• It was early morning and Grace awoke from a long night before in her cabin. Her muscles felt like rock and her head hurt so much. She sat up and stretched something that was much needed. Slowly, she got up and went to the bathroom to wash up. Thirty minutes later she came out, looking decent enough that Darcy would coo over all night. That’s when she noticed the card sitting on the desk in the far corner of her cabin. She walked over to the old wooden desk and gently picked the note up. On the front of it read “Grace”. Immediately she recognized the handwriting. With a smile she eagerly opened the front flap of the card and read to herself,


    I hold you dear, so close to my heart, and I never will forget the day I saved you.

    But as I lay here in my bed, I realize iv never been good to you. I hope you’ll accept this poem iv written for you.

    Black roses and red hearts
    Fangs bared I search your eyes for some truth
    But underneath the bloody gore, never will I forget
    You saved me from certain death and now my feelings you should know
    I love you, Grace, and forever will I dream, that you will receive my vampire kiss
    And forever stay with me…

    A tear fell from Grace`s eyes and fell onto the paper, messing up some of the ink.

    “I love you, too, Lorcan. More than you know.” she whispered to herself, hugging the card to her chest.

    Hours later….

    It was almost sunset and Grace decided to give a certain someone a wake up call. As quietly as she could, she raced to Lorcan`s cabin and barged into the room, closing the door behind her, and jumped onto the bed.

    “Lorcan! Wakey-Wakey!” she gently shook him until she got a groan from him.

    “Grace. Darcy hasn’t even sounded the bell yet. It’s not time for me to get up!”

    “But sleepy head! I want to spend the rest of the day with you!” with those words Lorcan sat up, wide eyed.

    “y-you do?” Grace nodded and, hesitantly, placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

    “I love you, too, Lorcan. I love you, too.” Grace could feel him smiling under her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and made more of the kiss. More is what she got. Lorcan wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her on top of him. The rest of the evening and through part of the night, these two lovers made love, exploring each other, and showing their love. Passion, in that cabin, was everywhere.

    …and it all started with Lorcan`s Valentine…