• The shadow ran at me again, only this time I managed to duck out of the way. The shadow looked at me, his red eyes bloodthirsty and angry. " Rachel, you are next!" The shadow hissed. "For what? turning into a scary mutant freak?!" I gasped. The shadow cackled then vanished.
    I sighed. My name is Rachel Stranvisky I am 18 years old and I have brown hair and light blue eyes. I turned to see a figure running up to me. I grabbed my sword and charged at the figure and stabbed it in the stomach. "OWWWW GOD BLESS IT RACHEL WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" The figure screamed falling. I snapped out of whatever was possessing me and realized that I just stabbed my friend Jacob Gerets. "Oh my god Jacob I am so sorry!" I screamed dropping down to Jacob. " Its okay, Rachel, I will heal." Jacob said but then winced shortly after. " nonsense! Jacob now is not the time to play tough!" I scolded.
    I rolled his shirt up to see to giant gash that my sword had made. I put my hand on the gash and felt some of my strength leaving my body and flowing into his, thus making the gash heal faster. I felt Jacob's breathing increase but did not pull my hand away until he started screaming. " Jacob what's wrong?!" I screamed. Jacob said nothing but his Grey eyes were full of pain and his blond hair was plastered to his forehead due to sweat. "Jacob!! Answer me!!" I shouted. " Rachel, you have to run! Now!" Jacob screamed. " NO I will not leave you!" I shouted back . Jacob glared at me. " NOW!!! I AM SERIOUS!" Jacob screamed. I jumped up and came face to face with a shadow. " Rachel! Now that your boyfriend is dying, you can die as well!" The shadow cackled. I sighed. " Okay cut the crap! Enough is enough! LEAVE ME ALONE!" The shadow laughed then shoved me down away from Jacob. I fell down hard and a jagged rock cut into my back. I cried out in pain. "RACHEL!" I heard Jacob scream.
    I tried to get up but the pain shot through my back. Crying out I tried getting up and managed to at least get off the rock. I heard Jacob cry out. I rolled over to see a vampire leaning over Jacob's neck. " JACOB!" I screamed. I jumped up and felt the gash heal. I morphed into my black wolf form and snarled at the vampire. Running over to the vampire I stood there then sank my teeth into his arm. Just as I thought he would the vampire stopped and looked at me. " fine you die first." He said. I let go of his arm and surprisingly left a pretty big mark from my teeth.
    The vampire hissed and in one swift motion was in front of me. "You think you are so tough, but I am WAY more stronger then you." I backed up from fear. The shadow laughed. I sighed. I heard a low snarl escape from jacob's mouth as he started to morph to human form. "Jacob." The thought of his name bounced around in my head. Before I could think the vampire grabbed me and threw me to the ground. I howled and whined. "RACHEL!" Jacob's cry was the only thing i could hear at the moment. The vampire's lips were moving but no sound was coming out. Everything was a blur. "GET UP RACHEL GET UP NOW!" Jacob was screaming at me now.
    I struggled to stand. the vampire went to hit me again but I lost control. "RACHEL! NO! SNAP OUT OF IT! STAY IN CONTROL!" Jacobs screams were meaningless to me now. The dark shadow energy formed in my palms. I knew my light grey eyes turned to black just like the shade of my black hair. The energy shot out of m hands alot faster then i could control. The vampire fell to the ground. The shadow fell to the ground and melted. OHNO! CRAP! I realized i could not call the powers back. "RACHEL" Jacob was howling. I felt something hard slam into me knocking me to the ground. The power stopped.
    I looked up into Jacob's eyes. " you scared me for a while there." Jacob said. I stared into his eyes. " I am sorry."