• I’ve always heard that your life can change in a moment but I never really believed it. After all I was always just a normal friendly girl in Grant, Michigan. There was never anything amazing about me either. I was pretty but not eccentrically with a thin figure, bright green eyes, tan skin, straight light brown hair, and a sweet smile. But my friends had always been shunned for their beauty, which neither could control. I had met Collin in Kindergarten and his sister Alex shortly after. She introduced me to her twin friends Madeline and Miranda who immediately liked me. I had always been happy with my life. I had never had a boyfriend. Not that I wanted one. Though all my friends in tenth grade had been a couple at least once. My grade school years had been simple. No drama in particular. But hitting middle school was a shock. Collin had played a big role by keeping the stress to a minimum. I always thanked him greatly for that. I never traveled anywhere nor do I intend to. One town is quite enough for me thank you. My parents worked normal jobs too. My mom did hers as a secretary from eleven to six every weekday and my dad worked as a computer technician from six in the morning till five in the evening. I’m not a girly girl or a tomboy I’m normal. But as I said your whole life can change in a moment.

    “You’re going to be late Brooke, dear!” “Yeah I know Mom!” I called from my upstairs bedroom. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and grabbed my backpack. It was the day of many, the official marking of the end of summer vacation… the first day of school. A slight tingle of worry ran through me for a brief moment of weakness as I skipped down the stairs but then I remembered who would be waiting for me in the school parking lot. My best friends Collin, his sister Alex, and her friends Madeline and Miranda would no doubt be there. I daydreamed about what today would be like and before I knew it I was at school. As I had expected they were waiting for me. Collin was easily the most handsome boy in school though I had never really taken much interest in that fact. His light blues eyes perfectly accented by his messy blonde hair and pearly white skin. He was a medium build but won almost every sports competition at school. I’d always known he was some how different but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. He merely smiled while I stared at him blankly. “Hello-o!” Miranda and Madeline were suddenly in front of me. I must have been staring off into space again. “I think someone didn’t get enough sleep last night huh?” “Uh, yeah.” Miranda and Madeline were quite tanned girls with dark brown eyes and jet-black hair except Madeline’s was extremely curly. One always seemed to know what the other was about to say before they said it so you would get quite used to hearing things spoken in unison. Alex walked up behind them. “Oh, please stop harassing her for just one sec so I can ask about summer.” Alex was beautiful beyond words. She was the kind of girl who could makes all the guys grovel at her feet if she asked them in the right way. Well maybe not all the guys but ninety-nine percent of them at least. Her golden hair flowed to her waist curling at the bottom. Alex would never admit it but she had to use base every day to keep herself from looking like a ghost literally. But she didn’t show-off her beauty like most girls would have instead she simply ignored it by mostly wearing jeans or over-alls. I honestly didn’t hear any of what the three overly excited girls were screaming about but I guessed it was something about boys or they wouldn’t be gushing quite so crazily. I just kept nodding absent-mindedly hoping they would give me time to think. Collin stared at me oddly. His eyes didn’t quite meet mine as if he couldn’t bear it. Then he dropped his head and shuffled away. “Are you even listening Brooke?” “Yes,” I lied. She glared at me. “No.” Knowing that she’d go into a whole discussion about how I never pay any attention I quickly changed the subject. “Why didn’t Collin come over here? It’s not like him to miss out on nagging on you.” “I don’t think he’s feeling well.” She tried to sound sincere but I knew she was lying through her teeth. “Coward!” She hissed under her breath. “What?” I pretended not to hear. “It’s nothing Brooke … nothing.” Madeline and Miranda seemed as bewildered as I did. “I should get to class.” With that Alex spun around and took off in the same direction as Collin, muttering to herself angrily. “Weirdest morning ever.” The three of us gasped at the same time.

    First period was a bore. We talked mostly about what the year was going to be like. I did not like the teacher. She droned on and on with such a monotone and deadbeat voice that I almost fell asleep. Though the nice thing was this gave me time to daydream. Daydreaming was my favorite activity aside from reading. My imagination unlike some of my friends (M&M, who were giggling passing notes,) was very active and vivid. It affected my stories and journals making them much more interesting than the normal persons. Just when I had gotten to the fight scene where the beautiful Janette would sacrifice herself to save her beloved James, the bell rang. “Aw!” I moaned and rose from my seat with my backpack in hand.