Chapter 16- Rangarok 2

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    *In the flutter, John was staring from the view where Wily Arcadia was, with being struck with fear and anxiety, John couldn't bare but feel sorry for Dr. Wily and Dalton after witnessing their betrayal by Dr. Weil.*

    John= Weil...... you.....your sick.

    Harpuia= John. Are you alright?

    John= Even if they were enemy's, I wanted to save them.

    Harpuia= It's not your fault.

    John= I am not gonna let him...... do the Bonnes this way either.

    Fenfir= Ciel wants us in the bridge right away.

    Harpuia= Come on John. Need help?

    John= It's ok........ im.....im ok. *looks shaken*

    *At the bridge, the 4 guardians, Colonel, and John were with Roll and Ciel as they were contacting H.Q.*

    Mr. Kenner (radio)= This is definitely bad. Dr. Weil has rebuilt Rangarok, this time bigger and more advanced than the one Zero destroyed. Dr. Weil notified me to surrender our continent or we will start shooting other continents. If we fly any shuttle to the station, he will launch a space assault and destroy any incoming ship in range.

    John= But no! He..... he...


    Mr. Kenner (radio)= I also have something to share with you as well. you see, Dr. Weil's reason he didn't fire the eclipse canon to destroy this continent is ..... he.... was born here in Abagale. 100 years ago, he was working in a colony when he was a child but was forced to another continent to do research. I don't know any more but this is one of the reasons why he's hated our government. Now he wants to continue from where he started.

    Harpuia= Weil......you!....

    John= Then he committed that crime... and was forced to live in a lonely place without light or nature. live in space for a century. That's enough to drive anyone mad....... He hates his own kind..... driven mad by his own flesh. ........ He's been insane for too long.

    Harpuia= That's EXACTLY what kind of a man he is!!

    Leviathan= You see, he was the one responsible for the Elf wars that took thousands of human lives.

    Phantom= And he did it for selfish revenge.

    John= What are we gonna do now?

    Roll= I say we should go to that place and take them out while there recharging there weapon.

    Ciel= We can't. You heard what Kenner said!? If we send out a ship, Weil will have it shot and destroyed.

    John= I got an idea that will work splendidly. Everyone let's head back to the H.Q. I need to get my Tardis.

    (music dies down)

    Harpuia= Do you mean?

    Fenfir= You don't mean that box that brought you here do you?

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    Phantom= That might just work.

    Ciel= John. You not thinking about going up there do you?

    John= Don't worry, the Tardis is a teleportation ship. How can Weil shoot a ship he can't trace or see? It's a magical ship so we would have the advantage.

    Roll= That's it! Were heading to East Abagale city hall.

    *The Flutter headed back to Abagale and headed straight for the city hall. Once they arrived in East Abagale city hall's underground laboratory....*

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    Lucus= John, how are you boy!? Have you heard?

    John= About the threat from Weil? Yeah. And he's plannin something really big. He's going to blow up other continents if we don't surrender this one. Im not going to let him kill people like he did to Dr. Wily and Dalton!

    Lucus= Wily and Dalton? Is that the reason how that floating fortress was destroyed?

    John= It wasn't us, it was Weil's doing. He betrayed them.

    Harpuia= Mr. Lucus, where's the Tardis?

    Lucus= Right over there. It's been all repaired as we can go further with it. Cerveau was loads of help.

    Allouette= John! How you been!?

    John= Been busy. Very busy.

    Allouette= Found any cyber elves during your missions?

    John= I found a bunch of them in the temples in this continent. Here you go, use this digital map. You can get help searching for them sometime when we stop Weil.

    Allouette= You don't mean Dr. Weil is back!? I thought Zero.....

    John= I thought so too. Look, what im gonna do is try to stop him before he causes any more damage. I want you too look after Roll and Ciel for me, ok?

    Allouette= I....understood.

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    John= Im not too sure what will happen if I don't come back so....

    Ciel= Don't you dare say something like that!

    John= Ciel, if I don't make it back, just incase, I want you to take care of this continent for me ok?

    Roll= John, I....you better come back safely ok?

    John= I will. Oh, and Guardians, you 4 better stay here....

    Harpuia= Out of the question! We will come to your aid.

    Colonel= We are all coming with you and you have no way of stopping us.

    Fenfir= Think about it John, Were doing this for Lan and his friends too. If we all stop Weil, this continent and world will be safe, even for Allouette and Roll.

    Leviathan= We can put Weil in his place for all he's done.

    Phantom= We can stop him from abusing the skills he's learned from this continent just like what Mr. Kenner said.

    Colonel= We will all work together as a team. John, open the Tardis.

    John= Ok. Let's go put an end to that Weil before he does anything else.

    (music slowly dies down)
    *John, the 4 guardians, and Colonel walked into the Tardis and the door closed behind them. The Tardis began to make the whooshing sound and disappeared from the lab.*

    Ciel= John, guardians, Colonel,...... please come back to us.

    Allouette= Im sure he will be back.

    *In space,... the Tardis warped through the fabrics of the astro projectional subspace, (can't be seen by the human eye or traced by radar) arrived at Rangarok 2 airspace, unnoticed and undetected.*

    Harpuia= I can't believe it. We actually made it here unnoticed.

    Fenfir= You sure have a cool ship John!

    Leviathan= This is pretty strange to get to a destination that would have had a ship shot down.

    Phantom= This ship is like the art of stealth itself.

    Colonel= We will compliment John later. We must prepare ourselves.

    John= There's sub-tank refills there. I also packed spare energy crystals for you guys too.

    Harpuia= Then were all set. John, land it.

    John= Got it!

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    *Somewhere in the cargo holds of the station of Rangarok 2, which had windows that showed outside from it, and the view of Earth from below, was a quiet empty cargo hold with no presence of persudroids and Mechanloids. The Tardis began to materialize within that corridor. Then John, the 4 guardians, and Colonel stepped out from the Tardis.*

    John= Well,.... this place isn't so bad.

    Harpuia= It will be once Weil gains full control. Remember everyone. No one splits up any time. We all stand together.

    Fenfir= I was expecting guards and all.

    Leviathan= Weil doesn't even know were here, so we have the opportunity of surprise.

    Colonel= Let's all remain quiet and be on guard. We do not know how or what Weil may have incase of intruders.

    *The 6 walked the corridor on foot and as they walked more further in the fortress and entered a room, the lights suddenly turned on and there were service robots and security drones covering the treacherous terrain and turned to attack the group.*

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    John= Here we go everyone there coming for us!

    Colonel= Everyone, were cutting through.

    *John, Colonel, and the 4 guardians traveled through the rough terrain and sliced and mowed down every robot that attacked them and headed straight to the middle of the zone in Rangarok 2. John was in Model N as he fired a barrage of plasma shots and dispatched a few enemies. Then a few strong mechanloids appeared and were attacking the group.*

    Colonel= Watch out! Here come stronger forces!

    John= We gotta keep moving on!!

    *The security drones continued firing, John turned around and fired a few missiles to take them out from a distance. Harpuia told John to keep moving forward but John wanted to cover his friends. Then a mix of Dr. Wily and Dalton made robots also appeared and began to attack. Then when the 6 reached the next corridor, the traps began to activate. The fire hoops began to levitate and block some areas off. John fired some electric charges to destroy them and they all proceeded through.*

    John= Weil must have figured something out.

    Harpuia= We need to move on and find the override chamber. It's exactly as Ciel predicted. John, I ... take back some things I said....

    John= It's alright.

    Fenfir= There's more coming in! Hurry up you guys!

    *Fenfir began to shoot at incoming random robots covering the rest who were catching up. Then entered a huge shaft similar to Space Colony Ark from Sonic's world. The 6 wall kicked there way through upward to reach the destination they were heading for. A little further ahead, John spotted a strange part of the fortress.*

    John= Huh? Looks like some sort of....

    Phantom= Hurry John. Do not loose your focus!

    *John continued to trail up the shaft and then found a hallway to a station chamber and a security door.*

    John= Hey, a security door like the one in Wily's fort.

    Harpuia= That looks like our way through.

    *The 6 walked through the security door*

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    *The 6 walked through the small hallway and through another security door, and then walked into a chamber but it was only a maintenance control station.*

    John= I don't like this guys.

    Dr. Weil (intercom)= I knew John would lead you here to me. I knew he would survive and that Wily and Dalton would not.

    John= HEY YOU!! Why did you do that for!? They saved you!

    Dr.Weil= Wily and Dalton did save me and rebuilt me, true son. But I still would've managed by myself a bit, but slower. You want to know the reason why I can survive something in such magnitude and that copy goody Zero did not?


    Dr. Weil (intercom)= I have said it a few times and I will continue to say it more.... I..... cannot...die! Just plain and simple.

    Harpuia= Why did you survive something like that? I thought Zero destroyed you?

    Dr. Weil (intercom)= Don't be discouraged. I can survive any attack, even the Rangarok's eclipse canon couldn't kill me, I just come back and regerate,... myself... a human who can't be killed.

    John= I think he's pullin our chain. And I like to know something else too. Is Abagale really your birthplace?

    Dr. Weil (intercom)= Yes it is! And those pigs dragged me out of my own homeland and tossed me in there continent where I had to work for those lousy syndicates, even with that descendant of that whiny Ciel! But im now grown bored of you and it's time to see you and your friends retired.

    John= Weil! Wait!

    Harpuia= It's no good. He will not listen to you.

    Mysterious voice= Neither did you Harpuia.

    Harpuia= It..... it can't be!?

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    *A large bulked figure wrapped in a camouflage green cape and wearing heavy looking combat armor appeared from the shadows and held a huge gun like weapon with a knife shaped blade*

    Harpuia= CRAFT!?

    Fenfir= I don't believe this!?

    Craft= Guardians. And that new guy. John if im correct? You gave my master Weil allot of trouble.

    John= Weil is the one causing those people down there allot of trouble. He even killed 2 of his own pals who revived him. What kind of master do you call that!?

    Phantom= Craft, what has happened to you!? We thought you perished when the Rangarok fell.

    Harpuia= You have allot of explaining to do.

    Craft= And I thought you 4 have died too? Well, anyway, im not the same Craft that you 4 once knew.

    John= What about Neige? Dose she mean anything to you anymore?

    Craft= You are not at place to menson her. I can not let you go any further.

    Colonel= Everyone, I will take him alone. Go! And take John out of here! Find that override chamber and stop this place, and Weil!

    Harpuia= Understood.

    Fenfir= Good luck Colonel!

    Leviathan= As you wish Colonel.

    Phantom= It was an honor working with you.

    John= WHAT!? You..... wait. Your not planning on .....

    Harpuia= Everyone, grab John and get him out of here NOW!!

    *The 4 guardians grabbed John and dashed to the security door before it could lock all of them in the dark chamber. The 5 made it just in time but Colonel was left behind with Craft. The security door locked immediately.*

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    John= Colonel! COLONEL!!

    Harpuia= John! There's nothing you can do! This is his decision. He bought us a chance to proceed.

    Fenfir= He's a tough guy. We won't fall so easily.

    Phantom= John, listen. Try to understand Colonel made a decision that he may have to pay a price for.

    John= But that guy saved me from Vile back at the residential area. If he never showed up, Vile wouldive killed me!

    Phantom= True, .... but some day, we may have to end up making the same decisions and eventually, ... so will you.

    John= Don't talk that way, were gonna pull through this and escape together, even with Colonel!

    Harpuia= John, we are destined to fight for humanity even till our time to fall...

    John= "sniffle" Harpy..... don't ...t..t.t.t.talk like .t.t.t.that. *Tears began to roll through John's face and looked like he was about to cry.*

    Leviathan= John. Look, we have to go now. There's no time to cry.

    John (crying)= Le....le...Leby. *sobbs* I don' wanna let Colonel or the resd ov eu dyee. Be' well bull vis ober.....

    Fenfir= Oh man! C'mon John. Colonel won't stand for you crying. You are sure like Ciel sometimes.

    Leviathan= FENFIR!! John, look, Colonel wants us to stop this station and Weil.

    Harpuia= John, let's go now. That's an ORDER!

    John= Yeh..... *wipes his face* You're right! Were gonna stop that Weil and this station no matter what!

    Phantom= Good. Lets go now!

    (music changes back to Final weapon stage 1/ Megaman X 4 )
    *The 5 dashed through the hallway and continued through the factory wing dashing and dropping any enemy in sight that stood in there way. John was still in Model N and then switched to Model Z trying out the new abilities. John dropped a few robots that got in his way with new moves such as the Hyougetsujin and the Shouenga which were effective against most of the robots such as the Laser Guards, Lasher's and Turret's.*

    Fenfir= You sure gotten better with that biometal John!

    *The 4 guardian's managed to drop a few enemies too. Fenfir destroyed a few guard bot's and Leviathan downed a few mechanloids too. Phantom and Harpuia dropped allot of airborne security drones too.*

    Harpuia= We need to get to that override chamber and put a stop to this place! Let's move it!

    *John climbed some ladders and a few shoots to reach the destination where the direction of the override chamber was located. The other guardians followed John and watched him as he was attempting to clear out obstacles with casting magic on the turrets.*

    Leviathan= John is so sweet. He's clearing our way to make this easier for us.

    Harpuia= Let's not let him push himself too far. I believe he may be the only one who can stop Weil if we can't.

    Fenfir= What do you mean?

    Harpuia= He may be this worlds last chance if Zero is officially dead or became like Craft as he is now, I believe only John can save this world.

    Phantom= It has even been more clear to me that Ciel and John met.

    Fenfir= And I want to see the two get married and then...

    Harpuia= Fenfir, this is not the time!

    Leviathan= Let's give John every last piece of help we can give him!

    *Then the guardians caught up with John and dropped every mechanloid that was near him and finally worked there way to another chamber where the override chamber was in. Then they all entered the dark battle room.*

    (Music stops)

    John= Another one!?

    Dr.Weil (intercom)= *Maniacal laughter* You guys are persistent aren't you!? I know what your up too. You're trying to get to that override chamber, too bad. Not if my friends can stop you.

    John= Weil! Your not going to hurt that planet worse than it is now. Just stop it!!

    Mysterious voice= That's what you think you little nosey chump!

    *The mysterious voice was none other than Prometious from the mystery satellite the day John and Ciel traveled to the ship ruins. Pandora was with him too*

    (Music changes to- Mystic appearance/ Megaman Z X )Download

    John= You guys!!

    Fenfir= You know them John!?

    John= Those are the guys me and Ciel overheard.

    Prometheus= John, your so funny. You think you can save this world and your friends do you?

    Pandora= It will not be possible now.

    Harpuia= What do you mean? And who are you?

    Prometheus= Well, it's been fun seeing you, but we have a tight schedule ahead of us. We don't have time to talk so we have some friends to keep you all company. Call them!

    Pandora= Einherjar Eight! Hachishinkan judges! Come forth!!

    *Suddenly 16 persodroids teleported and they were no other than the Hachishinkan judges and the Einherjar eight who Zero battled before.*

    Fenfir= Oh man! This is not good!

    Harpuia= I remember them! They fought aside with us back when we were in Neo Arcadia. Now there against us.

    John= Prometheus!!!

    Prometheus= Well, that's it. Farewell friends. HAHAHAHAHA!!

    Pandora= And good riddance!

    *Prometheus and Pandora teleport out of the chamber.*

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    Cubit Foxtar= Well well well. John isn't it. We finally meet. You sure gave Lord Weil allot of trouble.

    Blazin' Flizard= Those pathetic robots of Dr. Wily's are nothing compared to us! You can guarantee that!

    Glacier Le Cactank= Not only you face us judges, you face the Einherjar as well. I could almost pity you.

    Heat Genblem= Cactank is right. Im gonna make a barbeque out of all of you! Then feel sorry for you.

    Sol Titanian=*giggle* Are you boys ready to face the heat were packing!?

    Pegasolta Eclair= Oh yeah, your deaths will bring such sweet succulent and beautiful sounds for Lord Weil's ears.

    Mino Magnus= Oh yes! We can traaaaaaaaash and crush all of you.......... then...... were gonna......... uhhhhhhh....were gonna......

    Deathtantz Mantisk= Chyckyiata!, You are so slow on words Magnus. Speed it up some next time will ya?

    Popla Cocapetri= KOYAHHHHHHHH!!! My garden needs more statues, I think I can make more, hehehehe!

    Noble Mandrago= Such a waste of good people, it woud'livebeeneasy if you just joined us instead of opposing us.

    Fenrir Lunaedge= You guys are history. Soooooo history. Lord Weil resurrected all of us and were going to get you guardians and your outworlder friend too.

    Chilldre Inarabitta= Are you guys ready to be retired?

    Tech Kraken= My old master Phantom, you disappoint me. I was hoping you side with us.

    Phantom= My place is with these people and my fellow teammates.

    John= What's this all about anyway?

    Cubit Foxtar= Alright, were done talking. Get them now!!

    (music changes to- Bloodstained Lineage/ Guilty Gear X X )Download

    *Blazin' Flizard, Volteel Biblio, Glacier Le Cactank, & Fenrir Lunaedge charged after Fenfir.

    Mino Magnus, Heat Genblem, Popla Cockapetri, Devilbat Schilt, & Childre Inarabitta charged after Harpuia.

    Deathtanz Mantisk, Tech Kraken, & Noble Mandrago charged for Phantom.

    Pegasolta Eclair, Sol Titanian, & Tretesta Kelverian charged for Leviathan.

    Cubit Foxtar had John all to herself.*

    *Fenfir performed his barrage canon attack hitting both Blazin' Flizard, Volteel Biblio, Glacier Le Cactank & Fenrir Lunaedge. Fenrir Lunaedge took a wall jump and tried to pounce Fenfir, but Fenfir lifted up his other knuckle blaster and fired his flame shot, which Fenrir Lunaedge was weak against. Blazin Flizard took a dash and attacked with his spinning wheel. Fenfir jumped and it hit Fenrir Lunaedge instead who dripped in front of him.*

    *Harpuia was almost getting hammered by Mino Magnus's hammer and body parts as he was dodging them while evading Devilbat Schilt and his bat attack. Childre Inarabitta was trying to throw ice spears at him. But missed. Popla Cockapetri was still waiting on ground level for a chance to strike.*

    *Deathtanz Mantisk and Noble Mandrago tried to pin attack Phantom but he performed a smoke screen and evaded them, but Tech Kraken cut him off and began to throw ice darts at him, but Phantom was counter throwing his knives at him.*

    *Pegasolta Eclair and Tretesta Kelverian were trying to attack Leviathan from a distance. Sol Titanian was trying to dive bomb Leviathan with her fiery wing attack.*

    *John was head to head with Cubit Foxtar*

    Cubit Foxtar= You and your friends are outnumbered! You can't possibly beat us now!

    John= That's what you think!

    *John switched biometals to Model A and copied Foxtar's dark fire and broke from her sight and fired on the other teams, but Foxtar was trying to hit John with her teleporting flames. John kept dodging the attacks and dropping fire attacks from one group to another. But John got hit by a big blast from behind by another group attack.*

    John= Gahhhhhh!!

    Deathtanz Mantisk= You pestering ancient caveman! You will pay for your intrusion.

    *Deathtanz Mantisk tried to swing his scythes at John but John used the copy shot and copied his scythe shot. John was firing it back at him. But Pegasolta Eclair dropped by and swung his electric blades at John*

    Pegasolta Eclair= You make a mockery of my fellow comrades you little imp of a human!

    *Suddenly, John dropped with pink glowing from his body, Model C megamerged automatically knowing the guardians were in danger of the outnumbered attacks that they were more threatening than Dr. Wily's robots*

    Pegasolta Eclair= Such beautiful biometal is wasted over this filthy human! You will pay for that.

    Deathtanz Mantisk= Hurry up Eclar! Slice him up!!

    *John performed the alpha wave attack sending Deathtanz Mantisk and Pegasolta Eclair flying across the room. John then dashed and slammed Devilbat Schilt and sent him flying with a seismic toss threw him on Childre Inarabitta*

    Childre Inarabitta= What's the big idea pinky!? Picking on someone half your size will ya bully!!

    Cubit Foxtar= Never mind the guardians now! Get the human! He poses the greatest threat to Lord Weil! KILL HIM FIRST!! Then finish the guardians!!

    Fenfir= Oh no you don't! That's MY...BUDDY!!!

    *Fenfir charged both his knuckle guns and performed his flame crush beam which covered 1/4 the room cutting through the persudroids dispatching Glacier Le Cactank, Fenrir Lunaedge, Childre Inarabitta & Volteel Biblio. Harpuia used his twin blades going after Cubit Foxtar and attacking head to head. John then performed his Model C version of Giga crush the "Rose Crush" blasted a huge pink ultima wave dispatching all except for Mino Magnus, Pegasolta Eclair, Popla Cockapetri, Cubit Foxtar, and Tech Kraken.*

    Popla Cockapetri= Kyahhhhhhhh!!! Such.....power!!

    Cubit Foxtar= Just....... kill....him!!!!

    John= Let's finish this!

    *John fired rose crystal projectiles but Popla Cockapetri blocked them with his stone eggs and performed a wing dash on John and turned around and performed a drill peck from behind. Then Tech Kraken grabbed John and tossed him up in the sky with his dead lift, then Pegasolta Eclair grabbed John and gave him a dose of the super shock bolt. Leviathan fired her ice dragon and struck Pegasolta Eclair from above and sent him dropping down. Fenfir fired a few flame shots on Tech Kraken and dispatched him. Phantom gave Popla Cockapetri a taste of his spinning dark blade dispatching him. Leviathan gave Pegasolta Eclair the finishing drop spear attack. Harpuia was faced with Mino Magnus, but John casted (gravity) on the bull robot beast and casted (Ice 3 ) on him dispatching him.*

    Harpuia= Your done for Foxtar!

    Cubit Foxtar= You...alll....will....PAY!!

    John fired a rose crystal shot and it his Foxtar dispatching her.

    (music dies down)

    John= huh....whew.... urghhhh...

    Harpuia= Is everyone alright!?

    Fenfir= Im fine.

    Phantom= Same here.

    Leviathan= I don't know what wouldive happened if John's pink biometal didn't kick in.

    *John performed his uncontrolled glomp on Leviathan as he smiled so happily*

    Leviathan= Woahh!!

    John= .........., huh, oh no, I did it again. Im sorry Leavy.

    Phantom= It's not you John, it's the biometal.

    Harpuia= So it seems it acts almost entirely alive.

    *John couldn't help but imitate Harpuia as he posed as if he was thinking about the biometal*

    John= Huh? What am I doing?

    *Leviathan giggled*

    Fenfir= Sheesh, that biometal really is something. I wonder who made it?

    Phantom= And why?

    Harpuia= Look, that door. It's the way to the override chamber. We made it.

    John= Oh good. Im gonna change out of this biometal.

    *John switches to Model Z*

    *The 5 walked through the security door and through the hallway and entered the large white lit room with a pillar computer in the middle of the room.*

    John= Im going to look around and I'll let you know if I find something ok?

    Phantom= Huh?

    *As soon as Fenfir, Harpuia and Leviathan were in different areas checking out the override chamber, Phantom felt something disturbing and suddenly grabbed John and through him through the opposite door of the override chamber. As soon as John landed, both the doors locked shut.*

    John= HEY!!

    Phantom= Everyone... It's a trap!

    Harpuia= What?

    (music playing- Suffering/ Megaman X 7 )Download

    John= Hey! THE DOOR! It locked!

    Leviathan= The doors locked!?

    Fenfir= Were trapped!

    Phantom= Look..... above us! It's Project Haven!

    Harpuia= It's not even finished yet.

    Fenfir= Look..... a force field. It's protected.

    Harpuia= This is a booby trapped override chamber. Were locked in. John! Are you there?

    John= Yes, im fine.

    Harpuia= Listen to me. We will be ok. We can control some places in the fortress from here, but we can't do it all. Weil controls mainly everything so we can only help you in here briefly. Don't worry about us understand? You go ahead without us and stop Weil.

    *John strutted ahead with worry hoping the 4 guardians would be ok in the locked chamber. John thinking to himself about what happened to Colonel and can he beat Craft on his own? Find out next time.*