• The Underwater Adventure
    Sometimes i wish i could explore the ocean blue.See all those fish in the water.But all my parents could afford was a stupid pattleboat.If i stepped in i would sink.Only if we had a better boat,i would have fun in the sparkling breeze of the wind.I wish I could just be a free girl. I went out into the night one day and went down to our pond to go for a swim,I didn’t realize that the pond was connected to the ocean.I dived in.for some reason I didn’t need to plug my nose or close my sparkling blue eyes.I saw all the wonderful fish.Many different colors amazed my eyes.they kept coming up to me for some reson, like they were welcoming me into their ocean.Even the sharks didn’t eat or hurt me.I wish my family at home would treat me like this.Also when I left to go get some air they pretty much followed me.I jumped up and got some air and then realized I was miles away from home.I stepped quickly throught some shallow water,cautious,incase something creeps up behind me and attacks me.