• Tal did not speak much to Knight the next day, feeling awkward in the presence of royalty. Fenwick kept her company. But she paid no attention to his conversations. She just couldn't help but think of Knight. It wasn't until late afternoon that day that Knight spoke to her.
    "You're awfully quiet today." he said, sitting next to her, close enough to touch her.
    Tal hung her head. "I guess. Well, I had some big news yesterday. You know, you being royalty and everything." she said, not looking him in the eye.
    Knight frowned and tilted her head up so that she looked him in the eyes. "Does my being a prince complicate things for you?" he asked seriously, his eyes intense as he looked at Tal.
    Fenwick sat a short distance away from the two and was listening intently. His ears pricked as Knight held Tal's face in his tan hand. He was touching her! And not only that. She was letting him! I thought she hated him. Why is she letting him touch her like that? the pine martin thought frantically. He hid in a bush so they would not see him and cease their interesting conversation.
    Tal averted her eyes to her hands. "A little." she whispered grimly, twitching her sandy cat ears. She hoped that Knight wouldn't be angry with her.
    "How so?" the young man said calmly, still looking at her and edged closer to her.
    Tal didn't want to look Knight in the eyes. She felt too ashamed for what she was about to say. "You're a prince and I'm a peasant. A prince is supposed to love someone of noble birth. I'm not." she quietly answered.
    Fenwick almost shot out of the bush. What was this all about?! Were his ears really hearing what they were hearing?! They couldn't! They weren't! But they were! I don't believe it! Tal's in love with him! he silently screamed.
    Knight wrapped his strong arms around Tal. "You think I care about what a prince is supposed to do? Well, I don't. I don't care about blood lines or anything like that. You're someone that no man comes across everyday. Someone who's bright and independent and much more beautiful than any regular maiden. Even if it's against what royalty is supposed to do, I'm going to love you and only you." he whispered softly, moving closer to Tal.
    Fenwick was about ready to bolt out of his hiding place and run around screaming about what the hell was going on. But something kept him there.
    But what did make him leap out of the bush was a sight he thought he'd never see. Knight brought his mouth closer to Tal's. Tal didn't move, she just looked at him, her gold eyes bright with something the pine martin couldn't identify. Then Knight's mouth gently pressed against Tal's. Their eyes were closed.
    Finally, the pine martin bolted out and ran right in front of Tal and Knight. "What the bloody hell is going on? May I ask what the two of you are doing?!" he asked, frantically running around and around in circles.