• There once was this boy named Julius
    who liked this girl named Kayla. One day Julius asked out Kayla and Kayla said yes. So Julius said that he will pick her up at 8.

    When he arrived, Kayla was brushing her hair. He rung the door bell. The dad,Mr. Alex, said come in child. So he did. Five minutes later Kayla comes down the stairs in a hot sexy fashion dress she made for this date. Julius asks are you ready to go and she agrees.

    They arrive at Camilla de shoppe. They waited for 10 minutes and then they had to wait for there food. While they wait, Julius asks about her life and what was her favorite subject. Then out of the blue, Kayla kisses Julius in the mouth. Julius doesn't pull her away he pulls her closer to him. Then when the food came they eat. 20 minutes later there done and Kayla asks Julius if they can go to the movie and he agrees.

    They are at the movies and all of a sudden Kayla sees her friend, Riley. When Riley sees her friend, Kayla she starts screaming her name until she says what. Riley asks if she and her date can watch the same movie as them. Kayla can't say no so she agrees.

    As they watch the previews, Julius starts touching Kayla's thigh and tries to work up, but then Riley comes and says hey want some popcorn. They both say no. Then finally the movie starts and then Julius tries to go for her thigh again and higher and try to reach her lips, but then Riley's date asks if anyone wants more popcorn and Riley says I want some more and so does Julius and Kayla. Then Kayla thinks outside the box and says yea and he is gonna need help carrying them too. And Riley agrees and goes with him. Julius goes to the floor and starts kissing her from bottom to top, when he gets to her head, he starts making out with her. While they are making out, Riley sees that this is gonna be a long wait and says I'm gonna go to the bathroom.

    Kayla starts taking off Julius's jacket and his hat and starts to kiss. Riley starts walking in and sees them kissing so she leaves. Then Julius asks if she wants to sit on his lap and she says yes. While she is sitting on his lap, they look into each other eyes and see the brownish color in their eyes. Julius asks if she wants too ditch the movies and go to his place, she agrees.

    When they arrive at his house, he asks if she wants to stay here for a little while and she agrees. 10 minutes later they start making out again and there isn't any interruptions. They move from the floor, to the chairs, to the couch and then finally to the famous bed. When they make out on the bed, Julius asks her if she wants to play this game, and she agrees. he takes out the game and he shows her how to play it. He said the game was mini club deluxe. He says you have to pretend to be at a club and you get drunk. You play this game that involves stripping , and your so drunk you agree. Kayla is thinking that she doesn't want to play this game anymore, but she can't say no now. So they start playing and its Julius turn and it says that he has to be in the closet with a girl. Since its only them to they have to do everything together. They go in the closet and they start making out.

    Then Julius starts taking and ripping off some of Kayla's clothing. Kayla starts punching him. They stop. He says whats wrong? Kayla says your ripping my clothes off. He says I know sorry I just get so excited that it happens. So they start making out again only this time he starts taking off his pants and underwear.
    Stop she says I feel something poking me. He says it's nothing And they continue. 10 minutes later they come out of the closet and it is Kayla's turn to go. She gets sleep in bed with a boy. Julius says oh yea I love this part,Gosh I can't do this. It's not me says Kayla. Julius stands up and starts pulling closer to the bed and stops. He says, Don't you love me and trust me? Kayla thinks about it and says yea. Julius says then sleep with me then. Kayla then says if you love me enough you would respect my wishes and let me sleep with my husband when I married. Then he apologizes and says your right. That's why I love you, your smart and funny and sexy.

    The End!!!