• I woke up at 7:30 am. I sighed, still way to early to be awake for the summeri thought to myself. I still managed to pull myself out of bed and groaned because my back ached from the work out i did before bed. Note to myself: never work out before bed I took a quick shower, brushed through my thick hair and managed to pull it into a sloppy bun. I walked up the stairs slowly to the kitchen table and plopped myself in the chair. "This is fantastic! Thanks so much have a nice day now" i heard my dad say than clicked off the phone. I rolled my eyes because he was always excited about little things in life, i bet he would be excited over getting a pack of gum for valentines day. Just the thought of that made me smirk and chuckle to myself. "Hey Cupcake, clue me in on the joke?" i heard my dad ask sitting next to me. "Sorry not this time, and puh-lease stop calling me Cupcake, dad im sixteen!" i tried to say in a firm voice but ended up in a screech. "Well i've got great news to tell you and everyone else" my dad said, just as my mom walked in with a huge plate of waffles. "Spill" i replied simply. "Wait till your brother and sister get here" he said. " "JAMES, ABBY! GET IN HERE PRONTO" i screamed and my dad covered his ears exgarating. Once again i rolled my eyes. Than i heard a pair of footsteps pounding to make it into the kitchen first. So annoying i thought... "I win" Abby screeched, and Zach scooped her up and hugged her. For a 12 and a 17 year old they were pretty annoying together. "Spill" i tried again. "Well... as you know my company was giving one of the families a trip to Rome for the reast of your summer break were going to ROME! Thats right my boss picked me! So we leave tomorrow. That liar. Liar. Liar. LIAR. He cannot be serious! I took out my bun and shook my hair out and flipped it over my shoulders, to grab attention before i make my point. "Oh puh-lease daddy stop joking. Y'know we cant leave, well i cant certainly because i need to go to Zoe's party!" i said looking him straight in the eyes. 'Sorry hun, start packing' was his only reply than he started stuffing his face. I got up and ran downstairs into my basement size room. I ran to my laptop and propped it onto my bed and signed onto MSN.
    Zernon: Hiya babe wat up?
    Razzle: My duh-dad wants to ship off to rome b4 ur partay!
    Zernon: ...he cun-not!
    Razzle: watevas! i am not going! Well i g2g 4 nowz hun 2 think of a brilt plan to stay!!
    Zernon: hugs and kisses
    Razzle: Hugs and kisses! love ya heart
    (Razzle is offline)

    To be continued...