• Jacob couldn't focus on the t.v becuase all he could think about was ari. "OH MY GOD!" he screamed throwing the tv remote on the floor. At that time, Marissa walked in. "what the heck's wrong jacob!!?" she yelled, worried. Jacob sighed and stood up. "nothing Mariss. Nothing" he began rubing his temples. "okay, but, let me know if you need anything, mom and dad'll be back in 10 minutes." she answered walking back to the computer room. Jacob fell back onto the couch. He was going to have a hard time with this. He stared blankley at the ceiling. His mind crowded with problems. He was only 19, and Ari was 17. Ari hated Jacob with all her guts. She never talked to him, or even looked at him. He kept trying to get her attention and make her love him. She wouldn't coroperate, and because of her stuborness, she got hurt.

    Of course, this wasn't his usual personality. He was usually a care-free guy. Crowded with homework, and high-school, and sports. He had known Ari since elementary school, even then she didn't like him. He groaned and closed his eyes.

    This was going to take a while....

    Ari rolled over onto her back, looking around her room for something to calm her. Her eyes darted around the messy room. The computer. She sat up and walked to her computer.

    "hellooooo" she sung happily. The computer was her safe haven. SHe went on it when she was upset or just bored, but this time she was seriously upset. she clicked open her AIM, and logged in.

    A small screen popped up. It was a message from Brett McDonald. He has been Ari's best friend since kindergarden, so she had a tendency to talk to him about alot of things. "hey Ari, wuttup?" Ari read aloud. "brett must be B-O-R-E-D" she said laughing. She typed up a message:

    HAAAYYYY b-dawg wut up boy? lawl nutting much, just taking ma anger out at Jacob Millan

    Brett responded quickly.

    Jacob???? wut did HE do dis time ari?

    ari typed up another message again.

    NUTTIN MUCH----just HARASSED me again! he keeps tryin to kiss me, KISS me, i mean EWWWW mad

    She sighed and leaned back into her chair as Brett responded. Brett and Ari looved chatting on AIM, whenever Ari was on of course! They had all their classes together too. but they still talked 24/7 on it.

    i swear ari, ima punch JAcob next time he does that, just lemme kno plz? he harasses you too much! y don't you ever tell me to beat him up! im not no Allen! im not a wimp! i can take Millan! stressed

    Ari laughed at his response and replied.

    no Brett, it's okay XD ill take care of him my self! i mean, i M pretty strong----if i say so myself lol wink

    Brett's screen popped up again.

    FINE, but i swear ari, i will--- gtg my mom's cooking meatloaf again (HELP) lol c ya @ skool