Darkness. Confusion. Fear sitting on the air like a fog. And then? Simply, put, there was chaos, and that chaos was large with nine individually moving tails, almost like thick, furry snakes.

    The baby lay drenched in blood. Not his blood, by any means, but his mother's blood. Even in his newborn state, he knew what was happening.

    I've been pushed out. That woman there...my mother? And noise. A loud noise. Like screams. The screams of the damned.

    Kushina Uzumaki was crying over her new born son. "Why? Why must we condemn his future? There are many other babies in this village!"

    A tall blonde man smiled sadly. "I know, sweetie--"

    "Don't ******** sweetie me, you b*****d!" She was hysterical by now.

    "Kushina, I have to go. As the son of the fourth hokage it is Naruto's duty to uphold the well being of Konohagakure. As it is mine to stop this beast."

    "Kill the damn fox! I don't give a flying ******** about this village!"

    By this time Naruto left the conersation. The man who called himself the fourth hokage left, summonoing forth a giant toad. There was a blinding flash and a blast of power coursing throught his body. A seal was on his body. The hell? He touched it and a roar blasted into his mind, like a nail being driven through it. He began to cry. Ugh, I hate this. As long as I live I will never do this again...

    The woman had apparantly fallen asleep, but really she had died. Naruto slept as village council members were picked off one by one by a certain ANBU Uchiha member.

    Itachi approached the sleeping baby. His eyes were filled with confidence and content.

    Five years later...


    "Arm raised a little higher, young apprentice."


    "Good, now flying eagle kick."


    Naruto had fallen over when he attempted to perform the kick. "********!" He slammed the ground. That had been his first word, back from his very first day on this Earth. He had only recent learned what it had meant.

    "Whatch your language, young one."

    "Uhm, yes master Itachi, one thousand begs for your forgiveness."


    Naruto rose to his feet and bowed to Itachi. "Now, we shall spar."

    "Y-yes master..."

    They assumed their fighting positions. Naruto flew widly at Itachi, swinging a very unninja-like right hook, which was easily blocked with his left palm. Itachi sent his index and middle fingers into Naruto's belly, right on the seal, pumping chakra. The attack actually scorhed Naruto's black t shirt and left a burn on the seal, which healed instantly. The Kyuubi-no-Yokou made himself known, releasing a guttaral growl from the blonde five-year old's own throat, as it was steadily force-feeding power. Naruto's eyes glared red and he rushed at Itachi, with the speed of a chuunin. He performed a perfect flying eagle kick, but not perfect enough to beat Itachi, who wasn't even using his sharingan. He slapped the foot away and jumped, performing a mid-air round house kick.

    Naruto flew back into a tree trunk. That was when it happened. Naruto held up his palm, and it filled with red chakra. He looked up and roared at Itachi as it turned to flames, with lightning comming off of them. He threw the ball of lightning and flames at Itachi, who easily avoided it. Naruto then passed out.

    "What kind of jutsu-- Wait, wait a second that must have been his chakra's natural element! The lightning may be his, but the flames definetly belong to the fox."

    He lifted Naruto and put him on his back. "When he wakes up it's 300 push-ups. I think a decrease from the original 1,000 should be a sufficient reward." (o.O yeah, we know...)

    Two hours, fifty-seven minutes, thirty-eight sconds later...

    Naruto stirred awake next to a roaring fire. "The hell?"

    "Watch your tongue, Naruto. You are forgiven upon completion of--"

    One thousand, I know!

    "Three hundred push-ups, and succesfully concentrate your chakra to the fifth level of concentration. That is all."

    Fifth level!, he felt like yelling. He bowed and completed the push-ups easily and efficiently. Then the chakra concentration was all that was left. He hated it, because when ever he got past level three, it burned. Like hell. He got into the fourth level when he felt his conciousness slipping away into the gullet of some great beast. He doubled, then tripled his concentration and effort, but it didn't work.

    So he tried a new approach. Instead of concentrating from his head, he tried the stomach. A burst of flames coursed throught his entire body, as he felt a new wave of strength. He easily passed the fifth, then moved onto the sixth. By the eighth he had begun to slow his ascent into power.

    He let his chakra die back into his body and looked at Itachi. The missing-nin was blown away by the sheer strength of this young boy's chakra.

    He hugged Naruto, which was one of the highest forms of reward he would give. "You did excellently, Naruto-kun."

    "One thousand thanks, Itachi-oniisan."

    He had always been taught be Itachi to never show emotion, but tears sprang to his eyes. He bit back the sobs of joy and sat down when Itachi released him to warm up by the fire, as if he needed any additionla warmth. The fire in his belly was sufficient.

    -13 years later-

    The fox with a raven on it's head was no great calamity, just an omen. "Henge: Release!" Called the fox, who turned into a tall young adult, with spiky blonde hair similar to that of Uchiha Itachi but a little more spiked in the back. The raven seemed to nod and flew away. Naruto looked around at the small crowd of gawking spectators he had created. He formed the sheep hand seal with one hand and disappeared in a puff of smoke. He reappeared in front of the Uchiha compound, where he was met by two jounin.

    "Halt! Only the remaining Uchiha are permitted!"

    Naruto remained silent, simply handing one of the ninja guards a signed notice.

    "By order and permission of Uchiha Itachi, Naruto Uzumaki is permitted to live in the area owned by the Uchiha clan." The guard read aloud. "Well, I don't care what this says, it only means you have a connection with the one wanted for destroying the Uchiha clan, and leaving Sasuke alive on his own! I should arrest you!"

    Naruto's eyes burned bright golden-red and the guard's outraged face melted like butter before him. "Erm, I assume it's fine, however. Y'know since we can't prove that you were in on the Uchiha massacre. Happened probably near your burth, you look relatively young, possibly my age, so it seems very...unprobable," He emphasized the word, not dropping his distrust. "But I will, however, inform Lord Hokage of your knowledge of the Uchiha fugitive." The guard nodded and proceeded to leave. The other guard just stared.

    "You have some quarry with me?"

    Naruto's voice was deep and fluid, caressing each word like velvet.

    "No. Excuse my friend, he's kind of a hot head. I'm Nara Shikamaru. My partner is Akimichi Chouji. Please enjoy you're stay in Konohagakure. Based on your note you name is Uzumaki Naruto, then? I've heard of you, tho one who supposedly has the Kyuubi sealed away in his body?"

    "That's correct."

    Naruto afforded one small smile before walking into the compound.


    Naruto's heart quickened. This wasn't part of the plan!

    He whirled around expecting to see his onii-san standing there. It was a somewhat shorter man, though slighty taller than Naruto, with the same piercing sharingan and the same raven hair, maybe somewhat spikier. He wore a blue long sleeve shirt underneath the basic anbu uniform.

    "Hello." Naruto sensed waves of hate and distrust. His hand went to the hilt of his short katana silently imperceptibly.

    "I am Uchiha Sasuke. I take it you know Itachi? Do you know his current whereabouts perhaps?"

    Naruto shook his head slowly. Sasuke's skin was very pale, and he had a fire shaped scar on one side of his face. He caught a glimpse of a three pronged fire ball tetragram tattoo on the nape of his neck. The tatoo was very dark, while the scar was not. It seemed to be the remains of another tattoo that had faded away.

    Sasuke's glare intensified. "Really? I wonder why he gave you permission to our compound?"

    "I find that to be none of your business. If you have some quarrel with me due to my knowledge of an obvious relative of yours, please speak up. I won't be insulted by your unking gazes and silent accusations."

    That did it. Sasuke flew at Naruto, sword out, sharingan on, and a strange tattoo that was the exact same shape as the scar that had ben there before. Naruto was taught how to combat the sharingan and his eyes went from their usual blue-gold to gold-red. His whiskers thickened, nails grew to the point of claws, and canines evolved into fangs, all in less time than it takes his heart to beat.

    He dashed to the side of the attacking Uchiha and called upon his own sword, an all black katana with red characters for Hate, Power, and Deception carved into the base of the blade. The katanas clanged together several times releasing sparks that flew and danced inth midday sky. Sasuke backflipped and performed three hand seals Naruto was unfamiliar with. The sky darkened and a bolt of lightning striked his hand, staying in his palm, as if held there. "Rai Kamikiri-no Jutsu! Lightning God's blade technique!" He rushed at Naruto, dragging the bolt on the ground, leaving a scar in the concrete. Naruto held up his hand and called upon his two types of chakra. A snake made of golden fire and another made of golden lightning traveled up his arm, joining and becoming a ball in his hand. "Kaze-no Shini! Wind of death!"

    The two jutsu were about to collide when there was an explosion, throwing them both back. A brown haired girl stood 26 meters away, holding explosive kunai.

    "Who are you and what do you want with my fiancee?" Her brown eyes burned like poisonous fire.

    "I am Uzumaki Naruto, and your future husband attacked me for my knowledge of Itachi or lack thereof."

    Her eyes widened at the name.

    "I have permission form the aforementioned Uchiha to be here."

    Tenten and Sasuke shared the same glare.

    "I will show you a place you can stay." Sasuke led Naruto to an empty home in nice condition. You can sleep here. For food--"

    "I noticed a ramen shop on my way into this village. I'll eat there if I haven't already hunted."

    Naruto's eyes went back to their beautiful golden-blue and he half smiled, half scowled at Sasuke before, walking into the home. "Many thanks."

    Sasuke's eyes never left the spot Naruto was standing, even after the paper sliding door slide closed. He sheathed his sword. He stored away every detail of Naruto from his blonde hair to his formal way of speaking to the fact that he never sheathed his sword untill the door had slid closed and, based on his foot steps and scent, which was animalistic, yet somehow sophisticated, he had made sure Sasuke's had been sheathed first.