• It was Friday! I just got home from school. When I was about to drift off to sleep, my cell phone rang. “Stupid prank caller,” I mumbled to myself as I was picking up my cell phone. I thought it was just this prank caller who keeps calling me every afternoon. I pressed the talk button and it was my dad. He’d been at my grandmother’s house in the Philippines for like weeks because he needed to do something important and he wouldn’t tell me what that important thing is. On the other line, he sounded very serious while he was telling me something that would change my life forever!
    I was still thinking about what my dad told me. I couldn’t stop. Maybe I was just dreaming that time because that was too impossible to happen to me. Thinking about it was kind of making me feel sick. I didn’t really know if it was a thing that I should be happy about. I really needed to talk to my dad badly because I needed to ask him some questions that went unanswered the last time.
    I woke up by the sound of the knocking on my door. It was my mom. She told me that we needed to talk. I got a little nervous. As I was going down the stairs, I could smell the delicious breakfast that my mom always makes only to set me in a good mood. I thought it was just going to be and my mom, but then I saw my dad. He was back home again. He was there in the kitchen sitting and looking like he was dying to talk to me. While we were eating breakfast, he told me that I’m a princess of the Philippines. “I-I’m a p-princess?” I stuttered. I couldn’t believe it. It was like the happiest moment of my life. I was kind of annoyed that they’d been hiding something very serious from me. Anyway, he really was the one who called. I wasn’t dreaming. Then, he started talking about the responsibilities of being a princess. That part wasn’t that fun, but still I’m a princess of a whole country.
    There were many things I had to do. It’s so not easy to be a princess. It’s really different than being a normal person. First of all, I had to learn the right manners of a princess, rule a country, help the poor people, and feed the hungry. The one thing that I hate the most about being a princess is that people would not treat me like a normal person anymore. I would still do my best though and make my parents proud.
    Being a princess isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My dad told me that I’m really doing a great job of doing my responsibilities as a princess. Not all the people treated me differently because my best friend is still the same. She’s still funny, helpful, and a great best friend. My life didn’t really change completely, it just got better.