• There was a young girl who grew up on the edge of living. Her father had gone to war. Seince he was killed in war and they expected money instead they got nothing. Then her mother couldn't handle it she left her daught in a ratty apart that they found. The mother still paid the bills but she warned her daughter if she raised them to high she would have no where to sleep. The daughter was a bully and had to be to get anything in her life. She felt like everyone was afraid of her. All she ever wanted was a friend. She was very smart though, infact the smarest in her class. Every night she studied until one night a robber came when she while she was at school. The apartment she had spent trying to fix up with little money was now trashed once again. She cried that night even muttering in her sleep "Why didn't I lock the door?!"

    When she was 11
    She saw her mother she ran toward her opening her arms for a hug, when her moter started run away. The girl stopped right there on the sidewalk and started to cry. When a car that was spinning out of control ended her short depressing life.