girl sitting in the shade of the house facing the alley. The girl gets up and, making sure no one was looking, walked into the alley and annoyed said <Max this is the third time I had to save your rear! > “Sorry Milla but these merchants are getting edgy today for some reason.” Max replied with a shrug. <Liar! > Milla shouts jabbing her finger at him. < You have been aiming at the merchants with the biggest pouches! How many times Tom has to tell you ‘the lighter the pouch the easier the steal’? > “Come on give me a break.” Max said annoyed. “Come on lets go back to the hideout” < Aye let us go so Tom can chew you out. > Milla replied as they walk out of the ally and head north to the slums part of the city. On their way, there they pass by an old lady. <How are you today Ms.? > The old lady screeching said, “Get a way from me you demon! You will be the death of us all!” < Hello to you too. > Replied Milla sarcastically. Why does everybody treat me this way? Thought Milla. Why do they hate me so? Sure telekinetics are rare, but they are not evil or anything, so why am I hated so much? The strangest thing is that Milla felt that the old lady was right somehow. Then Milla ignoring the old lady's ranting catches up to Max and said <Luckily we only bumped into her and not her son. > “Yea he would have not let this go so easily.” Max replied. “I thought that telekinetics were treated like heroes not like a demon or an umbra.” <Forget about it Max lets just get to the hideout already. > For Milla things were always like this. Because of her abilities, most people shunned her. From the ones that did not ignore her, she received relentless pain and torment. The only one to show her any kindness was Max. He met her seven cycles before, when she was eight and he nine. He had come from another town and after hearing that Eagle’s Perch was a place were many merchants met, stowed away in the first wagon he could find heading that way. They quickly became the best of friends and then a rill later discovered the abandoned mill, which became their new home.

    -Abandoned mill some time later
    The abandoned mill has been uncared for decades. The windows are broken; the wood has almost completely rotted away, and there are numerous rumors that it is haunted. This is the place where Milla, Max and Tom spend their days. “Three times! You were caught stealing three times! You are lucky I sent Milla to watch you!” Tom shouted as he brushed his hands through is dirty blond hair and closed his bright yellow eyes. “Cut me some slack man.” Max said annoyed. “At least I got the money.” Milla sitting behind a banister said <Lets see how much he go at least. > As she got up at walked up to Max. Max then opened a pouch and started counting “10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100 tiger in this one.” <We could last the week with this so the other pouches can go into the savings. > Milla said as she kicked the other pouches into a corner. “We will be having a harder time getting cash now that rumors of an umbra creature are flowing around.” Tom said annoyed. “I already said I’m sorry already!” Max shouted angrily as he stomped his foot. “How long are you going to hang that over my head?” for about…” said Tom as he thought for a moment. “… The rest of you natural life.” “Man give me a break. I am out of here.” Max said as he walks out of the hideout. <You did not have to be so harsh Tom! > Milla shouted. “Sorry my green eyed comrade but your friend needs to learn or it will be the death of him.” < Even though you are right, you should at least apologize to Max. > Said Milla pleading. “Yeah I should. I will do that when he comes back.” < Thank you Tom. > “Why do you care about him so much?” < He is my only friend. When everybody thought I was a monster or a witch he stood by my side. There is no one like him. > “ Well tomorrow we got a job of helping a merchant sell his goods so lets get some sleep. The guy expects us to give nothing but 110%. We will be waking up at dawn to start working.”

    -Nightfall, slums of eagle’s perch
    Night has fallen and an eerie silence looms. Max has managed to calm down enough so he decided to head back to the hideout. After a bit of walking he heard a noise cut the silence. “Huh is anybody there?” Max said shakily. No reply. Must be my imagination he thought. Then he heard the sound of a dog yelping. The sound is soon silenced .Max turned around and gasped at the sight of an umbra monster. The monster was tall and fairly human in shape, but its body is completely black. Its arms were positioned like a praying mantis with blood red blades replacing the hands. It has dagger sharp blood red teeth and no eyes. “By Ipeal’s wings your one of them umbra monsters aren’t you?” said Max with fear of being right. “Hamans ara sach faals, yappang away whan thay shaald ba ranang! “It said. Then in one swift movement it cut Max’s head clean off. His body falls limp to the floor. Max’s blood rains out all over the dirty street. The umbra monster stepped forward and then the loud noise of it eating was heard. The breaking of bones and the spraying of blood also play in the symphony of death. Then it yanked up a barely visible white wisp out of the leftovers with its teeth and then quickly swallowed it whole. “That saal was gaad! A laka tham yaang!” it said laughing as it runs towards the abandoned mill, as the screams of the citizens of eagle’s perch ring. Meanwhile at the abandoned mill, a reign of terror has begun. “Please don’t! I’m too young to die!” a woman screamed. The screams caused Milla and Tom to jolt awake. < What the heck is going on? > Milla shouted. “Hold on I’ll go take a look outside Tom replied as he got up from his makeshift bed. He then ran to the door and opened it to a grinning umbra. “Oh man this su-“the umbra had then cut off his sentence by slashing his left eye and then it shouted “A faand you my faad!” Tom fell backwards screaming him left arm over his bleeding eye. <Tom! > Milla screamed as she ran next to him. She started whimpering the moment she realized that they were going to die. “Twa maals sa clasa ta aach athar ah gaady!” the umbra exclaimed. The umbra stepped forward and gasped “A hata yaa sa mach right naw haman!” as a sword pierced through its chest. The umbra fell as it blood sprayed out its wound. Standing behind it was a soldier. “Hey you two are you ok?” he said. Then all of a sudden Milla felt woozy “Hey you don’t look so good.” Milla then fainted with Tom next to her and a pool of black blood quickly spreading and seeping into the rotten floorboards while the cries of citizens fade away

    chapter 2

    “Nothing happens unless first a dream” – Carl Gandburg

    Milla was in a lush green forest. It seemed to be one that would be not too far from a kingdom due to the fact there was a special brick road nearby. She has never seen it before yet it was familiar. “Come here my child.” Said a man who seemed to be in his forties. Milla just noticed him yet it seams that he was there the entire time. Who is this man? Thought Milla. Do I know him? <Coming papa. > Said a soft voice. Then walking out from a clearing was a little girl no more than three years old. Her hair was black and her eyes were a deep blood red. She was unmistakably wearing aristocratic clothes “Milla what did I ell you about having your power exposed outside of home?” said the man. Wait that girl is me then this must be some sort of memory! Thought Milla. But I never recalled having a father or ever being in this forest. <Sorry papa it is just so tiring having to hide it all the time. > The little girl said as her eyes somehow slowly turned green. “It is ok Milla. I bet you want to know why I called you here.” <yes papa what is it? > “I have a gift for you,” he said. <What is it? > Then he step behind a tree and leaned over. Then he walked back with a white bundle in his arms. “Why don’t you see for yourself?” < What is it? > The little girl asked excitedly as she took the bundle in her arms. Then she moved some of the cloth and in the bundle was a black baby fox. < A cute little fox! > The little girl exclaimed. Was I really like that? Thought Milla. I was way too cheery. “Well I just found this little one on his lonesome and I thought that he might make a good pet.” <why do you say that? > Asked the little girl <mama. > Said a soft voice <wait did he just talk? > Exclaimed the little girl. <Papa he spoke just like I do. > “Yes Milla that is the peculiar thing about it. So will you keep him?” <yes I will. I think I will call you Fenir. > Suddenly everything begins to turn black. As Milla put her, had over her face she thought why am I crying? This cannot be real! I have neither father nor a pet fox. Most of I have neither father nor a pet fox. Most of all I am not an aristocrat! Then for some time all Milla saw was darkness and then she heard a dark voice say, “Just because you do not recall does not mean it is not real. The time will come that all shall come to light all you will realize your true self Milla.”
    “Hey look she’s waking up!” someone said. Who is that thought Milla as she slowly awakened. She saw a blond haired mage and a silver haired woman leaning over her. Milla jumped up and fell off the bed. “Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” The blond haired girl said. “Can you talk? Do you remember what happened?” Like I’ll talk to you! Thought Milla as she noticed were she was. She was in a tent with only one bed. Where am I thought Milla. “You’re in the outskirts of eagle’s perch,” said the silver haired woman guessing Milla’s thoughts. “My name is Feena. I am the general of the troops stationed here. This one here-“pointing her thumb to the blond girl “- is Julie. Now would you give us your name” Milla remained silent “maybe she’s mute?” Julie said. “They are pretty common in this area.” “I doubt it. She is just keeping quiet.” Feena replied. “It may be because we haven’t earned her trust.” So, you’re not an idiot thought Milla. “Hey kid your not allowed there.” A soldier shouted.”I am not a kid! I’m 18 cycles old and I can do as I please!” a voice shouted then Tom stepped through the tent opening. “So you finally awake eh Milla.” He said. Over his left eye was a makeshift patch. <Tom! Your eye! > Milla shouts. <What happened to you? > “So you can talk.” Julie said with a smirk. Ops thought Milla “so since we know you can talk in the sense that you are a telekinetic, tell us what you saw last night.” < All right. > Milla scowled. <I don’t really remember. > Milla said as she got up and sat on the bed. < All I can recall is some black monster and a pool of blood. > “That black monster was an Anumis Devourer. They like to eat both your body and your soul.” Julie said coldly. <But then how many where attacking the city? > “Five of them.” Feena said with a sigh “only five and by the time we got there you two were the only survivors.” <But then what happened to Max? > “Who’s Max?” asked Feena. <He is my friend. > “I’m sorry.” Julie said glumly. “You two were the only survivors of the attack.” His soul can’t even reach the renewing land now.” <Oh. > Millia said with a depressed sigh. <That idiot should not have stormed out the hideout. > “What!” Tom shouts suddenly. “That’s all you have to say! He was you only friend and that is all you have to say!” he walked up angrily to Milla and punched her in the face. “Heartless wretch.” Then he spat on the floor and left. “Um, Milla.” said Feena cautiously. < Leave. > Milla replied darkly. “But-” <leave now! > As Julie and Feena exit Milla began to cry <Max why did you leave me alone? > She sobbed as crimson read tears flow.
    -Meanwhile Julie had headed to the healer’s tent.
    “Did you find any problems with her health?” asked Julie. “No, not in the normal sense anyway.” replied the healer. “What do you mean? If there are any problems I can try to heal it with my magic.” Unless she is terminally ill, she thinks. “I don’t think you can ‘cure’ this.” How can it put this plainly thought the healer as he sighed. “I have discovered three peculiar things about her one happens to be that her blood is black like an umbra’s and-" “wait.” Said Julie interrupting “your saying that she might not be human?” “Yes but there is more. The black blood matched all the qualities of human blood; the only difference is the color. The second strange thing is that her tears are the color of blood.” Can she get any weirder? Thought Julie. “I found this out because she was crying in her sleep before you entered the tent. The third finding is that she is not mute.” “That makes no sense!” said Julie as she slammed her fist on a bed. “Telekinetics prefer to speak out loud then mentally because it uses a great deal of energy.” “I know,” replied the healer calmly. “She seems to have a large speech limiter.” “Speech limiter?” said Julie questioningly. “She can’t say any of the words she knows with her voice. This may be from a traumatic event, a spell or it’s even possible that she had it from birth.” “Then what do you suggest we do?” “Take the girl with us but keep a watchful eye on her she may just be what the umbra troops wanted.” The healer said darkly
    -Meanwhile at the commander’s tent
    “The king will be greatly displeased with the report of our failure to save the city.” Feena said with a frown. “At least we were able to save those two kids,” said a sergeant. “Yes but we lost 8 men and three were injured due to the facts that we were in a city and the umbra had the advantage of the shadows.” Feena then sighed “and that isn’t the only unfortunate thing.” She was certain that Tom’s and Milla’s lives were going to become much more difficult. Orphans under the age of 21 that are saved by the king’s soldiers are enlisted into service. Tom would become a recruit in the army. Milla due to the fact she is a telekinetic, would be trained as a konochi, female ninjas and person al assassins for the royalty. Well thought Feena at least they wouldn’t go hungry. “We are going to ruin their already bad lives.” Said Feena with a sigh. She then left her tent to tell all of the soldiers to pack up everything for the trip to Norune village.
    Tom had wandered his way to the cook’s tent. “Hey kid is your friend awake?” asked the cook. “She’s not my friend she is my ally.” Tom replied angrily. “That is very soldier like of you kid. You’ll be having a great time when you are recruited.” A soldier said laughing. Recruited what he is talking about Tom thought. Then the realization dawned on him. They are going to make me a soldier! The thoughts of a life of hardships, war and hard work flashed in his mind. He quickly formed a plan in his mind to escape the army after he got some food from the cook. As Tom began to eat, he had a wide grin on his face because he knew of a get rich scheme would be possible. After all mage items are worth a lot of tiger

    chapter 3

    “Hope sees the invisible fells the intangible and achieves the impossible.”- Anonymous

    -Milla’s tent-
    “Hey Milla are you done crying? A voice said approaching her tent. <What are you talking about? > Milla replied as she wiped away her crimson tears. Julie then steps in the tent and takes a long hard look at Milla. <What is it? > Asked Milla confused. “I spoke to the healer” <so? > “I learned some interesting things about you.” <wait you mean the healer checked me? > Said Milla as she got off the bed