• twisted Once, not so long ago lived a married couple in a mansion. The man's wife seemed to be very young about 20 years or so. The man was more then double the age of his young beautiful wife. His wife's name was Susan and his name was Joe. Most young women wont date a man who is more the double there age but the young girl had a plan that she calls, The Deadly Recipe. If Joe was to die, all of his money and belongings will go to Susan. twisted

    twisted Susan sheared her deadly plan with her soon-to-be new husband named Matt. They planned it for days from 12 am to 7 pm, until they got it right. That very same day, at 8 o' clock Susan had the maids come in to whip up a quick pot of tomato soup. Susan asked the maids also to take out the trash so that the only one left in the house would be Susan and Joe. twisted

    twisted Susan poured 2 bowls of soup but before she made her way to the table with a bowl of soup in both hands, she poisoned the soup in the bowl in her right hand. She placed to soup on the table and called down her husband but she made sure that her husband would take The Deadly Recipe. twisted

    twisted She went back to the counter and back to the table with a bottle of wine in one hand and 2 cups in the other. As they both ate Susan said " Tomatoes, water, and a little secret ingredient for a touch of favor" She continued "I made this out of love, my deadly recipe." twisted

    twisted Suddenly Joe began to choke screaming! He said " Susan whats happening!? Call for help" But it was to late there was no way to save him Susan whispered " It's to late." Susan wasn't at all shocked or scared. Seconds later Joe fell face first on the hard kitchen floor. twisted

    twisted Susan reached for the phone and called Matt who was waiting in his car in the front of the house. Matt opened the door and walked into the kitchen where he shared a kiss with Susan. They sat across from each other at the table without a voice being herd. Then Matt asked " is the wine okay?" and Susan replied "It was in the soup." they picked up the cups of wine and clanked them together and Susan said " When we walk out of this house we will be a million dollars richer!" twisted

    twisted About 30 minutes later Susan told Matt he should go home until another day. She reached for the phone and this time called the cops. The door swings open and the 2 maids walk in surprised! They have been watching threw the window and know exactly what happened but of course, when the ambulance and the cops came, they never said a word not even a peep. ~The Deadly recipe~ twisted