• " Okay whats our first asiment to day Tomaka?"

    the office was dimly lighted and somewhat small. it was large enuf for me and my partner (witch wasn't large enuf then since my partner is a shap shifter)

    Tomaka is my "partner in crime" if u will. he doesn't have a real form he varies from a land creature to and thing that is air born. some times he is something not of the planet. we found him 3 years back during a mission with my other partner how died shortly after the expedition.
    after a few tests we took on him he seemed pretty miserably so i "persuaded" the person who was keeping him captive to let him to come with me. after that we have done my missions together.

    the fax mashin was starting to rumble. i instinctively drew out my N60 Storm thinking that it was going to attack.

    "don't worry its just the mission gist" said Tomaka as he rolled his eyes which were on the sides of his head for some strange reason.

    "oh... well u can never be to careful, so whats the mission?"

    "it seems like there a disturbance-"

    "IN THE FORCE? ha ha " i said. you can call me a bad joker but you keep that to yourself or ill find you.

    ".....a disturbance at the Alps"

    "okay lets g--"

    BOOOOOM!!!!!!!! the hole top of the building had been blown off.


    "Tomaka can you hear me?"

    no response. uh oh...

    "hey guys i think i found one!" a brod voiced person grabbed me by the hair and started to drag me some unknown to me. when he through me down i heard some muffuld "ows" that ment that some of use were still alive.

    "well well well, look who we got here"

    i knew that voice all to well.

    "nice to see u again...Kroten" i said with disgust in my voice

    "oh how i wish i had the pleasure to kill you right now but sadly i don't he does"

    i heard the sound of metal foot cups. i was still blind from the dust but i had a good guess of who it was.