• I look at the girl, her fingernails long but clean on the edges, something under them grunged the bottoms, a dark maroon color. She strokes the bark of a tree, digging her nails into it, her fingertips bleeding. "Please Ammisan?" Tears fall down from her light blue eyes, and her scarf waves in the night wind.
    "Actually, I have to go..."
    "No." her arm reaches mine, and her bloody fingers grasp my arm tightly. "Ammii saaaaaann you can't go now!" Her scarf falls and I see bloody gashes across her neck, oozing and raw. The scarf, covered with blood and pus falls to the ground, seeming to stick in place. She pulls away from the tree and takes an awkward step towards me, grasping the inside of my arm tightly as she digs her blood-encrusted nails into my skin.
    "Let go Sira!" I grasp her arm, and her skin is wet. I pull my hand away and see her skin on my palm, slowly slipping off like goo. "Oh god." I smell it now, the blood and rotting flesh. She grabs her face and pulls a bit, her skin slips off her bones, and she holds it in her palm and squeezes it tightly, making a squishing sounding.
    "But I LOVE you Ammisaaan" I see her eye socket, and something white crawling beneath it...A maggot...no...millions of them. I open my mouth to speak but my words catch in my throat, I'm shaking and I look down at the arm she's still holding. I can feel the worms through her flesh, squirming under her fingertips. "Help..." Suddenly, her body falls apart, oozing downward like she's melting. A man is standing behind her, and holds out his hand, but I just stare at it, seeing imaginary bumps moving in his skin, and gashes that disappear when I look at them. I fall on my knees, my eyes wide, but he takes my arm, his hand solid, and jerks me up.
    "We're going from this place" He says, and drags me behind him, like a limp body bag. "Who are you." He demanded, not harshly, but quietly, like someone could hear.
    "Ammi Kyukara..." I say it so quietly, he looks at me to see if I'm still awake. My eyes are wide still, and the hand that he isn't pulling is touching my cheek, feeling if it's still there.
    "I am Ailin. I am taking you to your new home." He says this bluntly, like I have no choice. And I don't.