• I had been spying from the top of a building, very batmanesque I do realize this, but I was starving. I needed the sweet blood to grace my lips and mouth before my body started to cave in on itself. Brown hair swept my face, my keen black eyes focusing on a movement below. I saw a shadowy figure on the street. I could smell the heart beating, the rushed ‘thump thump thump’ making my mouth water. His breathing was labored, as if he was running. He was hurt, holding his shoulder as he ran. Looking farther down the street upon hearing a yell, I saw what pursued him. “HEY You little punk!!” I heard a man call.

    The first figure turned his head, looking over his uninjured shoulder. Peering at him for that brief moment of time, I focused on his angelic features, from the beautiful blond curls swept around his face, which was fine and handsome, except for a smudge, or a dark bruise that was tingeing his ivory skin. I made an annoyed sound, irked that someone would ruin such a beautiful masterpiece of God. Not a second after I had analyzed his face, he tripped, sprawling into an alley. Getting up, he hid quickly behind a protruding Air conditioning system and gripped his body. I silently leaped the three stories and gracefully landed on the ground next to him. He glanced up, his eyes meeting mine and I smirked at him as voices rounded the corner. “HEY WUSS WHERE’D’YA GO!?” Laughed a man twice my size, in width.

    He stopped laughing when he saw me. I could almost smell the ego coming off this one. He was drunk too. Some of his buddies tried to run past me to continue their search but found themselves flung backward. I hadn’t even really moved. “How the hell did you do that?” asked the drunk ego-tastic idiot in front of me.
    “Do what?” I asked my voice light as I examined my nails. “Well who the hell are you?” he asked strutting, yes, ladies and gentlemen, strutting towards me. “No one to mess with, I assure you.” I said with a smirk, feeling my canines showing. The man paused, “You’re a freak too, but you look like a good screw. I’ll deal with you when I get this wimp.” he guffawed, reaching forward to push me out of the way and to possibly cop a feel. He put his hand on my shoulder and shoved, but could not move me. Then I broke his neck. “Oopsie. Did I do that?” I laughed, a sweet melody bursting out. The others of the group ran for it. I grabbed the big man and bit down into his collarbone. “Ew, Gods he’s disgusting!” I spit to the ground then tossed his body into the air and letting it land with a foul crunch on the pavement. I turned to the angel who was staring at me with something mixed with awe and fear. Holding out my hand, I saw him cringe away. Rolling my eyes I looked at him, “Do you want to wait for the police?” I said roughly, half tempted to leave him, not even a damn thank you. He shook his head and took my hand.

    I pulled him to me and jumped to the roof. He grabbed my arms as we landed, not even registering that he had only left the ground for one moment. “What’s your name?” he asked softly, his voice sounding sweet. I looked at this angel in human form and smirked, “Ah, you speak. I thought you were a mute.” He glared at me and I grinned wider. He cringed at the sight of my canines. “My name is Lilly. What about you, pet?” he frowned at being called ‘Pet’. “Blake.” he said and rubbing his shoulder. “Thank you.” he said beginning to offer anyways he could repay me. I wasn’t listening I was next to him and ripping the collar of his shirt easily away from his injured shoulder. I saw a bruise and touched tenderly, nothing broken or fractured that I could tell. I turned his cheek to view the bruise and saw it was mostly dirt. Using his now useless shirt I wiped his cheek gingerly, discovering the worst of the bruise was just dirt. I sighed in relief. I would have killed (more) if this had been serious. Blake however, was not sure exactly what was going on. “What are you doing?” he asked incredulously, his voice raising in volume. My fingers pinched his lips. “I was having a soliloquy. You ruined it.” I smirked then asked, “Where do you live? I need to take you home.” He told me the address which was right next to the city morgue. “Love that neighborhood.” I remarked before pulling him against me again and hopping roof tops one by one and then landed on the pavement outside of the morgue. “Mind if we make a pit stop?” I grinned, without waiting for an answer, and pulled him around back, smacking the door with my palm four times.

    “Who’s there?” called a voice from the inside. “Lilly. I need some. No luck tonight.” the door opened and a man in a lab coat opened the door. “Damnit all, who is this?” he asked reacting to the half clothed stranger, Blake. “None of your concern, Vincent.” I said, the acid hitting my tongue. He glared at me and I glared back before he tossed me a coke bottle that sloshed heavily as I caught it. “Thanks.” I said pulling Blake with me as we left. I heard Vincent shout behind me. “You know I’m telling--”
    “Don’t care!” I shouted back, putting my arm around Blake’s waist as we exited onto the street. “What the flip is going on!?” he growled at me. I smirked at his face, a cross between pissed off and perplexed. “Calm down blondie.” I said running my fingers through his curls. I twisted the top of the bottle off and chugged it in three gulps before tossing it in a nearby trashcan. I walked to the door of his apartment building, waiting for him to open the door. He got it opened and looked at me when he noticed I wasn‘t following him inside. “Are you coming in and explaining everything?” he muttered. “Only if you invite me in.” I said crossing my arms over my chest. “Yeah. Come in.” he said and I stepped foot over the threshold of the complex, smirking at all kinds of possibilities of amusement to be had here. I mean, s**t, I could hear a man and his courtesan having 'relations' on the second floor. He lead me up the stairs to the third floor and opened a door at the end on the left.

    Again I paused at the door frame. “What are you doing?” he asked, putting his keys on a counter. I couldn’t really see. It hurt my eyes to look. “Waiting.” I said looking at the ceiling, twiddling my thumbs. “Come on..” he said before glaring. ‘Nothing will bite you, come in.” laughing I danced on my tiptoes in. “You don’t realize how funny that is to me. Now sit, because I’m going to tell you.” I directed him to the couch in the center of the room and danced to the fridge, pulling some ice cubes from the tray and placing them in a plastic bag from the drawer under the oven. “How do you know where I keep my bags?” he asked, completely flabbergasted. “You invited me in.” I said simply, sealing the bag and placing it on his shoulder. I slid down next to him pulling a blanket over him. “This doesn’t make sense.” he muttered trying to wrap his mind around what I just said. “Calm down, pet, you’ll understand soon enough…” he frowned at me. I smiled. “You see these?” I asked sweetly, pointing at my exposed canines. “This is normally the first sign to run away from a pretty girl who is too good to be true.” his face went blank for a moment before he asked, being a smartass, “How do you not chew your lip to shreds when you have sex?” for a moment I was frozen by his nerve, then impressed. “Very well done, pet. Didn’t know you had a dirty mind… Two shocks of the night, you talk and you know sex jokes. What‘s next? You‘re not a virgin?” He glared. Again. I smirked.

    “Keep talking.” he muttered, darkly, obviously licking his wounds, rhetorically of course. “You see that door there?” I asked still coating my voice with sweet sugary talking to a two year old sounds, gesturing to the door he let me enter. “By saying the words “Come in.” I can now enter your house when I please. Same goes for your apartment building as a whole.” I saw the wheels turning, someone heard scary stories when they were little. “I see.” was his only reply. Grinning I pointed to the window, “And when the sun comes up, and I’m not in a nice little dark room, but in just a sunnily lit, I’ll go crazy and possibly slaughter everyone, OR,” I paused my voice getting soft and sensual, “If I’m in direct sunlight, and the UV rays hit my beautiful stone pale skin, the reaction would be a flash of diamonds that are brilliant sparkling, and--” he groaned putting his face in his hands. “I’m kidding. I’ll go poof. And you‘ll be able to sweep me down the street.”