• The Not-So-Rad-Kid

    Wind. The only thing you can hear when your falling out of your 3 story high, High school window. Actually being thrown out. This was what was happening to Rad. It was his prom night. He was not going home. He was going down....down......down. Into the convertible hood of a 1953 Chevy Corvette. The only thing that Rad knew was that. Time was getting slower. He was falling slower,the wind was gone. and he was slowly descending,seeing his doom before him. Though the only thing going in Rads mind was a Movie. His life. Was playing back to him with a narrators voice. He thought it was gods voice but it wasn't it was his,but with a monotone and a low pitch. This was how this "movie" of his life started. Playing before his eyes seeing and hearing everything that happened.

    "DAMN IT!!!!"Was the only words coming out of the mouth of Rad's mouth that morning becuase due to his lankiness he was so upset last night that he had forgotten to set the alarm on his clock. He was supposed to wake up at 5:45 to catch the bus at 6:30,giving him exactly 45 minutes to get ready for school. Giving him enough sleep. As well as enough time to eat 2 slightly toasted pieces of well....bread. In this 45 minutes it gives him time to brush his hair,his teeth. To pop the zits that became a head overnight. This was the usual plan for Rad in the mornings. Well,before I continue any further,I think I should at least explain a few things first.

    Rad's full name is Rad Harrison Colt Johnson. OK, I'll explain a little more.
    The year was 1987 Sara McHarren was the captain of the Eastern Texas Regional High School,at this time she was dating the Eastern Texas Regional High School's star quarterback,Rick Johnson,also known on the campus as R.J. Now RJ and Sara were sexually active. Yes they were doing the naughty but there parents really didn't tell them much about her going on the "pill" or him wearing a condom. Also the big thing back then was a little thing called "pulling out". So one night, September 23rd,1987, Rad Harrison Clot Johnson was conceived because of a little thing called pre-mature ejaculation.

    Weeks went by and Sara never had her period. She went to the store bought a home pregnancy test, turns out. Shes pregnant. She went over to Ricks house. Talked to him about it. He agreed that he would marry her and love her and care of her,but then the next day Rick fled to Mexico because he didn't want to have a kid. When Sara found out he had left for Mexico. It was already 4 months because her being the brain dead person she was. Thought,"Oh Ricks just on vacation." She found out and was furious. She began to smoke. She began to drink. She was not taking care of Rad like she should have. She was hurtinghim. She dropped out of school and worked late nights at the local supermarket. Then On February 19th, 1988. Rad Harrison Clot Johnson was born. 3 months early,because Sara had been drinking and she feel down the steps at the local bar. She immediately went into labor. February 17th, 1988. 48 hours of labor and then finally a c-section,after discovering that Rad wasn't coming out because the umbilical cord was rapped around his neck. If they were 3 minutes later. Rad would have died inside. The womb. Rad cooked in the incubator for 4 months because he had suffered trauma and had to recover more. Collar bone. Broken. Lungs under developed. Heart,hole in it. Rad should have died. But he came through, and started his life. Rad got his name because Even though she hated him now. She had to do something to acknowledge his father. Rad because she saw a poster that said "SUPER - RAD!" and Harrison because she was watching Indiana Jones on the Hospital T.v. Colt because when the remote fell. It changed to a Colts game. Johnson. To remember his father.

    Rad looked up and away from his "Life movie",to notice that he had moved down several feet. Yards even. From where his "movie started to where he ended up he moved about 10 yards. "Odd" he thought. then resumed his "Flash back movie"

    Rad was 5 years old,when he first met his father. He was coming up to Texas because he got into those scams that make you go to really horrible places for a lot of money. He passed the apartment that they were living at and Rad and Sara were playing outside. Well mostly Rad was playing because Sara was high out of her mind. It was a wonder why Child services hadn't been called.

    His father was driving by in a little piece of s**t car,when he saw Sara. She was scraggly in her drug and alcohol abuse but he recognized her and stopped the car in front of her. Got out and started a conversation with her. He pointed to Rad. She pointed to Rad. She said something about "Not caring enough to be there..." He looked at Rad. He had tears in his eyes. He bent down to Rad and gave him his vacation money. Twelve Thousand dollars. Cash. Rad took the green paper. Sara yelled and hit rick on the shoulder,said something "...GET THE ******** OUT OF HERE NOW!!" Rad started to cry. He was picked up. Rad went to his room. Found a turned up corner of the carpet near the wall. Placed to money under the carpet. Then proceeded to forget about it. The next week Sara died. She had a Suicidal Over dose. Rad was taken out. Put in foster care. Then was there till he was 14 years old.
    During that time. A young family with a new born child moved in to the old apartment. They were remodeling the place. They then found the 12 thousand,and then became a better family because of it. Though young Rad did not like his new Mothers.

    Rad looked out from his "Flashback" and then he saw where he was. He was 20 ft away from the car. He new it wasn't going to be much longer. Then he realized he had to go to the bathroom. Now he knew why when you died. Your bowels let go. This thought,did not,given the circumstances, disturb him in any manor.

    Rad had been in foster care for the remainder of his youth. He went from home to home. The foster parents saying "Oh we love Rad,we just cant handle him. He's too different. Too strange. Too weird for us."Then they usually went and adopted,or tried once more and conceived a child. Rad finally ended up at the home of His fathers mothers house when he turned 16. He was made to stay in his fathers room. Shared his fathers,well he was going to wear his old clothes but Rad being only 5"4' weighing only 120 lbs. Did not fit into his fathers clothes.
    So the old woman didn't like to buy him new clothes but he did and he got the clothes that she wanted him to wear not the ones he wanted. Which to her "style" Rad always looked as if he was from the 70's.

    Rad wasn't a bad looking kid, really he wasn't. He had long skinny arms. Long legs, not in height ways of course,He had round head,with ears that only stood out a little. His eyes were a deep blue, his hair was brown as dirt. His face wasn't bad if you could look at rad he was about average on the "Hot meter". He could have gotten a girl if he wanted one. Its just that odd behavior of his. Rad acted out. A lot. He was always trying to make people laugh,usually did,But to his own expense. Something would happen when he was trying to be funny something odd,something would always ruin his jokes or his smart a** comments. So Rad eventually stopped being funny when he found a book,That was only filled with Facts. Facts about everything and anything. he could have thought of. When someone asked a puzzling question that Rad had known he had saw In that book. He would look it up and tell that person what it was. Thus this person would call Rad names point laugh and say "What a freak!"

    Rad tended to disregard these comments but when it came to Females. The comments hit hard. Rad could not deal with women after all the women he grew to hate because of his druggie mother. He liked women sure. He wasn't gay or anything. He just never found the right girl. Ever.

    Rad looked away from his little theater in his mind and saw that he was 10 feet from the cars roof. He knew his life was coming to an end fast. So he took out his Fact book and got out a pen and flipped to the last page and then added what he was about to write but then He looked back up to the "screen" and was lost.

    Rad was sitting at a bench the night before prom and then this sweet girl blond hair,beautiful deep sea blue eyes,a large bust, and had clothes on that went with her curves,she also was about his age which was 17. She sat next to him and said with a smile"Hi I'm Janice , Your Rad and I want to get to know you."
    Rad never having an ounce of kindness thrust upon him,he could only say "Hi" She laughed and then said "Your funny,though I saw that all you do now is read this little book. You used to try and make friends but they all ignored you. Well except for me. I thought your jokes were hilarious and hysterical. I've always wanted to talk with you. I never got the nerve because everyone says your gay. So I decided to come over and get that 'Fact straight."

    With out hesitation, she grabbed Rads book away Flipped to the last page,whipped out a purple gel pen and wrote,"FACT 3999:Rad H.C Johnson is not (a) Queer,Gay,Faggish,Fagot, Or any other word describing him as to be attracted to the Same sex." She blew the ink dry and then handed back over the book to Rad.

    Rad meanwhile was absolutely positively, thought that this girl was the one that he would Love for the first time. He looked at her and said "I've only just met you,but I really like you"

    She looked up from sliding the book over to him and then grabbed his neck and then kissed him, his first kiss. Then said "I have loved you ever since I saw you,So would you please be my boyfriend and go to prom with me tomorrow night?"

    Rad astonished cried "Yes! I'll go with you Janice. I'll pick you up at your address and yes I'll be your boyfriend, and try to love you as much as you love me"he leaned over and kissed her and then with a sigh, he pulled away to only see her glowing red face.
    Janice giggled a little bit, wrote down her address and phone number on his hand. She looked at him one last time and then wiped off the lipstick that was on him. She laughed at his dumbfounded face and then ran to her car and got in then sped away.

    The next night Rad picked up Janice. He was in a rented tux ,she was in an elegant blue satin dress. She got into his very horrid car and they sped off to the school.


    Rad and Janice pulled up to the school. Stopped. Embraced one more time. Then got out. He went to her door opened it and then led her to the prom. They paid for the tickets and people were amazed that Rad had a date. Let alone Janice. One of the most popular girls in school. She was holding onto the arm of Rad. When something horrible happened.


    Janice's Ex, appeared out of no where with 4 other guys. He said some cruel things to Janice and Rad, Rad could smell the alcohol on his breath. Rad muttered something to Janice. The Ex, hit Rad in the gut hard, causing Rad to double over with pain. Janice screamed. She was pushed away. Rad was lifted up and then carried up the stairs. So was Janice.


    Rad was thrown against the locker. Hard. Janice was made to watch. Rads nose was Severely broken. He bleed every where. Janice was crying. The Ex said some things to Rad then broke Rads left arm. Rad screamed in pain. Janice begged for it to stop.

    4ft,: Rad could see that the the back seat where we was about to land had prop swords. Real Swords but dulled down. Must be the drama clubs teacher. Great.

    Rad had is leg smashed over the Ex's friends back. Breaking his Femur in 4 spots. Janice was crying and Pleading with them.

    3 ft.

    Rad had his face slammed into another locker,apparently it was Janice's.


    Rad was set down. Kicked in the balls, And then Janice was set down and then they Picked Rad up and then..


    They threw him out of the window,Janice screamed and then ran to the window.


    Rad took back out his book. and wrote his final fact that he Learned, Looked up to see Janice Screaming his name and then Rad Harrison Colt Johnson. Hit.


    Janice's Ex and buddies were sent to prison for the Murder Of Rad Harrison Colt Johnson.

    Janice testified against them and they were sent away for a long time.

    Rad. Went entirely through the roof of the Drama teachers car. Was punctured several times. He didn't die on impact, but then died shortly after due to blood loss. the swords missed every single organ except his heart. Janice recalled him looking up at her and blowing her a kiss. Rad's book the one that was filled with facts was then found out side of the car with the last page open and the last fact said;

    FACT 4000 : When a child has grown up in a life that was pitiful and horrible. One day finds the man or woman he or she loves. Loves them for 24 hours. Then Dies the next day. Would be the happiest moment in that persons life because they never truly knew happiness until they met that person. Then know that they were loved in return when they died.

    A memorial Service was held for Rad. Only 2 people showed up. Janice. And the Priest.

    Janice became and old woman. Never married. Never forgetting

    Rad Harrison Colt Johnson.