• It was a fine day in the country of California. There was this girl named Katherine who has straight blonde hair (a.k.a. Kathy) and her best friend Elizabeth who has a wavy blonde hair (a.k.a. Lizzie). They go to California Junior Highschool. While sitting on their sits during their English class,a guy named Jasper (who is really one of the hot guys in their school) was staring at Kathy.She didn't notice it but Lizzie did. When the bell rang, Lizzie told Kathy about it.

    Lizzie: Hey Kathy,Jasper has been staring at you like forever.
    Kathy: What?
    Lizzie: I told you he likes you like you like him.
    Kathy: No,he doesn't. If he did,he should have told me that.

    When they were about to open their lockers,Jasper went near towards them.

    Lizzie: Hey Kathy,look who's coming.
    Kathy: Who?
    Jasper: Hi Kathy.
    Kathy: Oh,hi.
    Jasper: So what are you doing this Friday night?
    Kathy: Nothing.Why?
    Jasper: Do you want going out with me at the Bourke Restaurant?
    Kathy: You mean,like a date?
    Jasper: Well,yeah. Kind of.
    Kathy: Sure.
    Jasper: Ok then. I'll pick you at 7. Bye.
    Kathy: Bye. (sighed happily)
    Lizzie: Told yah.
    Kathy: You're right. He does like me. Yeah!!!!

    So that night Kathy couldn't think of anything but Jasper. Jasper on the other hand couldn't think of anyone but Katherine.Finally,the next day,which is Friday, arrived. After their French class,Jasper grabbed Kathy's hand with Kathy holding Lizzie's hand.

    Jasper: So are you sure you want to go?
    Kathy: Of course.
    Jasper: Ok. I'll pick you at 7. (Then he kissed her on the cheek)
    Kathy: (Blushed) Ok.
    Lizzie: So Kathy,can I stay at your house for the night? I'll help you get ready.
    Kathy: Of course. Why ever not.
    Lizzie: Thanks. (Hugging her)
    Kathy: You're welcome. (Bell rings...)
    Lizzie: I guess we better go to Science class.
    Kathy: Yeah. C'mon.