Chapter two

    I woke knowing it was to early for me to be awake. The world is silent. The only noise was the rain that threatened me in vain before dying at the windowsill's wake. I laid listening to the sounds of the world and the breath and heartbeats around me. Heartbeats... I suddenly was brought to thoughts of Edward. I groaned why was I always thinking of him? Sure he was amazingly gorgeous... was kind... AND had no heartbeat but really what was so interesting about that? Okay who was I kidding? He was fascinating! I sighed and got up.

    I pulled on jeans and a red long sleeved shirt and put my black jacket over my head to hide my unbrushed hair. I walked by Travis and Lydia's bedroom silently with ease. They wouldn't be up for a while so I would take a walk with my troubled mind. I walked out the door taking my key to lock it.

    Running through the rain across my front yard I made my way to the thick green labyrinth. Fortunately there was a path to guide me along my walk. I walked along the trail till I felt a sudden weakness in my legs. I looked around using the drops of the trees to find a place to rest. I saw a fallen tree. Tripping my way there I sat on the damp tree and thought.

    I knew Edward was not human. No human could survive without a heart. I struggled with myself. Why was I not afraid? Everything pointed to me being afraid of him and running in the opposite direction but that thought hurt me. It hurt me physically as though knives were being drawn through my heart. This wasn't healthy that much I knew. He shouldn't have so much power over me especially when he wasn't in the human race.

    I argued the facts over and over but I got the same reaction. I didn't care. I didn't care what he was. I didn't care if he wasn't human. I just had to be near him. I wouldn't be happy otherwise. I needed to be near him. Even if he hated me. I couldn't help it. I got up with my mind made.

    I walked back to the house and started breakfast and finished getting ready while Travis and Lydia ate. When I came down Travis was ranting about the story in the paper. Apparently a killer escaped jail and was on the loose.

    "They can't even keep their prisoners in jail." Travis scolded the defenseless paper in front of him.

    "Now you have never been a guard at a jail before, you don't have any idea what they have to deal with." Lydia tried to reason. Travis's wonderful reply was a grumble under his breath.

    "Well I'm heading to school." I told them both escaping their arguments. Though I didn’t mind them for it was like they weren’t even fighting but discussing. They both wished me a safe and fun day at school.

    I walked my way to school hoping Edward to be there. When I got there I was meeting up with a girl from my trig and Spanish class named Jessica.

    Jessica had curly brown hair that was nicely defined and brown eyes of a gossiper. She was popular. She went on and on about things that were just like they were from a gossip magazine of our school through Trig and was still going on during Spanish.

    " So she was all like those shoes so don't go with your shirt. And I was like-" She was interrupted then.

    My ears were ringing from the loud deadly pops that went through our door. It shot painful waves of fear through me. The person who shot the gun was quickly shown as he burst through the door. People were screaming in fright and a few were on the floor. The man yelled for us to shut up in his hoarse voice.

    He had on ripped jeans and a shirt. His greasy hair covered his cold dark eyes. His faced needed to be shaved and he was carrying a rifle.

    " Everyone stay still or I'll shoot ya!" He growled at us I felt my stomach turn. We all watched as he brought his rifle over the teacher's head and knocked him unconscious. A few girls screamed at this action and started to cry.

    We all listen to him bark his orders at us about the rules. First we do not move. Do not try anything against him or you would be shot. We would listen to any order he gave us or we would all perish. The only thing that brought us hope suddenly came. We heard sirens. Cussing under his breath he looked out the windows.

    Then quickly he muttered, " I'm not going down without taking on of ‘em with me!" He picked up his gun. Fumbling with it till it was sturdy in his hands

    Then he pointed it around the room. His eyes locked on Jessica who was frozen in horror beside me. Lifting his gun he aimed and fired. Without thinking my body quickly moved to block her from the man shot. Then I felt a sudden pain in my stomach. I open my eyes desperate to know what was going on, though it did not help all I saw was darkness.

    I gasped at the pain not able to form a scream. My hands jumped to my side. I felt warm blood coursing there. I began to feel suddenly weak and my eyes fluttered closed. My body abruptly crumpled to the floor hitting it hard against the unforgiving tile.

    Then my breaths to turn to little gasps then slow to a nerving pace. Jess called to me from my deep pain. I wanted to answer her. She cradled my head and called to me urgently. I felt my eyes snap open as the pain coursed through me tears mixed with blood ran down my face and I started to drift off.

    I saw the quick vibrations of the medical doctors rush over to me from hearing Jessica's pleas for help. I felt them lift me and I cried out my breaths once again turning to the desperate gasps for air. People were calling my name others crying. Then I heard a lot of them and felt the policemen shooting at the man. I also heard a voice last asking me to hold on. Then suddenly I was nothing.