• I sit on the floor with my three best friends Melissa, Alice and CT . You would think four vampires would have something to do on a Saturday night but here we sit doing nothing.

    Mel rolls over " Lets go hunting "
    " Where ?" I answer
    " In the city "
    Alice gets up off the floor " Ya , lets go "

    Five minutes later we are flying over town in our bat forms . We land behind a old building and look for our next victim . We see a bigger male and I go in for the prey " Hey"

    " Hello " he answers in a deep voice .

    " What are you up to ? "

    " Nothing "

    " I was thinking about going to the new club but I got no partner "

    " Oh thats too bad"

    Follow me, Follow me to behind the house . I begin to walk behind the house and he follows . I walk to the back of the house where my three friends wait .
    " Now "

    We all close in on our prey and one by one we drink his blood . Listening to his screams . " OH crap the police are coming . "

    We quickly turn into our bat forms and get out of there . We arrive at Mel's house two minutes later . " That was close "

    " Of course it was it always is " Says Alice well sitting down

    CT sits next to Alice " We have to be more careful. "

    " We have to stop hunting humans "

    All three of them turn to me like I said something crazy .It is really quite for a few minutes and then Melissa finally speaks " She's right "

    Alice gets up " You guys are crazy we are vampires we are suppose to hunt. It's what we do. We just have to be more careful thats all "

    " I don't know Alice it seems like a good idea to me . In a couple of years our bites will make NewBloods . And you know that isn't good because us pure bloods hate NewBloods "

    " Oh so now my so called three best friends are againist me "

    " Alice think about the whole thing do you really want to accidenlty get caught . You could get staked do you want to end up like Rosemary "
    Rosemary was our other best friend she got staked last spring.