• he walks a lonely trail. nothing keeps him going. only the thought of his home being returned to the way it was. it had been thrree years since the great war. but he still protects it from lowly intruders who wish to steal its famous artifacts. he is alone, solemn and depressed. he has no one with him. he will soon have to find a succesor to carry out his work. for when he dies, his succesor will have the authority to protect the land and all the souls who still dwell there. intruders would come once a month atleast. he would see there fighting skills and chose whom he would pass on the sword of time. the only way he would ver still protect it was when he was a soul wandering around.

    five years pass, the succesor had been chosen and the gaurdian died. but, in the wind. if you listened hard enough, you could hear him whisper across the land. he protects the forest, then main lands. even some of the houses that were broken down. and in a long while, the next gaurdian will be chosen and the second one will join the first. the only thing left now are crumpled building and the temple wich still stands today. never moving nor stirring. only the voice of the lonly gaurdian.