• It all started on a normal day when something happened terrifying. Something that would only happened in the movies. That night I learned too appreciate everything in my life. My boss who’s an a**, My kids they wish that they could kill each other so they constantly fight. Nothing against the kids, just rough a little, I wish I could be a better father more than anything after that night. I have learned too love and appreciate everyone now while you have them; let’s not rush into the story too fest eh? Lest start off when I was at work.

    I woke up early- fiveish. I wanted too read just a little bit about this mystery that happened not too long ago with this killer on the loose and he’s been missing now for over 20 years. They say that he wears a white mask with holes and he wears a blue-and part black color mix and has killed more than 300 people in the last ten years. He currently lives in an unknown place and investigators are starting to wonder if he’s the average serial killer. I would say that he is definitely not. Ted Bundy was pretty high above the serial killer lines but this guy is way worse. The first page said that to this day it remains a mystery. People are found dead in Mexico, USA, and in close areas from this killer.

    Now it was 6:04-time too get ready for work. I brushed my teeth and jumped in the shower and took five minutes too get dressed. I put some cereal in a bowl and milk along with it and head out the door.
    I was a “Agent” who solves mystery’s and killings. I do my job as clean and smooth as possible. Granted I admit I am not the fastest people too get stuff done but it all is pretty Head on information.
    I used too work for that insane killer guy. I used too be fascinated and I thought that I could catch him. His gloves-we could read through them when he touched the little girl face when he killed her-16 years ago-he’s not human. We think it’s a defect but he does not have any prints on his fingers at all; Weird Huh?

    I got too work finally with the California traffic of course. I got inside and sat down with all the papers in front of my desk with all those Damn E-mails I get from the office. I love what I do, yes, but still, I get tired of having too read printed e-mails from a nosy b*****d and then reply back a new e-mail about a serious case. It’s very frustrating! HTML takes for ever too do and that’s what we are instructed too do when we reply a printed e-mail. “Brian,” my boss started to greet me.
    “Yeah?” I said in my ‘what ever’ tone.
    “I have a mission for you. You’re probably not going to like it but…Well… I have a job for you down in Mexico.
    “What? Seriously? Can I bring my family?” I asked in a high-pitch voice and with a smile.
    He gave a dramatic pause, “No. Not this time. It’s very top secret and you could be killed if we don’t find out who this killer is.” My boss said looking at me straight in the face.
    “Okay,” I looked at him with my eyes big, knowing it was the man I was talking about earlier. The serial killer yet too be caught. “You mean No Face”
    “Yes, he has been missing for too long now. He has threatened too kill us by killing…” he looked away from my face and looked down at his pants, “He killed one of our workers in her house and then left a note saying that he is watching and that he is going too kill anyone going after the case.” He said.
    “…and you pick me; why?” I looked at him and replied using my hands for expression.
    “Don’t worry, I got the gas covered and no plane will be needed. If you die in that plane I’ll be really sorry that I picked you but for some reason. Look, lets say he asked for you.” He looked me dead in the eyes. I knew he wasn’t lying.
    “Shhh!” he gave me a glare. “Just do it, you have no choice. No cell phone- no gun-just a camera and a tape recorder too record evidence. He’s in Mexico and in somewhere around their. When you get their we’ll tell you what and where to go to.

    Later on that day I left work early by permission of the boss. I started too pack and was tempted too take a weapon and a cell phone. The words of my bosses words wrung out in my head like a wet towel “No cell phone- no gun-just a camera and a tape recorder too record evidence” I decided too just follow orders and not take anything. I asked him earlier why it had too be that way but he wouldn’t answer me. He just kept ignoring me which wasn’t good at all. I soon had realized something… How could my boss call me when I got too Mexico? I don’t have a phone! I was really start too go ballistic in my head about what the hell was going on with my boss. He never acted this way but he won’t tell me what’s wrong. I soon dwelled on it too much that I started too think that someone I know is the killer and that he might be in On it. No. Yeah right, the last person is him, he’s been in business for over 60 years with his dad and 40 on his own on crimes, he knows better-too much so that he shouldn’t be working-he should be owning a business!

    I was heading for Mexico now and at Salt Lake Cities’ new part of the town- The Woods. Going in on a secret killer case in the middle of the woods with flickering headlight is scary. It began too snow as the dark moonlight set in. The woods seemed too go on forever now and are I was going around in circles which makes me car sick but for some reason I wasn’t affected by my imagination.

    I watched the road trying too keep my eyes open. “Ahh! I’m so exhausted!” Uh O’ When ever I don’t sleep after being sleeping I talk too myself. That’s not a good sign when I talk to myself.

    I pulled over and opened the glove compartment. “It has too be in here somewhere.” I thought as I started throwing things out of the glove compartment trying to find the address book of near by hotels. I searched under the name of Salt Lake City. Nothing near by until I hit the outskirts of the town which was unknown too me until I pulled out the map. 2 hours! The road of these woods had too come too a stop and I knew I had too fall asleep or else I would do a night dive into the woods and really be screwed. I continued too look and tried too see if that was really the case because I didn’t want too believe it but I might have had too sleep in the car in this scary wood atmosphere which wasn’t what I had in mind. Still nothing. The woods path was 1 hour and 30 minutes away and another 30 minutes too a hotel.
    I turned on the tunes too try and wake me up and see if it would work. It did. I put the key back in the slot and turned it on, nothing happened. I tried it again. Nothing happened. It didn’t settle right in my stomach if I was stuck out here alone without a cell phone.
    Why the hell would he make me go without a cell phone? Why would he say that he would call me if I didn’t have a cell? It made me think hard and hard about what the possibilities where. Again, I thought that he might be in on whatever plan. NO! I know he’s not! It’s not like him! I was so confused-I just wanted to be home again and be normal. I like my job yes but I don’t understand why being a mystery solver have too be so hard.

    I tried once and for the final turn again to turn on the car-nothing happened. The car broke down-it was midnight and it started too rain. The chill started too set in from the cold. I got out of the car too see what was wrong. I looked under the car too see if it was maybe something disconnected. I looked under the hood-everything was fine. Gas was okay as well but what the hell was going on? I started too just sit on top of the side of the car. “Damn! Now I’m for good stuck out here!” I got angry with myself for no reason. I never did anything to myself. It was my damn secretive that got me here!

    I got back into the car and tried just ONE more time. Is it going too work? Please let it work! Just let it happen!


    It worked! I put the car into go forward as it went backwards! I tried too put it on stop but the car was somehow moving itself! Could this be the killer? I tried too stop the car but it made it speed up going backwards faster! How was I going to get out of this one? I tried the gas pedal, it made me spin and turn all crazily all over the road. I took my foot off the pedal and it made it crazier! I finally decided to do something about it. I opened window and tried too jump out. As a failure’s attempt goes badly I face planted into the ground and the car ran over my hand! It finally made a big slash with a tree some far out in the woods. I still could see it but I knew I wasn’t going too get anywhere for maybe a couple of hours or a day or so.

    I looked over and I saw Camp Salt Lake H. I wanted too know if maybe I could get help from them! This was my chance too get fed and go back home and tell my boss what had happened and ask for a cell phone and then go to Mexico. I’m
    Sure he’ll say no but it’s worth a try, right?

    I entered the camp taking a map. I found myself excited but then scared from the flickering lights, worms, stench, and red paint that looked as a bloody color on each walls with painting saying, “Kill or Be Killed” No way for a camp sign if you ask me! I was still excited too get to the office though and see if I could sleep in maybe a private dorm room with the staff or something and be cozy for the night.

    The rain started too become nothing and the moon started too bright up the camp and I could see that the woods around the camp looked as if it went on for ages! I continued going in the path where I saw two dorm rooms. Dorm room one. I looked inside and it was pitch black. Locked. I tried the second Dorm, same thing except a bloody hand print or red paint print on the wall-must be a decoration, I thought.

    I followed the sign where it said Office & Assistance. It had the left arrow and I could se it from here. It had another flickering light with a note on the door. I opened it being nosy too see if it was an abandoned camp and some kids came and spooked the place up too freak out the next person who gets their car broke down.
    I opened the note. It said:

    Get Far Far away from Camp Salt Lake. He is Coming and he is killing. The body count continues. I however am watching at a distance and am not too far away. He is looking for me and he will be looking for you as well.

    My eyes started too widen. I started too freak. No one was around. I tried too open the door-locked. I knocked loudly and pounced. Suddenly I noticed a shadow from inside.

    A little boy opened the door, “Shh!”
    “Hi, my names is Brian. Can I speak too the manager?” I asked.
    “He’s dead.” The little boy responded.
    “What?” I gave a dark tone and raised a brow at him.
    “He did it” The little boy widened his eyes and pointed too a man with a mask! Mr. No Face! The massive serial killer rather known as Jason. The little went back in the office and shut the door-locked.
    “Let me in! Please!” I begged the young boy.
    “Never! He’ll kill you then kill me!” He replied crying.
    “I can help! I am a detective” I said loudly.
    The little boy opened the door in a hurry and slammed it shut when I got in. “Lock it!” I said.
    It was no use. We where stuck but the thought of having someone too be slaughtered in pieces with was nice. Not really but better than being alone.
    “Who is this man? Do you know him? What’s his name?” I asked in a hurry.
    “I don’t know. I am the only child and person alive in this camp. I escaped through his arms while trying too stab me. All I know is that information. Bodies are all over this camp! We have too escape! He does not run, nor des he talk, he’s a masked murderer!” The little boy said panicky.
    After that Jason the killer stabbed the window open. I grabbed the near by dirty scissors and secretly threw it at his head. His eye! I hit it!
    “WOWA!” the little boy gave a big cry of happiness.
    “C’mon, lets get the hell out of here.” I opened the door and let the boy go out first.

    Was he dead for real? Did I kill the masked murderer? I walked over him to check his pulse. He was dead.
    “He’s Dead?” the boy asked.
    “He’s dead” I replied back.
    Quickly something grabbed my leg. Jason was not dead! He was faking! I tried too get him off of my leg but he raised his knife too fast. He stabbed me hard and it went through my leg. I fell to the ground. It began too rain and the chill set in again. I was going to die. He stabbed me in the arm, again and again. My head that was looking no longer was up looking at him. My head and legs got weak I closed my eyes. The little boy started too cry and jumped over too save me but it was too late…

    I was almost dead but right before, I decided not too leave. My passion left me alive and kept me going. I wasn’t going to survive for much longer but I needed to protect the boy and stay alive at least long enough too get this boy too safety.

    My eyes opened and I began too become stronger again. I pulled the killers head back and tried too crack it but it wouldn’t work. He was choking me tightly. Suddenly the grip was weak and then came too a stop, I heard a loud KRAK! Noise and then it was over. Now I can die, I thought. No I can go.

    I was still bleeding heavily but thankfully the boy knew what too do. He have my bandages from the office and I was soon well and able too move. I quickly got up from my sleep and looked for the boy. He was sitting like a dog to it’s owner in the dorm room with me sitting at the edge of the bed crying.

    I felt pity and sadness from and for this little boy. I wish that he didn’t have too experience all of this tonight be he did. I wish that his parents would have never of taken him here.
    “Who are your parents?” I asked.
    “Don’t worry about it. They are rude and terrible too me. They don’t really care for me like a real father and mother should for their child.”

    I felt more anxiety. “Really?” I replied.
    “Yes” he looked down. “How did You sleep?”
    “I slept fine. Is Jason still dead?” I asked scared.
    “I don’t know.” The boy said startled. “Pretty cool what you did too him though.”
    He smiled and I smiled back.
    “Did you…almost die?” he asked anxiously.
    “…I did…” The aroma of depression kicked in on me. “But then I know you needed me. My passion was all I needed to get by at least until you where safe…When I snapped Jason’s neck my passion left me and my eyes started too close up and I wanted too stay but my passion was gone because I just wanted too be here with you for as long as you weren’t safe. When I did that, you where safe so much reaction was that it was time too leave.”
    “That’s really amazing that you would have passion like that. Passion and drive is amazing isn’t it?” He replied giving a semi-smile.
    I realized that this boy was not like every other. He was a depressed boy but he was in need of love and I saw that. I loved this boy as much as my own but wow…this kid had something in him that made him glow!
    “Yeah, it really is.” I replied.

    The Night went on for a while and then it was 2:34 He was now sleeping in the same bed and I decided too go check on Jason. I felt love for the boy and not to say anything or whatever but this boy saved my life. I was going too call him as my own and adopt him if I could-get too know him better.

    I got dressed and left the young boy too go too sleep. I went outside too see if Jason was still their. It was about 2 minutes too walk the distance to get too the office and didn’t come into view until later and besides the snow kind of covered up everything.

    I finally got too the place where Jason died. I was talking in my head again about the boy that- O’ MY GOSH! JASON! He was kissing of course! I he wasn’t dead! I shouldn’t of left the boy back their!
    “AHHHHHHHH!” I heard a scream come from the dorm I was in with the boy. I started too run as fast as I could but the cold froze my legs and made it harder to move. I couldn’t believe myself and my actions!

    I finally reached The Dorm. Should I Open It?


    What happened? What had happened? I tried to open the door. The door was locked. I looked in the window too see if the boy was fine. Jason! Jason was in the room with the boy! The boy was sleeping and was oblivious of what Jason was going to do. I ran back as far as I could and then jumped through the window and into The Killer. I tried once again too kill Jason through chocking him once again. He had a strong grim but he was so strong I was beginning too fail. I kicked the boy. The boy woke up and looked scared.
    “Help…Me…” I whispered being chocked to death.
    “No!” The boy screamed and jumped onto of Jason and began too choke him as well. It was not working.
    “Do something” I was beginning to fail harder. When the boy stopped Jason was able too raise his knife and choke me with one hand. The boy grabbed the knife and stabbed him in the back of his head. The boy watched the Killer fell to the ground bleeding too death. The knife this time was stuck in the skull and I just knew he was dead. It was no question that we were safe. I looked under Jason’s mask…

    No one will ever know the mystery of Jason… I checked out his prints, he didn’t have any. He had removed his prints with his machete. I will never tell anyone what kind of a face he had. He was a human and was like anyone else just a little more psycho than a Serial Killer.

    2 Months Later

    I adopted the boy and he became my own. We together all of us where a happy family and all of my kids did not like that their was a new kid in the house but then they began too like him. I am glad for that. Everything was back to normal.

    I had received a call from my boss. It turns out it was my boss that was in on the killings-all of them. It seemed to me that it was freaky that Jason would have a friend. Or did he?

    I noticed that he asked me about his face, I wouldn’t tell.
    I turned on the news too see what was going on in the world today and got on the internet too check my e-mails and get back too my job but at home. I quit my job and then worked at home. I was now a Horror Story writer with 5 boobs published in the last 2 months!

    The news reported, “A killing has just happened and there is someone in mind. A new serial kill has returned name Freddy. Apparently another killer is on the loose after Jason had been killed.”

    I started too Hipervenalete. Could this be? It can’t be! The reporter went on, “Freddy is an unknown area and is after the person who killed the Jason killer. Soon we will report back if we have new information of a new killer or kill from Freddy. Channel 1 news”

    I didn’t want too believe it but I was once again being hunted. Oh No!

    Series Two: Escape From Him

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    My name is, Michael Mather and I love writings horror stories and this is by far the best series I have ever written in my life. I love all my writings but this one stands out the most in my mind. A lot of people would say that some of my writings are short-but they don’t end. There is always a book II or Series two relating and going from one to the other story.

    Anyway I hope you enjoyed this series!

    -Michael Mather

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