• Chapter One-The Vampire

    The crazy things started happening when I was in the middle of reading a book about ghosts and a bunch of other crazy things on a dark Halloween night. Then, my lights randomly flickered and went out. I decided to try to go to sleep since the lights went out. I shut my eyes. Suddenly, I heard a strange noise. I wondered what it could be. It could have been a tree branch scratching against my house, or maybe just some kids wanting some candy. I started to go deeper into my thoughts.

    Something tapped my arm. I opened my eyes. At first, I thought I was seeing things, but then I saw the razor sharp teeth.

    “A VAMPIRE!” I screamed.

    “Hello, my darling. My name is Vanny. I am kind of hungry. Do you understand where this is going? I just can’t wait to taste your blood. I wonder, if your blood will be sweet. I mean, it is Hallows Eve after all.” Vanny had a charming, musical voice, but it had an evil touch to it. Even though he was evil, he was quite beautiful. He had perfect features and snow white skin. His eyes were red, thirsty for blood.

    “Aaah! I don’t want to die!” Shot out of my mouth. Unfortunately, my voice on the other hand, did not sound too musical. I was panicking and sweat was trickling down my forehead.

    “Aw, that’s just too bad for you. Now come here, don’t be shy…”

    “Get away from me! Get away! Get away!” I screamed. I then collapsed on the floor, feeling weak. I knew I had to find my strength. I had to calm down, but how could I do that?

    WAIT! The phone is right above me! I’m such an idiot! I doubt the police can help, but it’s worth a try! I tried using the last of my strength to reach up for the phone and I did it! I got it! I quickly dialed, I received an answer and my heart was filled with joy.

    “Hello, can we help you?” A policeman said. He sounded quite young. I wondered if he was experienced.

    “J-Just come h-here before I d-die!” I sounded like a total maniac and I started to stutter.

    “Okay, okay, we’re coming. Don’t you worry,” The officer said it so calmly. He’ll probably just take his sweet time on this.

    I definitely underestimated the police. Many officers came in a very short period of time. Some of the male officers were even kind of cute.

    All the police officers took out their guns in a flash and shouted, “Put your hands up!” Then, Vanny met the officers’ eyes.

    “Oh, wow. This is a pleasure. I guess I will have seconds today! Muahahahaha!” Right when Vanny didn’t see it coming, he was shot in his gut and he collapsed onto the floor. Great, now I have blood on my floor..ugh.

    After all the commotion, I heard the Vanny was taken to some special cave. I was just happy that it’s all over. So, I quickly cleaned up the bloody floor and went back to reading my book, as if nothing ever happened.