• The dark, abyss like forest was dank , and deep, was not wretched, or unearthly but excruciatingly lonely. A figure sat upon a beaten, withering away log, hunching over a crackling campfire, if you call a couple of sticks laying on the ground with a microscopic bonfire, a campfire, then yeah it’s a campfire. As for the figure hunching over said fire, he wasn’t looking so good, the figure had snow, white almost translucent fringed, bangs, which is unnatural because one : he wasn’t elderly he was around the age of thirteen maybe fourteen. Two: the rest of his hair was spiky…raven, black. He wore black slightly torn fingerless gloves, black sneakers, slightly torn black cargo pants, and trench coat with its tattered collar up, had a somewhat scorched maroon t-shirt, a light tan, yet almost pale at the same time, and amber eyes.

    “ Fire…” The figure said staring loathingly at the fire. “ That’s all how it started.” He said. “ My name is Thanatos Fatum, and this is my story.”
    1/5/2324 , A year ago
    There were two groups , the Antediluvian, and the Avant-garde, the Antediluvian were considered medieval and used little ,or no electricity unless necessary , the Avant-garde were futuristic, always worrying about the newest things, the newest cars, the newest games, the newest office mugs, they were the polar opposites, they waged war for two and a half centuries but after all the blood shed, pain, suffering, terror, and lawn gnomes chucked at random civilians… the war was over, both side helped clean up the left over carnage lay waste in the world, helped plant trees, rebuild damaged homes, cities, and villages. They made a treaty. If you’re wondering whether I’m Antediluvian or Avant-garde, I’m half.

    I lived in village, everything was going… peachy…well that’s what I thought until they came, an underground organization called Kanashimi, which means sorrow in Japanese. I was fetching water from the well, when I smelled burning. I ran as fast as I could, I was to late. They burnt my home, all my memories of my childhood were burnt to a crisp, all that’s left is ashes. They left most of my village for dead, they killed my parents right in front of my eyes…they took some villagers for experimentation, I was one of them.. They used the adults as slaves or workers, or just put them in jail to rot in a rat filled cell, and took little children who’s families they’ve killed, and tried making them in to monsters, perfect soldiers…. genetically engineered Bio weapons. They injected nanotechnology into your system, little microscopic robots the can change your body structure at will into weapons of mass destruction, blades, shields, giant sledge hammers,. They gave us either a name, or number … I was Thanatos which means death in Greek, and Fatum, the Latin word for doom, or destiny.

    But I was different, for some reason their scientists thought I should be used for a new experiment T.A.P. or The Apocalypse Program. I don’t really know what they did to me, I can’t changes my arms into blades or hammers, however I do know… I’m worse. They taught me martial arts, I trained with masters from almost every where, dojos, woodlands, next to flowing waterfalls, the mall, also that’s how I escaped. I remember it as if it was yesterday, heck I don’t know, it could’ve two to three days ago, I don’t keep track. I was in my cell when a guard came by, I said his shoe was untied…. He fell for it, something overwhelmed me , next minute I know I’m outside their building which was burnt to the ground with dead or unconscious bodies around me…. must have been some party.”

    “ I ran away into the woods and found Him. By the way what’s your name, and why do you work for Kanashimi?” I asked a guy with a camouflage uniform brown hair, black eyes and a serious look on his face. “ Jack Thompson, I joined the army at the age of 18, and was recruited into Kanashimi, it had good pay, and I never knew what they were doing behind those walls, I just guarded them.” Jack stated. “ I’ll give you three choices. One, I can kill you now and make your death immediate, and painless, because I promised to kill every single person who had anything to do with Kanashimi… unless they are and can prove their innocence.” I said to Jack with much disdain. “Two you can go running back to the head honcho, who ever he may be, and say dead men tell no tales…. or jump rope….” “ I’ll choose that .”Jack interrupted. “ …. but if you send any back up on me.. hehe.. I swear you’d probably wish that you had put gun in your mouth after we met.” I pointed out, remembering how we met.

    I had just ran away from the building, because I knew if there were any survivors(which I doubt) they’ll be coming for me. So I ran as fast as I could. I spotted a nearby forest so I decided I could hide there. As you would expect there were wolves or coyote howling in the moonlight, but not this time it was silent…dead silent. “ Don’t move and you won’t get hurt !” Jack yelled holding a M16 rifle in his hands. I put my hands up in surrender and said “ Ok… Ok I know what’s going to happen so I surrender.” That’s when I vanished, a black entity like smoke in my place. “ What the…” Then I roundhouse kicked him in the face from behind, and before he could recover from the blow he was sidekicked with such immense force he slammed into a tree… fifty yards away. Lucky for him, he was just unconscious for about four and a half hours and had lost only 1 tooth, and had bruises all over his back(he told me). In those four and a half hours, I snapped his gun into two, and threw one part of it probably half way across the forest(trust me it’s a huge forest.) disposed, or kept some of his weapons, made a insufficient campfire(I never went camping before, give me a break) and caught some fish with my bare hands.

    He soon woke up. “ Who are you, what are you, what happened to my gun?!” He asked slightly frightened. “ oh that thing threw it some where across this forest.” I said. “ What!!” He yelled. “I’m just kidding..” I said “Phew..” Jack said relieved. “.. I snapped it in half and then I threw a part of it across the forest.” I stated calmly, it must have took like three seconds for him to take that in, because I saw his eye twitch. “ Well since I’m at your mercy I’ll tell you.” I said sarcastically. Now we’re back to were we started.

    “ What are the other choices?” Jack asked “ That’s what I thought.” I assured slyly. “ Then there’s three, you can join me and annihilate Kanashimi, I‘m gonna need your help.” Silence…. “ So what do you say?” When he said yes I knew we had to get out of the forest because there were more coming. Though we didn’t know how to start or were to go, as we were walking into the darkness of the vast forest, we were sure of two things… we were probably going to walk to our deaths sooner or later, and that we were getting close to the end of the beginning.