• Chapter Seven:
    The moon was high in the sky before they stopped. Kim looked nervously at the buildings surrounding her. They were in a dense part of the city, searching every one of the numerous alleys and side streets. Everyone was in their own group, with one person from each division.
    “I don’t know. It’s a pretty common pattern.”
    “Still, the insignia at the top-right corner isn’t. I say we hold onto this.”
    Tera and Luke had been disagreeing over whether a torn piece of cloth was evidence to find their mysterious enemy organization. Finally, they decided to keep it and move on, rather than waste a night. Luke ushered everyone into the main street. Everyone followed, that is, everyone but Elliot.
    “Ell. Come on! We need to move!” Tera yelled back.
    Kim’s ears pricked up, to be met with a sharp snarling sound. She turned around. Crouched slightly, Elliot was glaring intently at something beyond the shadow of the alley. It was only then that Kim realized that Elliot wasn’t the only one making a noise. From behind the shadow, a figure appeared.
    He was dressed all in black. On his back, a sheathed sword lay over a cloak laced in red. Decorating it was the very design Luke and Tera found just moments before. He had long blonde hair and piercing green eyes. Upon taking a step forward, everyone tensed, preparing themselves for a supposed battle.
    “Never thought I’d find you. Not here, least of all. I suppose the world really DOES love me,” the man’s voice was cold as he spoke to the group, smirking.
    This is bad! I do not want to fight! It seems everyone is expecting to. Oh no.
    Maybe I can. I did once, there is nothing saying I cannot do it again.

    The man unsheathed his sword. It reflected the moonlight, making it dance along the walls surrounding the alley in which they stood. Elliot crouched lower, Luke clenched his fists, and only Kim stood there, not knowing what to do.
    “Oh dear. This is surely not good. I only want the kitty,” he said, still smirking. “Just give her to me. Oh don’t tell me you have gotten attached to someone. She was a little stray only four days ago.”
    “Sorry. Maybe she WAS but not anymore. She’s with us and you’re not taking her anywhere!” Luke prepared to fight, maybe for her.
    “Oh. I’ve always wanted a kitty. Especially one as precious as this one. I guess I will have to take her from you.”
    With one fluid motion, the man jumped, sword drawn over his head. A flash of light blinded Kim momentarily. She felt light-headed. Something warm dripped down off of her shoulder.