• “He beat her…” Was what I was capable of forcing out of my throat. My dad would always come home drunk but he never beat my mom. It put me in shock, thus causing the tears.
    He then picked me up into his huge arms and brought me into his room, he laid me on his bed and comforted me all night. He would gently stroke my hair, my cheek and my back. This was the day I realized I loved him.
    As we were walking home on my seventeenth birthday, he purposed that we go to the store, where he would buy me a Root Beer. I agreed and instead of going instantly home we walked to the little market on the corner of our street. He bought us both a Root Beer and we basked in each other’s company until the soda was gone. Then he led the way out of the store. As we were about to cross the street to get to my house, he held me still on the cement.
    “Kathy, I want to tell you something.” He announced in a clam, controlled voice.
    “Sure, what is it?” I replied.
    “I wanted to tell you, that since the day you moved in. Remember when you were ten and I was an immature eleven year old?” He asked.
    “Yeah, not our best year.” I laughed and he chuckled slightly.
    “Not my point, but yes that was not one of our best. But I since that day, I knew that you were the one. Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked, and I smiled. Such an excitement didn’t exist, or at least I thought. I thought only these things and feeling were only in movies. I couldn’t help that my emotions took over and I exploded with excitement.
    “Yes, you don’t know how long I have waited for you to ask me that.” I smiled I had waited exactly seven years. The day I met him was on my tenth birthday and that’s the day I liked him. Then when I was thirteen I fell in love with him. He then held me close to him in a bear hug. And I knew his love was real. We entered the street hands locked and he led. I noticed a car speeding around the corner I had a split second to make a decision. I was to either push Kyle out of the way and risk my life, or let Kyle suffer the car hit. I wouldn’t risk his life even for my own. I unlocked our twined hands and shoved him out of the way. The last thing I heard was a scream; the scream was my name.