As the rose fell from my hands, her screams echoed in my ears. The darkest was about to cover my eyes as I started to sank into the abyss. It was okay that I was dying. I though I stared to swallow my some of my blood. It was okay because she was safe, and if I had to die for her safety than I was happy with that. I open my eyes on to look at her one last time. Her face was beautiful I wouldn’t want any other image in my mind as I died. Her soft dark brown eyes were filled with tears as she urged me to hang on. I lifted my hand to the side of her face I spoke.
    “I’m sorry sweetie, you know…” I cough up blood it came spewing from my mouth as I tried to continue my sentence. Her eyes beg me not to talk, they pleaded they said that help was soon on the way, but I continued anyways.
    “I wouldn’t want to do anything to make me cry. I thought about what you said, and I bought this ring just for you. I was going to ask you to run away with me.” I smiled a half of a smile as another pint of blood came out of my life.
    “The ring is in my side pocket. You know I would never want to see you cry….” I smiled as my eyes glazed over and I slipped into the darkness.