• In the first days the sun ruled for a certain time and the moon ruled for a certain time. In the time in which the sun ceased to shine a people from the ground came above and ruled with acient powers long lost to the ningen race. There name was the pandorians. A ningen by the name of who had enough of these people ran to the Goddess of the moon to tell her about this in which happened under her light. When she found out she hadn't a plan to destroy the pandorian nor could she. So since the people could only rule under her light meant she had some control of them so she took each individual power from each pandorian. Whether it be there elemental to there telepathy she put it all in one orb. She told her close friend who warned her about the outbreak that when the 7th child born of the full moon came upon the world she would grace her with the presents of the pandorian power. The man thought of how one person ningen or pandorian could hold such power but the goddess reasured him that who ever was chosen would be strong enough to hand what ever was given to it. The man settled slightly. The goddess sent him away stating she would summon him when the time came.
    Many years passed and the moon and the sun came to an agree ment to divide the passing times equally. The man had grown old but never forgot the moon goddess word. When the 7th moon arrived upon them a woman had no idea of what to think and hadn't anticipated the labor time went in to labor. The moon goddess watched eagerly to find out who would be the only paradox to live in the ningens world. The woman was husbandless so thought of her child to be a b*****d and planned to give the child away. She wanted to be in a secluded palce for the birth of the child. she gave a medcine man 25 pecies of gold to deliver the child. As the child pushed through into the world the goddess shot the moons ray onto the girl. Carving samll moons into the girls hands and placing the orb in the girls heart. The babys mother watch in gratitude that the gods blessed her b*****d child. The medcine man smiled in great belief. When the old man arrived upon the woman and the paradox child, he placed a small blessing on the childs forhead be for mumuring "it has been done." the his body turned to sand and dissappeared with the night. the woman chanted in joy. She kissed her childs head and whispered her name into the night. Sonnabell Sadame. teh child laughed as teh stars swirled around. the woman understood the goddess meaning of how very imortant the child was.

    The rain constantly poured as the small green eyed girl ran free. The red ribbon holding her balck hair up fell silently. she ran in the mid leaving spots on her new jade dress. She knew mommy would be mad but she didn't care. she loved the rain. Plus mommy had her new huy friend to make her happy agian. Her darkly tanned skin was splshed with heavy rain. In the distance she could hear mommy calling her name. she ran in the direction of home. but got the feeling that soemthing wasn't quiet right. When she reached the front door a man opened the door for her. She hadn't seen this man before but he smelled of children cigars and rain. Behind her twon children a boy and a girl waited for her to enter her home. "Sonni come here." her mother sounded stricter. "I told you about playing in the rain you'll catch something." she look at sonni dissappointedly and sonni look back deperatly. " now turn around and say hello to your new brother and sister. and Your new Papa.