• The man looked up from his work absentmindedly. “Sorry,” he mumbled to the timid girl who was standing on the stage infront of him, “you just don’t meet our criteria.”

    The girl ran off stage crying and the man sighed. All day Mitch Jones has been holding auditions to find one amazing actor or actress that could star in his clothing commercial. So far, all of these wannabes were disposable. They were too small, too tall, too loud, too quiet, too girly, too manly, too... well you get the idea. They could never be as perfect as he needed them to be.

    A fairly tall girl walked onto the stage. She looked at Mitch during her whole performance. Her intense eye contact made Mitch forget all his reasons to ventilate to his cat at home. She was genuine and Mitch new that she had to be the star in his advertisement. Her hazy purple eyes were almost hypnotizing him. He stared dreamingly at her as she finished her small skit.

    “You’re hired!” Mitch yelled startled her as he yelled.

    “Really?” She seemed surprised. “My friend told me that this was a strenuous task and that you’re really rough.”

    Mitch explained to her that he was looking for the best and he needed to make sure that he hired the best. She nodded slowly and he told her to be back at the studio in one hour and they would start the commercial. She left giving Mitch one more look in her eye.

    He sat up properly and he told the film crew to set up and get the stage ready for his commercial. They did and an hour later his actress-who’s name was Miki-showed up at the stage. She was as wonderful as before but when they gave her a script she wanted to abbreviate all her lines and it made Mitch quite angry to see that his once amazing actress has become such a priss in only one hour. It was impossible for both personalities to even coexist in the same mind.

    Mitch filmed the commercial and ended up being happy with the result. Miki ended up filming many movies after this and she had married twice after she won the Grammy. In the end Mitch and Miki bumped into each other and they married. Mitch watched Miki’s eyes all day and Miki played with his cat. Mr. Kitten-Mitch’s cat- never had to hear Mitch complain about his problems ever again.