• The room finally came back into focus. Chris had finally re awoken after what seemed to be an eternity. He had tried to get up but discovered his efforts were only met by extreme pain. He looked to his left arm and saw it was covered in black bruises. The same with his right arm and just about the rest of his body. Obviously he had been in some kind of fight. But when and where for that matter. But an even greater question was where was he now? When he looked around all Chris could see was a couple of empty walls and a ceiling with broken light bulbs.

    There was one window that provided the only light source inside the room. It was broken and what was left of it was pretty dusty. Turning his head he could see a doorway but there seemed to be no door. What kind of trouble did i get myself into now? Chris thought as he tried to sit up. It didn't hurt quite as much as it did to try to get up period but there was still some pain involved. It was then that Chris realized he was in a bed.
    The sheets were washed recently since it was the only clean thing in the room. But who had brought him here? Whatever it was that had put him in this condition was no doubt gone, but who or what rescued him? Or had he been rescued at all? " Hello. Is there anyone here? " Chris tried calling. Instead of the loud yell he had tried for he could only get out a coarse whisper. Again he tried to yell, This time he had managed to raise the volume but he still didn't have enough strength to yell. He laid back down on the bed and took a deep breath. Some of the most minute tasks took a lot of energy.

    A couple of hours later Chris heard steps from outside of the door. He began to sit up again as a person came in. " Glad to see your finally awake." She said to Chris, " My name is Kyra. Whats yours? " Chris' eyes had to readjust since it had gotten darker outside. Kyra was a beautiful young woman in a white jacket. Her eyes were the brightest shade of blue he had ever seen. Her hair was a brilliant dark brown.
    " I'm Chris. Where am I?"
    " You are currently in what remains of Forest Hope Hospital. I've been trying to take care of you since i found you out in the badlands. What where you doing out there? Didn't you know it was dangerous out there?" Chris felt like there was a gaping hole where the answer was. It was slowing coming back in fragments. " I can remember running with a group of people. We were ready to go hunt something then... its all hazy." Chris laid back down and tried to remember more but to no avail.
    " Well that explains some of the stuff you carried with you." Kyra started," Maybe these might jump start your memory." She walked outside of the room and returned a few seconds later with a giant duffel bag. She pulled out a few items of clothing first. An old brown leather jacket with some special pockets on the inside. No those are holsters Chris had to correct himself. She then pulled out a revolver from the bag. It was bright silver except for the grip which was black with an emblem of a rose engraved into it. " Do these help?" Kyra asked placing the items closer to Chris' face. It didn't do much to for his memory other than remind him of what he did. He was a freelance hunter. He was one of many who were hired to either act as bodyguards to people who traveled from city to city or he was hired to track down certain beasts and eliminate them before they caused more problems. Chris picked the revolver up.
    " No not really. Though this does give me some memories." Chris said as he twirled it around his right index finger then aimed it out the window.