• Like omigawd

    first Janice signed us up for Dr. Philly burger

    yeah it's that bad

    Janice says it'll help me

    (sigh) who nose maybe a cute boy is there

    Okay we're here

    " Now when you think your a dirt bag , it's because you are one" he says

    " I don't see the problem in admitting it, Just say it ! I'll even say it with ya."


    I slapped him

    Then he started swearing in japanese . .er whatever

    Janice grabbed me and ran, out the door

    Seriously does that place even have secruity?

    Then we saw my hippie teacher (Simon)

    " Hey have you tried the chicken in Burger prince ?" he says

    "no. . . "

    "Well don't, because chickens are endagered speices. I saw on a speical last night."


    " Chickens maaaan chickens ."

    Lesson :

    Rember when someone is annyoning you it takes 42 muscles to frown
    but only 4 to extend your arm and smack him upside down

    e.n i got this quote in gaia fourm