• I Stood there waiting in the shadows of my room staring at the ground with tears trickling down my cheeks. I awaited there as Mom and Dad had another fight. I hated these days because any day now they'll leave each other. I wouldn't like to choose between them. i slid down holding my knees to my chest wrapping my arms around them. Dad stomped in the room slamming the door open causing it to punch a hole in the wall.

    I screamed as her grabbed my by the hair dragging me out of the room. I screamed and faught but it just made it worse. He finally let me go as i jumped up puching my body into the far corner. He told me and my mom to get out of his life because he found someone new and they've been dating for the last two months.

    He didn't let us get anything of ours. We walked in the rain soaked as the cold rain droplets fell heavily on my body. We had no place to go, no place to sleep and notthing to eat. There was a bright white car that pulled up beside us. The window rolled down and there was a beautiful being sitting inside.

    I've never seen someone look the way he does. He flashed his pearly white teeth at me looking into my eyes with his gorgeous pale blue eyes. i looked closer at his teeth and there were little points on four of them.

    "You two need a ride? My cousin owns a hotel and he can give you a free room," he smiled opening the front door for my mom. We smiled and nodded climbing into the car. with was warmer in there than in the rain.

    He pulled up at 'Charlie's Motel' and we calimbed out. It had stopped raining but the ground was still slippery and wet. we walked in and grabbed a key from the office then showed us a room. He handed us robes to put on then stepped outside. We wuickly changed then gave him our wet clothes so he could dry them.

    "What is your name?"

    He looked at me smiling.


    His voice was like velvet, his skin was pale and smooth. there wasn't a feature on him that was ugly. he told us good-night as we closed the door and climbed into bed.

    We did the same thing for the next month. I walked around with him outside. i stood at the door looking deep into his eyes. When i reached for the door he did to. Our hands met and i flinched back from the feezing touch. It felt like a shock of electricity ran through my hand.

    "Your hands, they're cold," I looked at him in disbelif. It was way to hot form his hands to be cold like they were. I read something like this on the internet and in books. But i can't rmemeber what they called those strange creatures.

    He held his finger gently pressing against my lips. He opened the door was we walked backward towards the bed. He removed his finger from my lips and took his hands laying me on the bed softly. I felt his cold hand run up and down my leg.

    He started to kiss my lips gently yet passionatly. i ran my fingers through his wold hair kissing him back. i didn't know what was oging on around my. I only knew i was kissing the most beautiful boy on earth. When he stopped i but my lower lip. He smiled and whispered in my ear.

    "Vampire," he raised up smirking as if he read my mind.

    I didn't care. But i know he wasn't a human now or just any old vampire. He was my vampire.