• Chapter 1
    I was on my way back from cram school when I saw him again. He was so hot in the moonlight I could almost faint. I just kept looking at him even though he was turned around and talking to some guy. I sighed and closed my eyes.

    "Why is a pretty girl like you out here." I looked up and he was right in front of me. I fell back and just starred at him. "Here let me help you up."He said. "No thanks, sorry for making you worry." "Okay, bye bye sweetie." He said, waving bye and walking away.

    I turned around and ran home. I was screaming at myself. "Why do I always do that! Damn, I can never act nice to people and I love that guy! I need a serious attitude check." I sighed agian and relised I was home.

    "I'm ho-Ahhhhhhh. Why are you in my house!" I yelled at the guy that I love. "Oh, hunny your home. This is Kole-san. He'll be staying at our house from now on. His parents were in an accident and were very close friends to me. So treat him just like a brother."My mother said. "What ever just don't bother me." I said to him.

    I went to my room and yelled into my pillow. I started to cry cause I was so happy, but at the same time really sad. "You shouldn't cry you'll ruin your pretty face."Kole said coming into my room. He sat on my bed and kissed my hand.

    "Flawless skin that shines like the moon. Golden hair that shines like the sun and blue eyes the color of the sky. You really are a true beauty." He said pushing me down. He whispered in my ear and said "I love you." I was stunned for a moment and then pushed him off.

    "Aren't you quite straight foward.I'll let you in on something though, I'm part European and this European chick ain't nice. So, if you do it again your in for a beatdown. I went to my bed and fell asleep instantly. "You certinly haven't changed a bit Annie.That's why I love you." He said and left my room