• I am Katherine,and I have this best friend,Jane.We go to HNVS to study. She has a boy friend that so happened my cousin. He's name is John. He likes her a lot and was always there for her. Their was also this other boy who's name is Rey. He has a crush on Jane. One day,he asked Jane to meet him under the mango tree. Jane refused so he waited for her on the way towards the next subject. Knowing that John will be with Jane,he went to Jane and asked her,"Are you sure you will be my date this coming acquaintance?" Jane looked confused. John asked,"What are you talking about Rey?" "Nothing. She just told me she will be my date,right Jane?"
    "What are you talking about?!" said the confused Jane.
    "Is he telling the truth Jane?" John asked with anger.
    "NOOOO!! He's LYING!!" she shouted.
    "Stop lying Jane. Just because John is here doesn't mean you're gonna lie." Ray said cleverly.
    Jane ran away and John shouted"Go away Rey!!"

    During night time,Jane called John, she said "I'm so sorry John of what happened this afternoon. What he said was never true."
    "It's ok Jane. We just need to break up a little. You know, to forget bad things a bit. I'm sorry Jane."
    "What?" she said as tears flowed on her cheeks.
    "I'm so sorry." Then he hung up the phone.

    The next day,they never talked again. Even until today,but my cousin still talks to me.
    Early this morning I asked Jane of she still like him. Gladly,she nodded. For the past months,I kept on looking at my cousin only to find out that he keeps on staring at Jane. So I thought of this story that I'm gonna make. This is my wish when we will be 3rd year highschool after one year without her in school. Remind you: She'll be gone for the entire year 2nd year but she'll return during 3rd year highschool.