• Jersey looked behind himself, he felt like someone was watching him. He had read a research report about how some Kinetics could sense other Kinetics better but of course if they were a minder or a seer it didn't matter if they were anything else. Like, that feeling that someone was watching you, but multiplied. Yet, he had never felt like that, not until now. He stopped walking, looking around a bit. He wasn't paranoid person he wasn't, really. But he suddenly cleared his thoughts of anything that might connect him to being what he was, he tried to focus on other things but not his past becuase that was filled with horrible memories of how being what he was got his mother taken away or even killed.

    'I really wish I was a Kinetic. I hear they're in style.' he thought trying to act stupid.

    Maybe, if he could get them to think that he was just another brainless grungy guy then...Oh wait...was he thinking this? Could they hear him right now? He began to walk again, at a normal pace. Yes, this was paranoia, something that was alien to his being. He kept looking behind himself, unaware of who suspicious he must look. He was so busy looking behind himself, he couldn't see who was in front of him, He didn't even know what or who he might run into. Then he walked into the streets where a big black car ran into him. This in turn made him fall over.

    'Twice? Twice in one day...seriously?' he stood up, "I'm sorry." he said with a smile, "I...uh..." He said to the driver.

    Ae-Cha's eyes snapped forward as the car came to a sudden stop. Carl's arm hovered protectively in front of her. The drivers mind complained of some boy stepping into the road. Ae's mind instinctively flicked to the boy in question. She heard the rushed panic in his mind picking up all the words she was trained to hear. Keeping her expressions calm she carried on listening. Before saying anything, she had learned to listen carefully. Making mistakes wasn't going to help her.

    She felt a wave of sympathy wash over herself as she read his thoughts. He knew that people like her were out searching for people like him. He feared capture more than anything in the world, or at least he did right now. She suddenly felt a pang of pain at her own capture. From what she could tell he was innocent enough. Petty theft was his only apparent crime. Usually she would just speak. The more she told the more she grew in safety within the facility. But for some reason she hesitated. She felt a connection to this boy. Maybe it was the fear of capture. The lack of family and friends. The loneliness she felt in his mind.

    What was he going to do now? Run? Run where? There were bound to be Controllers everywhere. A million thoughts rushed through his head, a million thoughts he was sure a Minder was picking up. If someone was following him, how was he to escape? "I am sorry." he said again. He was trapped, but at least he was trapped among people, they wouldn't attack him among people, would they? This was going to be trouble but he seemed to be frozen in place.

    Looking side ways at Carl carefully she sent her own thoughts to him. Move. Quickly but calmly. The festival is not a safe place for the likes of you. She tried to make her inner voice sound fierce and commanding, wishing to scare him off. But her own desires swept through, making er inner force crack under her own fears and sadness.

    He nodded a thanks to what seemed to be a minder and walked away. He suddenly stopped and turned around after walking to the other side of the sidewalk. He didn't know why, but for the first time in a while he was thanking God. His mom had been semi-religious. Before he was born, Cassandra always went to church and after Jersey's birth still taught her from the Bible on Sundays. But of course, that was an irrelevant thought as he managed to slip into a group of Neos, all with similar color blue hair. They didn't seem to mind that he had joined their group, much the opposite they seemed very welcoming which was weird because Neos as well as any other sects around Jentation seemed to be very cliquey.

    He saw a few of the kids taking a couple of pills and he saw why they were so friendly. Drugs really made people happy-up. He didn't need possession of narcotics to be added to his list of wrong-doings so he quickly left the group, lost in the mass of people. He looked around, having lost sight of what should have been his pursuer he only imagined more where on the way after she told him to go becuase many minders have link to each other, and then he felt the cold grasp on the back of his arm, twisting it upward painfully.

    "We don't want to hurt you. Comply and all will be fine. You're a danger to the community, you will be taken in." Someone behind him said allowed "The procedure is fairly simple, no one will be harmed unless they-"

    And then they were gone. Jersey didn't know if he had panicked or if he had blasted the female behind him on purpose and was too shocked to remember it. Either way, the Icer 'he assumed' was on his back. Jersey didn't know how to react now. The woman was strong looking and had brown-hair and didn't waste a second getting up to attack Jersey again. She had a headpiece on and was speaking into the microphone on the end of it. Jersey Devil couldn't hear what she was saying, but it didn't matter.

    He broke off into a sprint, running was all he could think of doing now. He became very aware of more people following him, but he didn't know the number. When the crows got to think he pushed people out of his way violently, no wanting to use her Mover skill less he hurt someone. He heard someone falling down to his right and though he wanted to apologize he didn't have the time. But where was he going?

    He was about the leave the Plaza, but she took a right turn back into it. After all, if there wasn't already streams of Ice and Flames coming at him, then they were holding back for some reason in the Plaza. Maybe they didn't want to hurt the other's there or maybe they wanted to take him in alive and unharmed.

    Jersey did believe he was going to get away, honestly, he did. After all, he had been running for a few seconds, nothing had happened. He saw a sewer lid near the large fountain near the middle of the Plaza and he planned on jumping into. Three feet of poo seemed fun to the mess he found himself in now. Dark red was streaming past him, and he even found the nerve to smile. But that was before he felt like someone and thrown a bus at her side.

    He fell to the ground, but he didn't just fall on his side. He was hit so hard he was sliding on the concrete. He could feel the stinging of his arm and was glad when he finally stopped. He looked up, it was the Icer from before, The one whom tried to bring him in. But he had no time to think about his next plan of escape. To think if his arm had been infected, to even think where to run. His next thought was a man getting his head ripped off by a bear, and then lions fiercely eating a gazelle, a picture of a house, fire, it was all going to fast he couldn't make sense of these images. He couldn't get her own thoughts in it was like a minder was doing something to him but he couldn't see any in sight well at least that he could tell was one.

    Jersey didn't know what was going on as he clammed his hands to his head hoping it would do something. No such help. Thought after thought raced through his head, none of which were his own. He curled into a ball, but then felt someone wrench him out of it. He kept his hands on his head, unable to think of anything but what they were planting in his mind. It hurt, all these thoughts, he couldn't control anything, he couldn't think anything.

    He felt cold handcuffs hit his wrist but he couldn't make sense of it. He had nothing to do until he felt the familiar squeeze on her brain as he pushed with everything he had. He didn't know if it worked, or what was going on but he suddenly didn't feel anyone near him. When he opened her eyes all four Controllers as well as several civilians were on the ground.

    He took a deep breath, his own thoughts filling his head as he ran for the fountain.