• It was a bright and sunny day, its been awhile since we ever got a warm day like this! Hi!!!! my name is Sarah! And I go to St. Lorman Academy, I was forced to go by my parents when I was five. That was twelve years ago though. People who go to this academy can't see any relatives. So its been awhile since i met my parents and I forgot how they look sadly.

    But theres no helping it my family is poor and St. Lorman gives money to the student's family if they attend here. I have lots of friends here, and never thought of leaving this place. Ever.

    "Okay class i got important news so listen up." Our homeroom teacher said
    Our homeroom teachers the best! "what is it teacher?" Claire (one of my friends) asked
    "You all know your finals are comming up, but after your finals and you pass it you all are free to go to the outside world."

    Everyone shouted out joy, but only I was silent. I got up from my seat and ran out the classroom. Graduatate from this school with perfect scores was my dream. But the upcomming day is very scary. I didn't want to leave this school I was forced, here so why leave? From the very beginning I was forced here, forced to do what they told me, forced to do everything!

    I ran to the back of the building, I sat against the wall, crying. "I don't want to leave here! Forcing to be here forcing to leave what about how I feel for a change!" I yelled out what was in my chest. Then I realized I wasn't alone here. There was a guy sitting on the bench staring at me.

    I gasped does he think I'm insane?
    "Hmmmm....So you don't want to leave. Huh?" He asked
    "what!? N-n-none of your business!" I yelled
    He got up from the bench and started walking towards me.
    "What??!!" I yelled scared
    He smiled " So your not curious how the outside world looks like?
    " I-I never said that" I said looking away from him.
    How could he understand a girl's heart anyways! He's a guy just looking for something to amuse himself!

    "Well whatever bye!!!" I yelled stalking off
    "Wait!!" He said grabbing my arm
    " Let go or I'll scream!" I tried to struggle out

    " I can grant you, your wish."
    " What??!" He pulled me close to his face, my face felt like it burned alot.
    " I can grant you one wish, anything you'd like. Just say it and I can grant it."

    After that day he made me make a contract with him to make my wish after the exams. But I never made my wish yet. I was hesitating, I thought I knew my wish, but I guess I didn't. "Hey whats your name anyways?? I asked him we were wallking down the courtyard.
    " Hmmmm...are you curious about me? Master?"
    "What no!!!!!! And don't call me master! Stupid!!!" I walked off as fast as I could. But he kept the same pace as me.

    He chuckled " Your slow."
    "Sh-shut up!!! Gosh stop following me!'
    "ARGH! Do whatever you want!'

    Couple of days past and exams were only two days away. I figured out the weird guys name it was Rou Shitame, he was a foreigner. He made my everyday life more happier and fun. I didn't feel so bad about graduating like I use to. "Ah! Rou!" I called when I saw him pass the hallway of my classroom."Huh? Oh hi mas- I mean Sarah, whats up?" He asked

    "Nothing, hey meet me after school at the library so we can study together."
    "Sure thing." And he walked off

    ~After school~

    "Hey pay attention don't fall asleep Rou!" I yelled
    "Don't worry I can pass this in a jiff, worry about yourself here." he said
    "F-fine then!"
    "Hey sarah."
    "you know you only got two days to make a wish." My whole body froze I could feel Rou staring at me.
    "Right." I said and we didn't talk to each other the next day. My heart hurt, and I didn't no why. Finally it was the day I was suppose to make my wish. I didn't want to make my wish for some reason.

    That would mean I could never see Rou again. Clare came up to me.
    "Sarah you've been acting weird the past few days, whats wrong?"
    "I can't explain it I met this guy now--- I don't know"
    "Love trouble." She smirked
    " Don't think I don't know how it feels, Sarah, I've been there too"
    I didn't answer.
    "Sarah you know I knew this whole time you didn't want to graduated and stay here forever, but thats not possible life always has changes. And being in love is one of them. Plus you can't help it once your in love you can only think of the person you love."
    I was stunned for a bit. True what Clare said was right, after I met Rou I didn't care about graduating. At all.

    "Clare I got to go now bye!" I said running out, thanks to Clare, now I know how I feel about Rou.
    "You've finally grown, huh sarah? Well good luck."
    Clare whispered

    I ran to the back of the building thinking Rou would be there. I gasped for air when I got there. And Rou was there! "Time to make your wish, sarah." He said I started to cry

    He was shocked " Whats wrong? Sarah??" He asked
    "Stupid!!! Is that all you think about wish wish wish?? You stupid, moron, freak, weirdo!!!!" I yelled
    "OK!!! I get it geez just stop it." Rou said "I'm thousands of years old Sarah my whole life is about granting everyone their wish."

    I walked to him and put my arms around him. He was shocked "W-what are you doing?" He asked
    "My wish I know what my wish is now. Grant it for me."
    "Okay." He smiled
    "I wish to be with you forever! And free you from being a geneie!"

    He was shocked then smiled and hugged me " As you wish. My love."
    I blushed "Stupid, I love you. Don't take this as a joke!"
    He kissed me "I'm not I love you too, Sarah."
    I blushed so red and I was so happy. Love is everything!

    I learned that life changes and you can't stop it, So don't try to stop it. Its not worth it. Just live the life that changed! Because you never know what you might encounter in the near future.