• Together Again
    A Yu Yu Hakusho short story


    Heartless, arrogant, and beautifully lethal, he was the greatest thief in all of Demon World. Youko was ruthless, cunning, deadly, feared and respected by all. With his long, silver hair, and those gleaming, golden eyes, he had won and broken the hearts of many….Except mine that is. You see, he won my heart, but has not broken it. He has won my heart as I have won his.
    My name is Elizabeth Misawaski. I am a demon; a powerful demon at that. I am a SA class demon, the strongest class of demons there is. I am one of the strongest in that class in existence in fact. Right up there with my father and the other Kings of Demon World.
    My father Raizen, was and is the strongest of the three Kings of Demon World. But, my father had “died”. He didn’t really die though. Instead, his spirit left and went to Spirit World. It was actually just a ploy to see just how strong my younger half brother Yusuke really was. And of course, to see how strong I really was too. But, enough of that garbage. This little story is about me and my mate, Youko Kurama. Kurama and I have been together for 300 years now.
    About twenty years ago, I thought I had lost him forever. Kurama is a thief; or was a thief I should say. Either way, his little “hobby” I guess you could call it almost, almost got him ******** killed. I went through fifteen ******** years of hell without him. I almost lost him a couple of times in the five years we’ve been back together. Now, we are a family. We’ve been to hell literally and back in the 300 years together. And, we have held strong.

    Chapter One
    I know that I am in pain. But, somehow I cannot feel the pain though anymore. I have suffered too ******** long and too ******** deep; so long and so deep that I can no longer recognize the feel of agony. I felt like I had been in the darkness for what seemed like centuries. I can’t feel; I can’t even cry. Even if I try my damned hardest, I can’t do it. I just can’t ******** do it.
    I feel absolutely nothing anymore. It is almost like I have been turned off. Click. No feelings; no emotions. Nothing at all. Just complete emptiness. I have become immune to pain. I am numb, insensitive, cold. Dead, almost. But, I still smile. When I think of those beautiful, gleaming, loving golden eyes, I smile. Then I remember that those eyes are not there anymore. Then I turn off again; I become numb, cold, and dead again.
    I have blocked out all memories; all of the them. Memories of a happier life past. Memory of a love that was unbreakable. Memory of a bond as strong as a diamond. Memory of a family that was there for each other. But, those memories are gone now. Gone with the one I had loved with all my heart. That love was brutally taken away from me. Oh, I got my revenge, but revenge will never bring back the one I had loved the most. Revenge will never erase my pain; my sorrow; my hurt; my loneliness. I still have thoughts of my love. I have chosen my path of loneliness, of solitude for the rest of my life. I know he won’t come back. It’s impossible….I think.
    It has been fifteen years since Youko Kurama was killed. I have been alone for a long time. But, much has happened. I have a “job” now. I am called a Spirit Detective. Let me explain. When the bounty hunter had killed Kurama, he actually hadn’t. In fact, the hunter had actually just severely wounded the fox demon. Kurama had had enough spirit energy to escape death and vanish. But, the explosion had made it seem like he had died to me because I had found no trace of his body anywhere. I had been injured in the accident as well. A metal shard had struck me in my back and I now have a scar the whole length of my back: from my neck all the way to the small of my back, just above my butt. A few months after the accident, I was well enough to track down the bounty hunter and I extracted my revenge. I killed him, as I thought he had killed my love.
    After I had gotten my revenge, I was approached by the King and his son, the Prince of Spirit World themselves, Yama and Koemna. At first, I thought I was going to be killed, but I didn’t care at that point in time. I had wanted it to end then. But, it turns out that they wanted to talk to me. We had gone back to Spirit World to discuss an offer they had. They wanted me to be their Spirit Detective. A Spirit Detective is someone (usually a demon with strong spiritual powers or a person of strong spiritual origins and powers) who brings demons back to Demon World. Pretty simple. So, I took the job. It was easy enough.
    So, I brought in wayward demons who thought they could get a free ride to Earth. Boy were they sooo wrong. As I mentioned a little bit ago, much has happened in the last fifteen years. I found out I had a half brother. A fourteen year old human boy named Yusuke Urameshi. It seems my father had slept with a mere human woman and had produced Yusuke. But, here’s the weird thing. Yusuke is not half demon. No, it turns out that he just has traces of demonic heritage in him. Yusuke and I are similar in few ways. We are both five feet, eight inches tall, headstrong, stubborn, and are fighters. But, that’s all. I mean come on, I’m a full blooded demon for crying out loud. Plus, I have blond hair, and hazel eyes. Actually, I look like a human except I have two red marks on my right cheek, shoulder, under my breast, hip, thigh, knee, and ankle. Besides those marks, I look human.
    But I ain’t human. After I had found out about Yusuke, I had the biggest shock of all: Kurama was alive. It turned out he had a human form. After all that, we got back together. Now, we were all Spirit Detectives. After the Dark Tournament, Kurama getting his demon form back and the encounter with that rogue detective, we were a family again. But, now we had a daughter. A beautiful little girl named Rami Elizabeth Misawaski Minamino. Rami looks exactly her father. When Kurama is in his demon form, he is six feet, five inches tall, silver hair, tail, and fox ears and golden eyes. When he’s in human form, he’s five feet ten inches, red hair and emerald green eyes. Rami though has golden hair, tail, and fox ears and silver eyes. I am happy to be with my love again. No more feeling numb and cold. Instead, I feel again. It’s amazing to be able to feel again. The rush of emotions was a little over whelming at first I’ll admit. But, it did feel good to feel.
    Five years later
    Chapter 2
    My God. It’s been five years already. Five years since I got Kurama back, found out I had a half brother, and had a beautiful little girl. Dam, so much has happened. I turn three hundred and twenty years old in a few days. My lord, 320 years old. But, there’s something else. Mine and Kurama’s three hundred year anniversary. HOLY ********! I can’t believe it. It’s amazing. Plus, my brother is now 19 and has a child on the way with his wife, Keiko. Our father, Raizen, is now ruling again. About freaking time. I still think it was dumb of him to even pull that stunt. But, it brought out Yusuke’s full power; although he doesn’t even match half of my strength. I laid in
    “MOMMY!”, screamed a voice. Oh boy, here we go I thought to myself. Getting myself out of bed, I pulled on a pair of black lounge pants and slipped on a black sweatshirt over my red cami shirt. I slipped on a pair of flip-flops and ran a brush through my red and black streaked waist length blond hair and put into a braid. I picked up my necklace that laid on my dresser. The necklace was that of a tear gem; one from my mother, an ice maiden. It was a sapphire. I put in on and ran a finger over it. Ok, time to face the day. As I descended the stairs, a little blur of gold and silver met me at the bottom. Rami, my four year old daughter, was all but bouncing up and down with hyperness. Where she got it, I have no idea. My little girl looked up at me with silver eyes. “Bout time mommy. Daddy’s being a fox ’gain,” Rami said as I got to the bottom of the steps.
    “Oh is he now?” I asked my little one. When Rami calls Kurama a fox, it means he’s planning something. Rami has heard me call Kurama “fox” many times when he’s up to something. I’ve always done it. It just came natural. Bending down, I picked up my little girl and walked into the kitchen where my mate and my brother were attempting to cook. I use the word attempt lightly. It was more like they were making a mess. There was food EVERYWHERE. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Putting Rami down, I put a hand over my mouth to try to cover my laughter but it didn’t work. I busted out laughing. “You too look so freaking stupid right now,” I said, wiping tears from eyes from laughing so much. As I wiped the tears away, they fell onto the floor into emerald teardrops. Kurama was in his fox form, but he was covered with flour. And, as Rami had said, he was being a fox. I could tell because it was clear in his golden eyes that he was up to something. I may be a telepath, but Kurama new how to block me out. Dumb fox. Turning to look at me, Kurama’s golden eyes heated up with warmth, love, and passion at seeing me. As he looked at me, all thoughts stopped and I turned dumb. When my fox looks at me like that, I become dumb. “Well, it looks like you are awake, my love,” Kurama spoke softly. Nodding my head, I smiled at him. Even covered with flour, he still looked so freaking handsome. “It’s about dam time you got your lazy a** up,” joked Yusuke. Turning to my little brother, I looked at him and busted out laughing again. The fool was covered from head to toe in flour, baking powder, and eggs. “You do realize that look like a dumb a**, don’t you?” I asked my brother, while trying to catch my breath from laughing so hard. “Yeah, well, you suck” retaliated my brother. I stopped laughing and Yusuke knew he was so ******** dead now.
    Narrowing my blue-green hazel eyes, I picked up a wooden spoon that had batter mix on it and looked at it. Yusuke slowly backed out of the kitchen before I thought of throwing the spoon at his freaking head. “Good boy,” I said to him. Dumb a** I thought. Turning away from the mess in my kitchen, I looked out the window over the little kitchen island and sighed. I did love my brother, but he was such a freaking pain in the a**; he could be such a child sometimes. I felt two arms wrap around my waist and a hard, warm body press against mine from behind. “What is the matter, my love?” Kurama asked softly as he leaned down to kiss my neck. Nothing is wrong fox; I’m just tired that’s all, I thought to my mate. Sighing, I leaned back against Kurama’s chest and closed my eyes, enjoying the warmth of his strong body against mine.
    Lately, for some odd reason I had been feeling really tired and exhausted. Not to mention as well as feeling sick. I have never felt like this. I had been feeling this way for well over a month now. At first, I thought I had gotten a little cold, but then I remembered that demons can’t get sick. At least not that easily. I had been sick before, when I was a child, but as I got older, it never happened. I’ll admit that this did have a little worried. I don’t like feeling weak. My mind was open and Kurama had a direct link to my thoughts so he knew what I was thinking. He laid a hand on my stomach and hissed in surprise.
    Chapter 3
    At Kurama’s sudden hiss of surprise, I jumped. As I moved to turn around, he stopped my movement and held me still. He continued to run his hands over my stomach as if he was searching for something. Why would he be searching for something in my stomach? It didn’t make any sense to me. I tried to look into his mind to read his thoughts, but he had blocked me out. Dumb fox. Now his “searching” hands moved over my womb and then they just stopped there, resting it seemed. Once again, I tried to read Kurama’s thoughts. Dam. Still nothing. “Would you please let me go fox? You’re starting to creep me out,” I said impatiently. Kurama let me turn around. I looked up at him and saw in his eyes wonder and amazement.
    Cocking an eyebrow, I looked him. “Wanna tell me why you look amazed at something fox?” I asked him. Shaking his, he ran his hands down my arms and wrapped his arms around my hips and pulled me into him. Kurama looked down at me and said, “My love, you’re pregnant; with twins. That’s why you’ve been sick for two months”.
    I just stared at him stupidly. Then it finally sank in; I was pregnant. With twins. Oh. My. God. I stared up into his golden eyes and smiled at him. I ran my hands up his muscled arms and linked my them around his neck to draw him down to me. I kissed him softly as our lips met. I felt his tongue gently brush my lips, wanting me to let him and I opened for him. Our tongues met and soon they battled for dominance. I felt something harden against my stomach.
    I smiled and moved my hips against him, drawing a soft moan from my fox. I knew what we wanted to do, but we were interrupted when our hyper active little girl came barreling in. We moved apart as Rami came running into the kitchen. Her little face was red from running around and her silver eyes were bright with excitement. Her golden hair was pulled back into a little braid that gleamed in the bright kitchen lights. Pretty soon, her hair would start to darken to dark golden blond like my own and start to get highlights similar to mine. My black and red highlights came from my mother, Sari, who was an ice maiden.
    Rami looked from me to Kurama then to my stomach. All of a sudden the little fox squealed with excitement and hurled herself as us. I caught her just in time before she knocked me over. “Mommy, you gonna have my brother or sister?” She asked excitedly. I stared at my child in amazement. How she knew I was pregnant, I didn’t know, but I was surprised and amazed by her. Looking at Kurama, then back to her, I said “Yes my little love, I am. You’re going to be a big sister”. Rami squealed again in excitement and started to bounce up and down in my arms. My lord, I have never seen a child with so much excitement in her. I know she doesn’t get it from me.