• rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-alarm
    DANG IT!!!-Tori
    Mommmm!Why didn't you wake me up!I'm gonna get detention! scream -Tori
    Honey,Your not a child anymore you can do it by yourself.-Tori's mom
    So your saying that you want me to get detention again? mad -Tori
    Ohhh,just shut up and go to school.It's uhhh 8:50.-Tori's mom
    Tori running like lightning to school-Narrator
    YOUR LATE-Mrs.Munoz
    Sorry,you see-Tori
    Wow,she's scarier than a dragon is she like related to them?-Tori's mind
    Go to which ever seat is empty.-Mrs.Munoz
    Heey Tori-Jamie Tori's best freind
    Shut up back there-Mrs.Munoz
    You shut up please-Tori's mind
    I have an importantant announcement to make,we have a new student.-Mrs.Munoz
    His father is the principal of this school so be nice-Mrs.Munoz
    A very handsome boy walks in,he has brown hair and brown eyes.-Narrator
    Say hello to the class-Mrs.Munoz
    Hey,my name is Dylan-Dylan
    Girls are drooling and some of them fainting-.- -Narrator
    Boys jealous-Narrator
    Sit by that late girl-Mrs.Munoz
    Why wasn't she drooling over me?Like all the others?What ever i'll make her.-Dylan's mind
    Blahh blah blah blahblah-Mrs.Munoz
    Ding Dong Dang Dong-Bell
    You have to say here for uhhh 30 minutes here with me because you were late.-Mrs.Munoz
    30 minutes later-Narrator
    Empty hall-Narrator
    She sees Dylan next to the door-Narrator
    What are you doing over there?School's over already-Tori