• People continued to act about their business as if nothing had just happened. Didn't they hear that noise? The loud crash as the sound of broken glass shattered through every cove of the man's body. His lover sat before him, as if he too heard nothing. Their was glass everywhere now. It laced the table, the wine glasses, even their freshly served plates where covered in the translucent debris.

    "W-what?" The man asked, maybe if his lover clarified it would be easier to bare. Wasn't there something he could do? This feeling was slowly killing him inside. He felt sick, the sight of the glass as it broke the skin of his hand made him feel weak. The pin needles that dove into his spine, the waves of heat radiating from behind his ears, the fullness of an empty stomach that now felt just as empty as his heart.

    "I said I don't-"

    "Wait don't!" The man cried out, tears feeding his gorged eyes as beads streamed down his face. "I can't-"

    The man stood up, dropping the tiny velvet box that caused this disaster and fell into the arms of his disgruntled lover. Now even the sound of broken glass could not stifle his sobbing plea.

    "Please, just lie. I don't care!" Gritting his teeth he trembled in the reluctant arms of his emerald eyed lover. "I would be o.k. if you lied."

    With a softened look his lover took his chin and lead him into his own calming stare. "I wont tell you I love you if don't. And I wont marry someone I don't love."

    Leaning forward the green eyed man leaned down to kiss the forehead of the other. This was not good-bye, but rather good luck. For there would be another, somewhere, there would be someone who wanted him. There would be someone who wanted his love. But the cold hearted man was not where it lied. He wanted many a things, but love, was something he did not.

    Swiftly the green eyed man stood up and pushed his chair in, shaking off the hysterical man as he grabbed his coat. He would depart from here unscathed, until a day would come, when he would look back on this day and weep. A chilly evening at home as his furnace of passion quickly looses its embers and fades into the pit of his still beating heart. When this broken man would find his happiness and never once wants for anything else again.

    There would come a day when this man too would lament. But for today, he would be happy ignorantly unaware of what hurts most.