• Chapter 1. Flowers for my love.

    "Tulips?" Mia asked starting to blush. "Yeah. I remembered that they were your favorite." Jacob said back shyly. Walking through the forest, the trees had a pleasant cover over their heads. The scent of fresh grass and picked fruit drifted through the dusk air waving over and through their noses. Mia sighed happily. Jacob stopped and looked up at the night sky.

    "Isn't it beautiful?" Mia asked nudging Jacob playfully. Yeah," Jacob answered, "Look! There's the north star." He pointed towards a bright star in the dark sky. The two sat down on a rock covered in velvety moss. Mia sat the tulips gently down. "I have an idea!" She suddenly said. She carefully dug a hole in the ground. Then, she put the tulips in the ground while delicately pushing a sheet of soil over top of their roots.

    "Where's the nearest stream or river?" She asked eagerly. "Over there. I'll show you." Jacob replied back sheepishly. Walking over to a trickle of water, Mia cupped her hands and got water. Then they walked back and poured water around and over the tulips. "They're perfect. Now there can be an orchard." Jacob said grinning at her with admiring eyes.

    Her pale blue eyes sparkled in the light of the full moon. Jacob's hazel eyes were like freshly cut cornstalks, deeply helping his looks with his jet black hair that came to his shoulders. He tugged at her long blond hair that was in a braid with her bangs around her cheeks and head. Jacob put his hand over hers on the rock.

    Their noses became closer and closer until they were touching. They put their hands on each others shoulders. Suddenly Jacobs lips were over hers. Gently kissing her but at the same time being rough. He rubbed his hands over her shoulders and stopped. "I'm so sorry." Jacob said lowering his head. The sky rumbled and rain drops started dropping onto their heads. "I should get you home." He said looking towards the dirt path.

    They got up and didn't speak the whole way back to the village. As they walked down the path, the tulips glowed in the moonlight as if a ghost. They grew bigger and bigger until they covered the rock. Mia and Jacob walked home and when they were at Mia's home, Jacob finally spoke, "I'm sorry about in the forest. It was uncalled for." She gave him a forgiving smile, and kissed him deeply on the lips. Then she ran up the steps and into her house.