• A Chance In The Beloved Dorm
    It was a bright warm, and sunny day in the small town. The grass sweyed merrily and the towns people basked in the afternoon sun. To most people, this was the perfect weather, but to Ezra, it was a nightmare. He hated the sun with a passion, but it seemed to follow every where he went.

    To vent his anger at the light, he snapped at the driver, "Are we there yet?"

    The driver was unphased and said patiently, "Almost. Lovely day, don't you think?" Ezra decided not to answer, in fright of icing over the whole car.

    What Ezra meant to say, was that if he got to angry, the whole car woud be covered in a thick sheet of strong ice. Because, that, indeed, was his power. He could throw ice from the air at anyone who came his way. It was also, indeed why, he was being sent away to the is small town. Because on the outskirts of this town was a large school. To keep up normal appearences, it was made a private high school. Children came from all over the country to attend this prestigious school, but really that was just a cover up.

    Ezra was told that the reason he was going here so suddenly was because he was recruted. The principal had come specially to his house to talk to his parents in the mansion. Ezra liked to call it the monstrocety. It was so big that twelve normal sized churches could fit easily into it. It was so big, that Ezra himself still got lost in it (and he had grown up there).
    They wanted him there because he had the brains. But he knew the real reason. That day, when the principal had come, he had given Ezra such a look that told him what he was in for.

    "Rein, please stop pacing. You're giving me a head ache." MoJo complained.

    Rein looked over, her anger spiking, "You said you never got headaches. You said the medicine insence in your room kept away all illness. Besides, i'm to excited!"

    MoJo sighed and went back to whatever she was doing. Meanwhile, Reins pacing never stopped. If possible, she went faster. Her excitment over powered her anger by a long shot. Nothing could bring her down, for the team was getting a new member today! By now though, the feeling were more anxiety. You see, Rein has a certain knack for worrying more than she should, and that was what was happening right now.

    She pulled out another Mary Jane and popped it into her mouth. Chewing hard, she paced from one end of the meeting room to the other.

    Finally, MoJo had had enough. "Sit down or on your next pace, you will trip and fall and break your nose."

    "No joking around, MoJo." Rein snapped. Then she reconsidered. "That was a joke, right. You didn't really see that, did you?" She had stopped pacing and just stood there.

    Mojo laughed, "Why don't you try and see what happens." Rein knew better than to test her abilities. She sat down.

    MoJo usually didn't like to flaunt the fact that her power was the sight of the future, but when necessary, she used it. Rein wasn't sure how it worked and truthfully, it was a little confusing to think about. So she tried not to. Instead she thought about the new arrival.

    He was male and his name was Ezra. That's about all that she knew. But the thought of having someone new around was just enthralling...

    A buzz came to the panel at the edge of the doorway. A car was coming through the main gates.This is him!, Rein thought excitedly. She jumped up and from behind she heard a large sigh that could only be MoJo. Snickering to herself, she sprinted to the front door. The entrance hall was filled with, surprisingly, every member or the Beloved dorm. Even Petit made it, though Rein was sure The Mind had to do a lot of persuading to get her to come.
    The Mind smiled warmingly at Rein and said, "Don't get to excited, Rein. He may not be what you are expecting." I wondered for a moment, wether he could hear Ezras thoughts. Then she thought to herself, of course he can, he's The Mind.
    For a few moments Rein wondered what it would be like to know the thoughts of others. She looked at The Mind again, but he was whispering gently in Petits ear and Rein felt she had better not look at thier private moment.
    However, as soon as she looked ahead where the door was supposed to be, instead was a tall boy. His hair was untidy and his hazel eyes seemed to be glazed over with exaustion. He walked in and for a moment, Rein felt a thrill of fear. This feeling was unexplainable.

    Ezra felt tired... and frustrated... and about every feeling that could be felt that wasn't pleasant. He had walked into a room filled with nine other boys and girls. They all seemed to be nice enough, but it was him that wasn't in a good mood. So to acknowledge them, he simply grunted.
    The first to approach him was a girl a few inches shorter than himself. For a moment, she looked uncertain and then she looked up at him and reached out her hand for him to take. Ezra was a little startled. It wasn't the handshake or the hesitation. It wasn't anything of the sort.
    It was in fact, her eyes. As soon as she had looked up at him, he had been entranced. They were the fairest blue he had ever seen in a human before. Her strong cheek bones shown even though she was barely an adult yet. But her eyes, they had pierced him through with calm.
    So he did indeed reach out his hand and shook with her. She smiled and her eyes lit up with a brilliant spark of joy. For a moment, he smiled down at her before he realized he had smiled at all. He quickly went back to hid frowning routine, but she kept on smiling.
    "Hi." she said in a pleasant hum. "My names Rein and you must be Ezra!" Ezra could hear the excitement in her voice. He couldn't help feeling sad. What a disappointment he must be to her.

    Rein was exstatic. Ezra had walked in and for a moment, she had felt nervous. But that feeling had vanished as soon as she had smiled and he smiled right back. Feeling he might just be the great addition they'd been expecting, she began the introductions.
    Pointing at MoJo on the far right, she worked her way over, "... and thats Wulf. The one next to Wulf is Geek and Camo. Thier both really cool and-"
    But she was cut off. Ezra looked at her and being what he was on the outside, murmured, "Could you just show me to my room?"
    Rein was a little taken aback. She paused for a second and then saw in him discomfort and agitation. Automatically, she felt embarrassed. Nodding, she answered, "Sure, follow me." Ezra grabbed his bags and moved along after her. He felt like he wanted to yell. But at the same time he regreted being snippy with her. It wasn't her fault that it was an unbelievably gorgeous day and he hated it. Ezra decided at that moment never to get irritated with her again.
    It was then that he realized he hadn't heard her name yet. He looked down and seemed to catch her at a bad time. She was looked down, obviously thinking something through. He hoped she hadn't taken that his snipe the wrong way. It was a long car drive...
    "Hey." he said, his outer self trying to be casualy cool.
    She looked up at him with those eyes. "Yes?"
    He looked forward so he wouldn't keep thinking about them. "I never caught your name."
    She smiled meekly, looking forward too.She said to him, "My name is Rein." Rein felt she better not push him to far so he got any angrier. He was probably just a little tired from the ride. Besides, she was captain! She needed everyone to be on speaking terms with her so if they had a problem, they could come to her.
    Ezra sighed at the confident looked that had just sparked into her eyes. He felt he should say sorry for being that way back in the hall. Than he really thought. Oh my God. I just made a total a** of myself in front of every member of this place!
    Rein never did understand the small groan that escaped his throat.