• Five shadows sat in a large room, on the T.V in front of them was the famous movie 'Sweeney Todd'

    One of the shadows had spiky hair, their feet was propped on the low coffee table.. Obviously enjoying the blood bath on the screen, her amber eyes gleamed in excitement as she watched Johnny Depp slice open a persons neck, though it was fake she was still excited.. Her name was Salean

    A slightly taller figure sat next to her, her eyes gleaming with excitement too for she loved everything blood and blood orientated.. This was Shilo.

    A smaller figure sat on the couch next to the love seat, her eyes wide and fearful as she shivered,she hated blood.. Horror movies too.. Her red curly hair served as a shield she used to not see the blood bath.. This was Ai.

    The person next to Ai was the famous obnoxious black haired girl, that was laughing her head off, she laughed at scary movies, no she laughed all the time.. She was Emi..

    “Salean, please I beg of you TURN IT OFF!” A desperate Ai yelled, she hated movies like this..

    “Hell NO!! I love 'Sweeney Todd' almost as much as 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.'”

    “Please I Beg you I hate movies like these, they're scary..” Ai said, she covered her eyes again at another bloody moment..

    “Oh come on, its just a bloody movie, or as the British would say, 'Its just a bloody bloody movie!' “ Salean said in a British voice, then laughed, Shilo joined in..

    “That wasn't very funny.. “ A voice announced, and their stood a red headed woman, her hair was spiked in the back, like her sibling's, her hands were on her hips she was in her work scrubs for she worked at a vet hospital.. “But alas I love this movie, is that popcorn?”

    Salean's older sibling plopped down next to her sibling, snatching the popcorn bowl from the brunette, whom glared in response..

    “Then you have no idea of what humor is.” Salean retorted, snatching the bowl back and holding it close to herself for protection..

    “Dammit give that back, I want some popcorn!!” Krissy yelled, tackling her younger sibling to the ground, thankfully Salean was quick enough and she placed the bowl on the table..

    The girls yelled and wrestled at each other, biting ( In Salean's case) and kicking.. The other girls just sat down and watched the rest of the movie, ignoring the ignorant and childish siblings..

    Finally the girls ceased after Salean bit her sisters arm making it bleed..

    “Damn you.. You and you're weird and sharp teeth..” Krissy ranted, glaring at her sibling..

    “Ha, you just have soft skin, not to mention short tempered..” Salean retorted, returning the glare..

    “Can you guys just for once not fight..” Ai interrupted, she was upset, not over the fact that they were ruining the movie, just that they were fighting.

    “Keep out of this Ai!” Salean yelled, there was noise downstairs and Leo, Salean's Pomeranian, started yapping his head off, Salean growled already irritated enough..

    “Damn dog, I'm gonna kick him all the way to Alaska..” Salean gritted, she began to stalk out of the room to the stairs..

    “Shut the hell up ,un!!” A voice yelled, and Leo's barking ended with a yelp. Everyones heart froze.

    “What the hell was that.” Salean whispered, looking at her friends, they were to scared to reply..

    “Leader, Tobi thinks he heard some voices upstairs.” A childish voice said.

    “I heard them too, Deidara go check..” Another voice said, probably this 'Leader' person..

    They heard Deidara grumble and a few seconds footsteps were heard on the stairs, Salean and the others panicked. Salean dove behind the T.V while Ai hid behind the couch, Shilo just sat there looking towards the doorway, while Krissy sat there shocked, but before the last step was covered she was behind the couch with Ai. Emi sat panicked, She ran behind the T.V with Salean

    A blond man with his hair in a pony tail on top of his head walked in to the room. He wore a cloak with a red cloud on it. He looked at Shilo his eye brow raised. Shilo waved slightly, and there was a groan of anger from behind the T.V.

    “Damnit Shilo!! What the hell is your problem, you're suppose to hide!!” Not sit there like a moron!” Salean grumbled, pointing her finger at Shilo.

    “They don't sound like a threat Salean.” Shilo said, glancing at Deidara, who looked at them questioningly..

    Ai emerged hesitantly from behind the couch, tell Krissy pushed her out from behind it, grumbling something. Emi soon came out from where Salean came from, her black and green hair, swaying slightly..

    Deidara coughed, “I'm supposed to take you to see Leader-sama, yeah.”

    “Who are you by chance?” Salean asked,

    “Deidara, un.”

    “Nice to meet you Deidara un.” Salean said, smiling.

    “Its just Deidara, yeah.” Deidara said, glaring at her..

    “Then whats up with 'uns' and 'yeahs'?”

    “I say that all the time, its a habit, un.” Deidara said, tapping his foot impatiently..

    “'Kay.” Salean said, and walked up to him, and placed a hand under her chin. “ You look a lot like a girl you know.”

    Deidara's eye brow twitched in anger, “I'm a guy, yeah!”

    “I know that!!I can tell by your voice.” Salean yelled and began to head for the stairs, the others eyes grew wide but they followed after her.

    Salean grumbled something and began to panic..

    'Wait, where have I heard Deidara before.. HOLY s**t He's from the Akatsuki from 'Naruto'.. s**t! We're dealing with S-classed Criminals here, how are we going to live through this.. Damnit were screwed.'

    The other girls looked at their panicked friend, they all were stepping down the stairs..

    Shilo's eyes widened, she too finally realized the situation, though not a single emotion cross her face, keeping her emotionless facade the whole trip down the stairs..

    What normally was about a 30-second walk down the stairs felt like an hour to the girls, well the few ones that knew the danger..

    Emi was oblivious as always, she wondered exactly who this guy was, supposedly named Deidara, though the blond was kinda cute, she would probably never say so..

    Ai shivered, she was scared for what was going to happen..

    Krissy seemed annoyed, she had wanted to take a nice long bath to get all of the dog urine and blood off of her body..

    Finally they reached the bottom and Salean adverted her eyes from their captor and looked into the living room, taking a sharp intake of breath her eyes widened, yet again.

    'They're all here.. We're defiantly screwed now.. ' She glanced at every personal naming them off in her head.. 'Hidan, Kakuzu, Itachi, Kisame, Sasori, Tobi, Zetsu, Pein, and Konan.. Also not to forget the annoyed blond, Deidara..'


    Pein looked at the group of girls, one had brown hair spiked in the back with red tips and panicked amber eyes, The girl next to her had shoulder-length black hair with light green stripes, and curious topaz eyes. A slightly older woman stood next to Deidara, her short red hair was styled the same as the brunette, her emerald eyes darted everywhere as if checking for something. The girl next to her was frightened, she had long curly red hair, her green eyes darted every where panicked, and Finally there was a tall blond, her hazel eyes clouded as she yawned, she was obviously bored with the situation.

    “Who are you..” Pein asked, glaring at the panicked brunette, who blinked and looked at him..

    “Salean.” She replied.

    “Emi” The black haired girl said.

    “Krissy.” The short haired red head said. “And That's Ai, right now she's to freaked out speak, most likely.”

    “Shilo.” The blond said, crossing her arms and yawning..

    “Where are we.” Pein said, glaring at the now calm brunette.

    “The US, Oklahoma to be exact..” Salean said, she just calmly looked back at Pein, her amber eyes glistening..

    “I say we just kill them and find out for ourselves..” Hidan interjected, several other Akatsuki members mumbled an agreement..

    “I'm surprised, you didn't curse at all in that sentence..” Kakuzu said, glaring at the white haired religious man..

    “Shut the hell up you b*****d..”

    “I spoke to soon..”

    “But we know nothing of this area we are in, I'm not against the idea of killing them, but I believe we should interrogate them and see what answers we can get.” Sasori replied.

    “Sasori's right.. We'll split into groups, but since there are one odd person, me and Konan will interrogate her and also search for something that will also tell us where we are..” Pein said, glancing briefly at Shilo. “Deidara, Sasori, take Salean. Zetsu, Tobi, take Ai. Hidan, Kakuzu, take Emi. Itachi Kisame, take Krissy. Just don't kill them... yet..”

    Mumbling something, Sasori walked over to Salean, who yawned in acknowledgment.

    Salean took the lead and walked into the kitchen, mumbling something about the carpet getting messed up..

    Salean took a seat at the island, her eyes were distant as if thinking..

    Deidara looked at her, she was a little paler than her friends, she also wore a necklace with a weird insignia on it. As an artist he was also very observant, sometimes..

    “Where are we.” Sasori asked, his gaze fixed itself onto her. She snapped her eyes open and looked at him..

    “The United states of America, Tulsa Oklahoma.” She spoke calmly, her amber eyes shifting between Deidara and Sasori.

    “I meant what country are we in.” Sasori replied, watching the brunette with intense eyes.

    “The United states, USA, US, America, you pick this country has many names..”

    “There is no such thing as the 'United States'. Now where are we, and don't give me this USA crap, what country are we in, like fire snow wind, those countries.” This girl was getting on his nerves.

    “Then explain to me where the hell you're from, cause there is no such thing as the 'Fire' country or 'Snow' country, unless you're talking about Antarctica!!” She was pissed, and her self control was dropping..

    “Listen here, I just want to know where the hell we are, and I want the truth. Where. Are. We..” Sasori growled, they were in an intense glaring contest, so far the girl was winning..

    “You're a broken record dammit, I already told you. Do I have to spell it out for you?” Deidara heard the girls knuckles crack under the pressure she had them.

    “No you don't, You just don't understand the fact that I'm asking you a simple question that someone with you're I.Q size should understand.” Sasori replied, smirking.

    “Excuse me! What the hell did you just say to me!” The girl yelled, she was extremely pissed.

    “I believe I called you someone with a lower intellect than this blond idiot here.” Sasori said, causing Deidara to glare at his Danna.

    “I know what you said to me! You should just accept the fact that wherever you come from doesn't exist!!” She slammed her hand on the granite counter, obviously Sasori's whole game was to make her mad so she would spill the truth, obviously it wasn't working..

    “Dammit woman, don't test my patience!” Sasori yelled, his brown eyes were furious.

    “Oh my god! Dammit listen to me, where ever the the hell you are from!!” Salean yelled, she was practically pulling her hair out of frustration.

    “Sasori No Danna, what if she's telling the truth, there is the possibility that the five tailed teleported us to another world, un.” Deidara said, he looked at his danna.

    “Hmm I thought you said he was the idiot..” Salean retorted.. “ And who's the 'five tailed'?”

    “That is none of you're concern.. You're most likely wrong Deidara.” Sasori replied.

    “But what if I'm right? What exactly did Houkou's Container yell, un?” Deidara questioned.

    “I don't remember, that is very unlike me..” Sasori replied, looking very uncertain..

    “And I hate being ignored..” Salean muttered under her breath.

    “Then say something, un.” Deidara inquired.

    “I can't say anything if its not my place to speak, I have no freaking clue what you guys are talking about..” That was actually true, this Houkou person sounded familiar, but from where? Houkou's container was never mentioned in the Anime or manga.. “Who is this Houkou person.. I have a right to know, if you're just gonna kill me later.”

    “Its a demon we're after, we wish to gain-” But Sasori's hand clamped over the blonds mouth.

    “Thats a secret you moron.. If you insist on the fact that our world doesn't exist, then tell us about this country..” Sasori said, his arms crossed, staring the young woman down..

    “Okay, finally you'll listen to me.. But theres not that much to say, we fought for our freedom from the British. We fought many wars to protect our rights, though I have to say, are current president is complete and utter moron..” Salean replied, yawning.

    “President? Is he the leader of you're country, un.” Deidara asked.

    “Something like that, except he has to have an agreement with a bunch of other people called the Congress, and we elect who will lead our country. But the President can be impeached, meaning he can be taken out of office if he does something wrong. And also the President can serve up to a maximum of eight years, only if he gets reelected after his fourth year.” Salean explained, motioning things with her hands.

    “Are you sure you obliged to actually share this information with us, un?” Deidara asked, Sasori growled something, the idiot was connecting better with her than he had.

    “They taught us this in elementary school, its not like its a secret.” Salean said, Deidara was at least more patient than Sasori, though she already knew about Deidara's 'explosive' temper..

    “See Sasori no danna, you can get information from people even without threatening them, I also doubt the fact that she could of made this all up right now, yeah.” Deidara inquired, Sasori just 'hned' in response.

    “He's a grouch, not to mention impatient, you're nicer.” Salean said, pointing at Sasori then Deidara. “For a criminal I guess.”

    Deidara shrugged, “He's new to the Akatsuki, sadly I was teamed up with him..” Sasori said, glaring at the younger blond.

    “Not to mention forced, un.” Deidara pointed out, glaring back at Sasori..

    “You either join freely or you are forced to join the Akatsuki? Damn, thats crazy. Well I'm not the one to be getting into you're guys business so yeah..” Salean said rubbing her temple. “Is this interrogation over? Cause you got enough information, but probably not enough to survive in this world, you need to learn the laws of this world, actually not many people would be willing to help you in this world, we could actually help you..” Salean said, this was her ticket, if they said no to this, then the girls would die before the night was over..

    “She does make a good point, we know absolutely nothing about this world, un.” Deidara said, secretly he wanted to learn more about this world..

    “We'll see, its up to Leader.. Though I have to agree with the moron, you make a decent point..” Sasori said, his arms crossed.

    Salean sighed.. It was going to be a long night..

    --With Ai--

    Ai panicked when she looked at who was interrogating her, a huge plant thing that talked to himself, and a guy who acted like a child and talked in third person.

    “Tobi's a good boy, does Ai-chan think so?” Tobi asked, practically bouncing, he unlike the others didn't wear a cloak with the red cloud on it..

    “I-I-I Guess..” Ai replied, they were in another room. “And It's just Ai.”

    “Okay Ai-chan!! Zetsu-san, what do we ask her??” Tobi asked, again bouncing up and down.

    Ai sweat dropped. This guy practically ignored her. But he actually reminded her of a certain blond friend of the group, Kei.

    “We ask her were we are, and if she doesn't tell us the truth we threaten her..” One half of Zetsu said.

    “She looks pretty tasty” The black half mumbled.. And Ai froze, her eyes wide. She tried her best not to picture herself being eaten but to no avail..

    Ai leaned a tiny bit over to Tobi, “Does he reallye-e-eat people?” She asked looking at Zetsu.

    “Zetsu-san is a little different, but we all are!” Tobi exclaimed, causing Ai to flinch..

    'Lets just hope there no other cannibals.'

    --With Emi--

    “WHAT IN HELL'S NAME ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!” Emi yelled, glaring at Hidan.

    “DAMNIT WOMAN, ITS A SIMPLE QUESTION! .WE.” Hidan yelled, he was very close to sacrificing her.

    “Would you just shut up Hidan, now would you explain to me exactly where we are.” Kakuzu said, glancing at Emi, the black and green haired girl glared at Hidan.

    'I hope they were just joking about killing us..'

    --With Krissy--

    Krissy leaned back in the lawn chair, she and Itachi were in a glaring contest. Kisame looked at her.

    “Itachi, I don't think Leader-sama would be happy if you used the Sharingan on her.. “ Kisame said, the girl was unresponsive to everything. They couldn't really threaten her because, well Leader had told them not to kill her..

    'Lets hope this works for me..This Itachi guys freaking me out.. '

    -With Shilo-

    Shilo yawned, she wondered how the others were doing, hopefully Emi wasn't about to get herself killed..

    “Ok tell us where we are, and none of this 'United States' stuff, I don't believe you..” Konan asked, her hands folder under her pierced chin.

    “You don't have to believe me, but we have proof. Are you sure you guys are criminals? You really don't look like it..” Shilo asked, shrugging. Konan glared at her.

    “Then tell were this 'proof' is..” Konan asked, she was getting angry..

    “Its a large textbook, its in one of our bookcases, since our school 'caught on fire' we had to keep the textbooks..” Shilo said, emphasizing the 'caught on fire' part with her fingers.

    Just then Pein came back into the room, holding a large book, its cover said 'Geography Grade 11'

    “I believe this is the book you spoke of?” Pein said, dropping the book onto the table..

    “Damnit, I told Salean to throw that thing into the school when we.. Never mind.” Shilo muttered darkly..

    “From what the book says, this 'United States' is real.. Konan go get the rest of the Akatsuki..” Pein said, Konan glared slightly at him, but did as he asked..


    Salean popped her neck, they all were in the living room now.. Ai looked panicked, Salean glared at her.

    'She better of not lied, then we are screwed..' Salean thought darkly..

    Shilo was completely calm, she actually looked somewhat happy.

    Krissy was glaring at Itachi still, as he was glaring at her.. Emi was in a sour mood, most likely from Hidan..

    “What they said is true.. From this book at least.. We also found several other maps in one of the other rooms.. Their purpose is over.. You can kill them..”

    The Akatsuki looked at them, Ai's eyes were wide, as her body went stiff.. Krissy immediately stopped glaring at began to panic, even Shilo was scared, Emi muttered something dark and creepy.. Salean sat there silent. The silence continued for a couple of seconds tell it was shattered..

    A familiar tune began to play.

    'Tear my heart open, I sew myself shut.'

    'My weakness is that I care to much.'

    'And my scars remind us that the past is real.'

    'I tear my heart open, just to feel.'

    The Akatsuki jerked, and glared at Salean. She quickly pulled a small black phone from her pocket, and smiled sheepishly. Flicking it open the song ended immediately..

    “Hello?” Salean asked, holding the phone up to her ear.

    There was a screech of a reply, causing Salean to pull the phone back, and glare at it..

    “Dammit Kei, don't scream into the phone..” Salean yelled, and there was another yell, “You retard, I'm in no mood for this..”

    “Don't say the R word!!” A voice yelled, it came from the black phone.

    “s**t.. I think you just blew my ear drum..” Salean muttered, massaging the inside of her ear..

    Ai began to move her index and middle fingers up and down, muttering something it sounded like emphasis.. Emi looked at her and smiled, she began to copy the redhead..

    Krissy looked at them and smacked her forehead with her palm, muttering something about being surrounded by idiots..

    Shilo looked at everyone and sighed, she then walked up to the bookcase, took a manga book down and started to read and was distracted by the intense story.

    The Akatsuki looked at the group of girls, these girls were completely and utterly crazy.

    “Damnit Kei, I can't talk right now okay!! So shut the hell up, I've got to deal with Emi and Ai. So I'll talk to you later..” Salean yelled, glaring at the black phone, then clicking it shut..

    Emi and Ai still were acting like idiots, in front of S-classed criminals matter of factly.. Krissy was resisting the urge to ask the group of weird people to kill her.. Shilo was leaned up against the wall, reading 'Chibi Vampire'” Salean groaned, so far her friends and sister had made her a complete laughing stalk in front of the Akatsuki, and they were mostly were going to die..

    Salean turned around and slammed her head against the wall, silencing the group of idiots. She began thumping her he head against the wall (I seriously do this when they act like idiots, or anyone for that matter, or if I'm trying to inspire myself.)The Akatsuki looked at her.

    “What the hell is she doing..” Hidan asked, looking at the brunette..

    “She does that when she's stressed, or when we act like morons, obviously both this time.” Krissy said, looking at her idiotic sister.. “Its her 'emo' corner..”

    “Salean is a tiny bit weird and has strange ideas, but she's the one that has the money, the money her parents gave her when when they won the lottery (Not True but I needed a back-up thing for the huge house)Sometimes I think Salean's more of an idiot than me..” Emi replied, shrugging. There was a dull thunk, Salean had came out of her weird stage and thumped the green-black haired woman on the back of the head.

    “Your the one who blew the ******** school up you moron.” Salean replied, glaring at the hyper goth.

    “You guys gave me the 'Monster' I can't control my self when I get high!!” Emi yelled, waving her heads in her defense.

    “You stole my wallet and used my credit card at the Kum & Go and bought that hellish energy drink, not to mention I had to use the money for some of the repairs!” Salean yelled, clenching her fists.

    “You said the school caught on fire, and that you had nothing to do about it..” Krissy replied, looking at her younger sibling. Salean froze.

    “s**t.. Get mad at Emi it wasn't me, and it technically did catch on fire, then it reached the gas tank, Emi knocked the copy machine over and it caught on fire by a spill of the 'Monster' drink.” Salean replied, turning around and facing the red head, who didn't believe a single word.. “Honest to god truth!”

    “I'll let this slide, but any more trouble and Roger and mom are coming home..”

    “Like they'll believe you, you're one who scammed mom out of lots of money!”

    “I borrowed it, like she needs it anyway!”

    “You believe that you b***h!”



    And they continued arguing, tell Krissy threw the first punch, then hell broke loose, Salean jumped at her sister tackling her to the ground, this was no cat fight, it was a fight to the death, these girls meant business. Salean latched on to her sisters arm, her teeth nearly breaking open the skin.

    “Ow s**t that hurts! Let go Damnit!!” Krissy yelled, Salean had pierced into the red heads arm, drawing blood. Krissy shook her arm, trying to get the brunette to let go, but to no avail.

    Finally Salean let got wiping the blood of her mouth, this is why she had the nickname 'Vampire' for her very sharp canine teeth, and her no hesitation to bite you. (I will bite you if you don't review)

    “Your blood tastes bitter, its revolting.” Salean replied, spatting a mixture of hers and Krissy's blood on the floor. “Most likely because you're a bitter old hag.”

    “Shut the hell up!” Krissy said, clutching her arm, trying to stop the bleeding..

    “Did she just..” Deidara asked, looking at the brunette with a disbelieving gaze.

    “Yep, Salean's weird like that, but I must ask, um are you still going to kill us?” Emi asked.